Converted my EMG 81/85's to 18v. Much more organic tone.

Swapped out a Dimarzio Evolution and Duncan Single Coil (Not sure what model) for a Breed and Air Norton. Much fatter and more responsive tone. Both are extremely versatile for anything from Shoegazey cleans, light breakup to the heaviest of Metal tones.
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whats a 5881?

a t00b
I have a hairline crack in the neck joint of my Jackson, never caused me any problems.
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It looks a lot less tacky in black:

Better but still, idk. I'm just surprised at the price point, because when I saw the ads in Guitar World I was assuming it was a budget tube amp but it looks like it might be quality. Although there are some great amps in the 1500-2000 price range for it to compete against.
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That sounds just about right! Many, many thanks

This is the best demo of the BB around. I bought mine because of this vid.
Xotic BB Preamp, lots of tonal options. I love mine. I get everything from clean breakup to andy timmons type tone on it's own. In front of a dirty channel it absolutely screams. And you can set it to have a huge DB boost when you switch it on, none at all or anywhere in between.
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Err, this seems like a stupid question, one that could easily be solved with a bit of common sense...

I Concur
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still plays and sounds good

Then why would you smash it..........
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Yeah, I got the Idea for the Triple from Cannibal Corpse since they used them for Evisceration Plague, but I think they shaped the hell out of the tone.

They also used Kelley Modded Metal Zones with I'm not trolling, it is the truth
Sorry to be so blunt, but is it just me or is that the ugliest looking amp ever made? $1699 and it looks like a golf club you buy from wal mart.

On the other hand I'm very interested to see how they are received.

My Python XXX :p

But seriously, for me it's probably a white splawn nitro and matching cab:

Or a Marshall Silver Jubilee:

I've got a white Dimarzio Evolution I just took out of my Jackson. Was thinking of keeping it but might be willing to sell it depending on the price.
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Winner of "The single most inventive mic stand ever"


Mine is a toaster box :P
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But i had calluses back then too.

You had calluses on your fretting hand fingers before you started to play guitar? -___________-

I thought most people fapped with the other hand
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theres a legit looking selller selling a tri amp for 700

hmmmm i'm from the desert too. Mind telling me where this tri amp is located so I can pilfer it JK
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Yeah, it's still a bitch, though.

I've gotten patches for Tool, Muse, and KSE made. I've still got a while to go until I've got them perfect, though.

KillerBuckeye has some awesome patches for the X3, best I've ever heard.
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I sold my VK to somebody who needed a better amp because they wanted to get better.
I got me a Line 6 POD X3, though, so all it well.
.. these things are hard as hell to program.

You do use the line 6 edit software right? Makes editing patches so much easier
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Ethan, yes, that connection is causing the hum. Move around the cables, and it should go away. I had the same problem on my old VK.

Hey Necro, good to see you stopped in!

Charlie, alright, just keep us posted on the details and such.

Just to keep this vk related. The dude I sold my VK too loved it, he plays a lot of zeppelin, black sabbath etc so it was perfect for him. I never play that type of stuff, so I was shocked how good the VK sounded for it. He was a pretty beastly player too, made me feel inadequate
Peter Joseph from the Absence (dont remember his username).

Seriously, who wouldn't want to take this beast to dinner?

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thanks a lot for the help guys. so the 333xl is better than the peavy Vypyr tube amp?

Haven't played either, but I would assume that the 333xl has a little better hi gain tone, not sure how the cleans etc are though.
Dethklok - Briefcase Full of Guts

Solo section leaves lots of room to wank over.
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333XL = JSX

333= XXX

Thanks for clarification, was always wondering the difference
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Tones aren't that bad. Rhythm tone sounds overgained to me still. Also a bit heavy on the bass and lower mids. If you just want to use that 31 band for recording you could save yourself a lot of money by using a parametric EQ VST plugin. Plenty of free ones floating around the internet.

I'll try turning the gain and bass down a touch.

And I'm actually mainly getting that 31 band (actually a dual 31 band) more for live situations, along with a midiverb 4. Eventually I'll get something like a GCX Ground Control to tame my 9 pedals, Midiverb and EQ. And I will download that plugin like you said.
If I'm not mistaken the Bugera your looking at is a clone of a XXX, and the peavey vypyr tube is a good amp but it's not fully tube. I believe (could be wrong) that it's a modeling amp with a tube power section.

Personally if it was me I'd go for the JSX Combo, but since you haven't been playing very long the Vypyr Tube might be the most versatile for ya.
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how do heads work? like you would get the head, but you have to play it through a speaker? i really dont know, im extremely newb. thats why i just look at combos lol.

i dont use pedals, so it wouldn't make such a difference for me.

They make XXX Combos too. And yes, you plug your guitar into the head, the head into a cabinet with a SPEAKER cable, and sound comes out when you play
I need some help I feel like I'm doing something wrong.

I can never get my XXX to sound near as good recorded as it does in person.

Here's my Lead tone:

And my Death/Grindish Rhythm Tone:

The lead tone isn't bad, but it comes out a little thin in the recording.

But the rhythm tone always sounds flubby and full of fizz when I record. Like a bad low quality 90s suffocation album :P

I don't even have the gain that high, around 11 o clock or Noon on the crunch channel, boosted slightly by an Xotic BB Preamp. EQ usually somewhere around Treble 4, Mid 5, Bass 5.5

I usually leave the SM57 straight on, I've tried other positions but straight on works best so far. I'm gonna be putting 31 band eq in the rack I'm gonna be getting so that should help cut some of those nasty freq's.
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hey, which is "better"? a bugera 333xl or a peavey vypyr tube 60 amp? i need to get a amp soon, but i cant decide on the right one. if you want to suggest something else, go ahead. my budgets around 500, and i want a sound like billy talent, bullet for my valentine, avenged sevenfold. thanks

Bugera no doubt between those two. You might be able to find a used XXX or JSX for around that price too.

2. EMGs through SS amps = badbadbadbadbad

Usually I would agree, but don't forget about dying fetus and their combo of Ampeg VH-140C and EMG's. Some of the best tone in death Metal.

And It is rob chappers, he could make a Jack White lick sound good :P
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At least it's not dead like the Diezel Thread

That could be because all the diezel owners are busy playing their diezels :P

I sold my VK a few weeks ago on CL but I thought I'd come buy and say what's up to my old buds.

I've had my XXX for a few months now and never noticed this thread, cool to see it here. Just wanted to say whats up!

Here's my XXX:

XXX Head with JJ Tubes and Python Tolex
Avatar 2x12 with Eminence Governor and Swamp Thang

I need to break out something other than my phone and take pics of my gear
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Line 6 Spider III

Alice in Chains, but they are almost too good to be called mainstream. If they don't count then John Mayer.
*please be a troll*
1. How can anyone play in drop a with 11's, 12-60 is what i play in c# standard.
2. Why would anyone set up a 6 string in Drop A intentionally?
3. Your shop/you fails
Nevermore covers NAO.
I'm planning on getting a Carvin DC727 for my first 7 string. soooo nice, best deal around to get exactly what you want imo. Maple Neck + Mahogany Body = teh s3x
NOICE! First person i've seen to get one. Congrats!
nice trade! How do you like the midiverb 4? I'm planning on getting one very soon.