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So should I make the drum track for that song?

If you want bro, but I was planning on playing the song along to the GP file here on UG when I record the rhythm parts, so if you can make it close to the original (some original fills and stuff would be cool though) so that my part fits would be great. Can I get your MSN or AIM too, thanks.

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Damn, I wanna play lead or rythm guitar! I can play that song with the solo. Too bad you already have guitarists

Hmmmm, I really like your taste in bands and your vids. I don't have a problem with you playing some parts, but we already have 3 players and I'm not sure what the other guys think
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Awesome. I think we're playing in D standard and maybe some Drop C. For now, I think we're going to do a cover of Death's Crystal Mountain, which is in D standard. There are some pretty good tabs on this site.

I'm planning on restringing and setting up my schecter in D tomorrow so I'll start working on learnin it.
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"" is my email.

I don't generally use IM or anything else

You should definitely download MSN messenger, it would make it a lot easier to communicate and send gp's and stuff back and forth to each other.

On another note I forgot how heavy and awesome Cynic's focus album was, I hope we can implement some similar stuff.
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okay guys give me some emails or some im names or something

st6bladz "at"
SPX Blad3s (AIM)
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I play in D Standard and Drop C mostly, so that's not a problem. My writing style is a combination of newer Death (think Sound of Perseverance) with some melodeath mixed in. I listen to a lot of Iron Maiden, so I do emphasize harmony, but not as heavily as a band like In Flames. I'll try to upload some stuff by the end of the week.

I can write some riffs in GP5 to have you look at.
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Another key is knowing how sound projects and testing it out for yourself. The way I have mine setup is where my wife can be asleep in the next room over and I can still play it on 2-3. And it only has about a 15-30 feet projection outside on 3-4 which is where my volume normally sits during the day. So being my neighbor is 30 feet away and we both own brick homes. He would have to be outside in the projection range to even make it out. So inside its dead quiet, allowing him to not have any kind of issues even with me playing at 2-3 at midnight.

The key is knowing your rig and how loud it is at certain volumes. I got my wife outside and told her to stand next to the guys house and I would play with the amp facing different directions at the desired volume. Then she came in and relayed the data. Then I worked at sound proofing the door a bit not to bother her.

So in the end everyone is happy and I can play at my desired volume. Even running a 120 watt halfstack at a volume of 3 with earplugs at midnight with no complaints.

Your technique requires a wife............something I dont have
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dude 3 guitars could be ****ing badass... if we don't over do it. So do you have any demos to send out? or gp5 files? I'd like to get a feel for what kind of band this would be (like more german tech or american tech or melodic or w/e) AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can we play in either Drop C (preferable) or D standard? I have a floyd rose and oh god i don't want to have to change my set up

Drop C or D Standard sounds perfect to me. And on a personal level I usually write along the lines of kind of thrashy Melodic Death Metal (Arch Enemy, The Absence, The Black Dahlia Murder) or older American stuff like Death and Obituary but I'm open to trying out any style.

This is gonna be really fun, you got some awesome chops bro I can also do some backing vocals if you want a second voice to accent things. I have a pretty good super low grunt (dying fetus etc.) or really really high pitched screams. But my voice doesn't last very long so I wouldn't be a good main vocalist.
6505 or XXX are good options. Drop B really isn't that low, any good Hi Gain head with a nice 4x12 will handle it fine.
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I have a 100w Valveking 212 and I am selling it soon because it is just too loud.

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Pattersonn O)))

edit: Necrophagist

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Nice amps. I can't actually mic up a cab because I live in a college dorm

I was thinking about doing a cover just to get a feel for the whole online band collaboration. Is anybody willing to do Crystal Mountain - Death?

Love that song but I don't have a guitar in D right now but I can restring my guitar with some lighter strings (12-62 are on there now) and give it a go. It will take me a bit to learn it but I could handle all the rhythm parts I'm sure. The solos I could play but someone with more chops would do it better justice.
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I'd be interested in playing some guitar. I'm a huge fan of the bands you listed. writing some rhythm stuff along the lines of death, obituary etc. is right up my alley. I can come up with some decent melodic leads ala Arch Enemy as well if need be. I'm open to anything as long as I can play it, so no Necrophagist type stuff, believe me I wish I could

Any tuning from Standard to 2 Steps Down is cool for me, any lower would be tough though.

Gear is in my sig along with a pretty sizeable pedalboard and some rack gear to be added soon. I record with a SM57 into a POD UX1 and either Sony Acid or Audacity.
You are quite a player, especially for how long you've been playing. You make me wanna hit the woodshed
Andy Timmons - One of the most tasteful Guitar players of today, amazing tone and phrasing.

Beyond Fear - Very Very Heavy Power Metal, Tim Ripper Owens on Vocals

Blotted Science - Insane Progressive Instrumental Metal, all the musicianship you could want

Luna Mortis - One of my Favorite Metal bands with a Power/Melodic Death/Progessive sound

Obscura - The Best new Tech Death around IMO. Very musical, not just shred.

Maylene and the Sons of Disasters - Really fun to listen to Southern Metal band. Lots of bluesy licks, even some slide thrown in here and there.
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It'd be really awesome if it wasn't some fruity blue color. But whatever floats your boat, Happy New Guitar Day I guess...

