If I speed I can make it there by 9:15, I'm gonna rape you then take your cab!

I need pics to fully comprehend this.

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Guess who just ordered tickets to go to a Guthrie Govan clinic in December Should be awessssooooommmmeeee.

On a side note, i'm close to working through "The great plains" by Scale the Summit, my current bands want's to cover either that or "Dunes"...Good times

Scale the Summit makes my heart swoon and so does guthrie.
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So guys I went to the Metallica concert this weekend. I gotta say those guys still have it. The show was great, the setlist was a little over 2 hours and they played a little bit of everything. My seats weren't the greatest but they werent too bad either.

I saw Metallica last winter with Lamb of God and they were awesome too. Great set list and even James sounded good. They are really hit and miss though from what I've heard but I think you and me got lucky
I have an MIJ Dinky and it's a really really quality build. I'm the second owner and it was toured with a lot by the previous one and I've never had any problems with it. I'm falling out of favor with the compound radius fingerboard though I like the fingerboard radius on my schecter, I just wish the neck wasn't so chunky. BTW that Kelly looks awesome.
On another note who still actually plays Bad Company?
US Labor costs money bro.
Awesome, HNAD!!! Nice song choice btw!
I thought I'd never say this but SWEET EPI!! HNGD
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Seems like you got a pretty good deal on it donut man.

Yeah it would be pretty easy to wire up

Very Cool, If I bought one I'd do the 18v mod on the EMG's too.
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^ Yeah LFRs put me off...

Two independant pots stacked ontop of each other so you could have one as tone and one as volume.

Would have to be a 25k value pot though.

So is this an easy workaround to having a tone control in a guitar with only a volume pot like the Loomis sig?
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He has 2840 left.

$3000 - $160 =P

HNGD! Looks totally weird, I like it.

That was part of the joke I guess you didn't get it.
Can I haz the other 2700 dollars?
Guys I know I've been really pumped about this project but I'm just not gonna be able to do it. I have some people lined up for a band and some gigs planned when I move to Ohio next summer and I feel I really need to woodshed and devote myself to practice this winter to really step my playing up.

I know boggan wants to play so he can take my spot. Sorry guys, hope it works out for you all.
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The Loomis does seem to have the thinnest profile of the Schecters my only problem with it is a lack of tone knob. That doesn't bother some folks.
I am pretty sure Carvins only come with a 25.5" scale. I do miss the 26.5'' scale switching from Schecter to Ibanez but that is because, even though it is out of favor, I prefer as light as strings as I can get away with without mush. You can as much as forget about finding a baritone scale Ibanez.
I want to try me a Rusty Cooley atm.

I'm interested in the USA Rusty too, sick looking guitar. And yea the lack of the tone knob does bother me a bit too. I'm definitely gonna try some John Petrucci models too. I've got GAS SOO BAD!!
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Indeed, this is the right place.

If you can afford a Custom Carvin, I'd suggest it. They are renowned as being excellent guitars.

The Loomis signature guitar is a great piece of kit, also. The neck is slightly thinner and more eligible for legato and fast playing than other Schecter 7-string models. More in line with the Blackjack ATX series.
It has a slightly longer scale length, as well, which is something to note, as it helps keep the low notes tight and aggressive. The Carvin, unless you specify it, come with a standard 25.5" neck. The same applies for the Ibby Universe.

Cool thanks for the info. And I probably won't be getting one till next summer so I have plenty of time to try stuff out. I definitely am liking the sound of the longer scale length.

I pretty much am gonna go into it with no budget, I still wanna make the most of my money but I wanna find the perfect one because it will be my main gigging guitar.
Hope this is the right place. I'm gonna start shopping around for a 7 string until I find the perfect one. I personally really like the sound of getting a custom carvin or finding a nice used Universe but I'm also curious about the Jeff Loomis Schecter.

Any of you have any experience with the necks on them? I played some Hellraiser 7 Strings and the necks were just a bit too hefty for me, but I hear the neck on the Jeff Loomis is slightly slimmer. Is that true? I personally love the fretboard radius on Schecters but the necks on the 7 strings are just a bit too bulky for me. If they would be just a little bit slimmer (More like a Carvin I guess) I would be sold.
Whatever you do, tell that dude playing guitar to lrn2bend.
I imagine chord shapes when reading mile markers on the highway. For example mile marker


would be a Em Triad.
Delay + Reverb + Hi Gain Tube Amp + Fat Medium High Output Neck Pup = Dat Tonez

Putting a nice OD in front might help as well. Something like a Fulltone OCD, Tubescreamer, or BB Preamp would add a little saturation and "juice" to the tone.
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in a cloth digitech pedal case.