My Jackson DK2-S is pinkish purple, you know your jealous

Happy NGD
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Well Peter Joseph is here on the forums sometimes. Here is a link to his profile:

And as far as bands check out Arch Enemy, they are as close as I could think to a similar guitar style.
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a solid state 100w amp isnt that loud but as far as 100w tube amps go you need to have neighbors with a tolerance for shaking walls.

Not really, maybe its just my house, but I play my XXX 5 or 6 hours a day (sometimes even at 10 or 11 at night) and I don't think anyone hears. I was talking with my neighbors the other day and they didn't even know I played guitar
120 w + 2x12 + Bedroom = Good Times

Channel at 3 O Clock and the Master at 9, sounds good and is not an absolutely ridiculous volume.
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Modded XXX + Recto Cab +JJ's = win

Yep yep, recto cab sounds amazing with it.
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yeah, the xxx/3120 sounds like sh*t stock

Well I wouldn't go that far but it is really fizzy, especially with a cheap cab like a peavey Nothing compared to a nice cab and JJ's
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i can tell you the secrets
use jj 12ax7 or ecc83 for pre amp tubes, this amp is too bright
it is versatile enough
any good cab with v30s or a similar eminence
also, the eqs are tricky at first, there is too much of everything on tap and it is a mid beast


The JJ's really make a huge difference. Mine (it has JJ's) sounded much better than the 3 or 4 others i tried with the stock tubes.
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Answer me these questions three:
Question the first: Would a Peavey XXX be good for getting a old-school metalcore type tone, as well as the versatility to do cleans, as well as blues-style distortion and High-gain leads?
Question the second: If the answer to question one is yes, how easy is it to mod the faceplate?
Question the third: What Cab would compliment the XXX nicely for getting the tones provided above?

Perfect for a Metalcore tone, good cleans better than the 6505+ but still a little dry. And it gets a good mid gain blues-rock tone on the crunch channel with the gain down, imagine satriani's tone on Big Bad Moon. And Hi-Gain Leads is what the XXX is made for.

As far as the faceplate I think it is pretty easy. Mine has a different faceplate on it, I didn't do it though, the previous owner did. But I'm sure its easy.

Here is a pic of my head:

And as far as cabs go I'm not too sure. I know people really like Mesa Cabs with XXX's. I really like my Avatar though.
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I like it

Get all the amp and fx pack for the POD. It's like a whole different unit with them.
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Yea I would agree, thats the epitome of dark ambient. When I think of ambient guitar tones though I usually go for sounds like this:
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By the way, I've been meaning to ask, but what is the difference between an Active EQ and a regular EQ? Like, sound differences, technical differences, etc.

You turn the Bass Up the Treble goes down too, vice versa. You turn the mids up the Bass and Treble go down. At least that's what I've heard.
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a british tube wont fit i think.

and how far down? down to the lower half of the torso?

Move it somewhere because where his hand is now makes him look like he is touching himself
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PS: that's sorta the style of music I always write, sort of ambient...something. Sometimes I have heavy driving guitars but, not often xD sorta Porcupine Tree, I guess. But less D minor scale...

I like using the JCM900 clean model on my POD XT. It's a great smooth british clean.
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Would a Peavey XXX head be good for a sound similar to that of the 6505/5150?
Or what are some alternatives to the 6505/5150 for metal/hardcore like Misery Signals, Shai Hulud, Architects, etc.?

The XXX doesn't sound like 6505/5150 but it's good for the same genres. The XXX is less fizzy and has a thicker lead tone imo but it definitely takes some dialing in because of the Active EQ. It also has more gain than anyone would ever need. I play death Metal with the gain on 5 on the crunch channel.

I played a few XXX's and a few 6505's and I settled on the XXX because the 6505 sounded too thin and fizzy for my taste. 3 Channels and the option to put EL34's in it makes it really versatile.

Here are some clips to help you hear it for yourself: (Metalcore Riffin with a Mesa Cab) (Rhythm Tone) (Lead Tone)
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"ambient demo", working with my new POD. any advice?

I would like to consider myself a conniseur of ambient guitar music and that was pretty good. I really dig the playing, great little piece of music you have there. Imo there is a little too much attack in your tone though. Roll back the treble and tone knob a bit and see if that smooths it out.

And personally I like my ambient tones really lush so I would add tons of reverb, delay and chorus, maybe even a little phaser. But that's just me, you might not want that wacky of a tone. Sounds good though
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Ill start. i never turn the tone and volume knobs to 10.

You should

Spray the fretboard with Finger-Ease just because it smells so cool.
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If you must get a head and cab, look on eBay for the following:

1. Peavey Ultra Plus
2. Crate GT3500H Shockwave
3. Ampeg VH140c
4. Ampeg SS140c
5. Peavey XXX
6. Peavey VTM
7. Peavey Ultra
8. Red Bear MK60
9. Sovtek MIG
10. Peavey Butcher

And then an Avatar or Vader 2x12.

I got my XXX (with brand new JJ Tubes and custom python tolex even) and Avatar 2x12 for 800. So something similar would be good for the TS.