Should have hid it in the back of an MG
I don't smoke but my one friend carved out a slot inside of small teddy bear and hid it in there. DRUG MULE FTW!!!
Carcass - Arbeit Macht Fleisch
John Petrucci............but he does :P
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The whole We Are The Nightmare album is so fucking good. Arsis

+1 Love that album. My Oath to Madness is my favorite track. Can't wait to see them with arch enemy next year.

And HNGD!!!
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Im so glad that Decapitated is on that list. I have heard many times that Vogg (Decapitated) used a Randall Warhead.

Suffocation (Doug Cerrrito) used the VH-140C.

Gorguts has used the VH-140C also.

Yea Suffo used to use VH-140C's but they use XXX's now according to an interview at guitar world.

If you are playing Death Metal and want that Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Carcass insanely thick and gainy tone then a VH-140C can't be beat.
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Yeah its true that most low wattage amps won't do metal. But this can be fixed with a pedal(mostly a distortion or overdrive). This seems as a much cheaper alternative.

Yea...........................sure......................... Let me know the next time you get any "Distortion" or "Overdrive" pedal plugged into a 30w amp to sound as good as a nice Hi Gain Tube Head with a 4x12 like an Engl Savage, Splawn Nitro, Diezel VH4 etc. I'll be the first one to give you high five.

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This is why nowadays I see bands using combos more often than stacks. Easier to move around as well as kick around too without getting a cardiac arrest

I don't know what bands you have been watching, but I have yet to see anyone use anything less than a tube head and 4x12 (multiples at that) except a few bands use small combos for cleans. And imo a head and cabinet are much easier to move around. Try lifting a 110 pound combo when you could be lifting a 50 pound head and 70 pound cabinet seperately.

Personally all that matters to me is tone. And if a small wattage amp or Modeling system can ever recreate as good a Metal tone as High End Hi Gain Tube Amps, I'll be the first one to consider it.

IMO the reason people get 120w heads and 4x12's are because they produce the best tone for the genres they play, it's the same reasoning behind people who play small vox combos, it's the best tone for what they play.

Even most pros that use modelers like the Axe-Fx combine it with a tube poweramp and a 4x12 cabinet. They choose the modelers because of the large tonal options but not because it is quieter because it isnt when combined with a massive poweramp.
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Mayhem festival this past summer was the best. So much moshing the whole day and not to mention Cannibal Corpse and Slayer in one concert..

This. Non fest wise, it was Carcass this past spring.
No Idea what that is, but it looks cool.
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I lol @ people saying she has crap tone, since they're probably just saying that since it's a spider. =P Her tone isnt bad at all.

No, well at least not me. If she had an engl savage with a Mesa 4x12 that would still be horrific tone IMO.
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She doesn't do anything different or special... she only get attention because she's young and female. Though I think thats quite an old video? Maybe she's better now?

and possibly mildly attractive now? doubt it
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What? I meant the one in the OP

The one Kensai posted was ****ing great.

Oh thank god, I was worried you were somehow the victim of a wigger mind melding device.
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Oh wow.

But yea, that guitar looks waaaaay too big for her. Girl or not I don't like it.

-_______- Leave this thread before I get back and beat you with a log of Genoa Salami.

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Do you guys think she is reading this thread? I mean she's into guitar and stuff, so she might have signed up at some point.

That would be great . Then she would realize how sloppy she is and lrn2mute.
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If you want to see a really hot girl with talent, check out ana vidovic.

Awesome. and that chick kind of looks like olivia wilde

EDIT: Ok I think Ana Vidovic is my favorite guitarist in the world now. I seriously don't know how I could listen to any other music ever again.

EDIT 2: Kensai has changed my life. On my 8th Ana Vidovic video. I want to go out and buy a nylon string NAO!!
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I'm sick of seeing this ****ty video every month! Stop posting it!


1. Shes not hot
2. Horrific tone
3. Retarded Semi-Sloppy Playing with no phrasing
4. Ridiculously stupid guitar choice

If you wanna see a girl who has any idea of what she is actually doing with her instrument watch this:

Not really my type but she can play.

And even though its not played perfectly Ash Soular really looks like shes feeling the music and enjoying herself, AND SHES HAWWTTTTTTT
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im on the road with a band right now so it wont be until monday when I get some tracks up

sick man. Glad to have you on board. hit me up on msn or aim if you get a chance.