Sounds really good, thanks for the help.
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So you can do all that hard stuff, have good gear, and you're ready to quit guitar just because you can't play a part from a song?
That sounds pretty stupid to me.
Just practice.
end of.


Smart paced practice is the way to go. You'd be surprised how good you can play something if you just sit down, take it slow and build up from there.
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the air norton s is a single coil sized humbucker. it sounds good. I have one in my Ibanez S470 in the middle and it sounds damn good

I think you are misinformed, but its alright man.

thanks for the info. Sounds like a good choice, it's pretty warm and clear I take it?
1. Why do you expect to play Necrophagist songs after a year?
2. Why does everyone make such a big deal if someone can sweep or not, I'd be more interested in someone playing a medium paced string skipping fusion lick than simple bloop-bloop sweeps with their neck pup at high speeds.
3. That Born of Osiris lick looks really really simple.
4. This thread reeks of a cry for attention. If you are genuinely depressed about your playing.......Get over yourself, there are far worse than you. Practice smart, listen to and write good music, then in a couple years enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Hmm, I do like the sound of Air Nortons, but I have heard bad things about putting a humbucker in the middle position. Am I misinformed?
I need some suggestions for the middle position in my Alder Jackson. I am replacing the Evolution in the bridge with a Breed. In the neck position is a Sustainiac Single Coil. In the middle position is a cheap stale sounding duncan designed pickup of some kind. I'm looking for something that will complement the other pickups (Breed and Sustainiac) and give a nice warm and fat tone.

I mainly use the Neck/Middle position for cleans and smooth fusion type leads, and the Bridge/Middle position for classic rock type rhythm playing or Mid Gain soloing. Thanks for the help.
I play in my room with my XXX Master at 9 o clock and the Channel volume around 3 O clock. Not insane volume and good tone IMO and it's 120w.
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Oooooh! Love the maple neck and the abscence of a tone control. And purple is a really nice color.


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I love my TZ´s, but "fat" or "big" aren´t words I would use to describe its sounds.

That is some useful information I was just thinking tone zone and at-1 because when i use the Dimarzio Pickup Selector application it's always picking AT-1 or ToneZone regardless if I pick Jazz, Prog/Fusion, or Metal.

But right now I'm pretty set on a Breed, I've heard some great Andy Timmons type tones from it, and some great hi gain Metal rhythm tones as well.
Hmm the more I read about the breed the more I'm digging it.
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I think in that video he's using the released signature. So it's most likely the AT-1.

It's most likely maybe his amps that give him the tone though.

I'm pretty sure he does use an AT-1 in that guitar. And I like I said I do know the majority of his tone comes from his extremely impressive rig and his godlike fingers.
Maybe you guys are misunderstanding me lol, I'm not trying to copy andy timmons tone, I just want a fatter bridge pickup than the evolution, but andy timmons is the closest guy I could think of to the tone that is in my head, specifically this tone:
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I'm pretty sure that Andy Timmon's tone comes from his amps since he still has pretty much the same tone when he uses his S. I would also look at the Breed. But I would go with the Tone Zone out of those two choices.

Yea the main reason his tone is so epic is his amazing mesa rig and the xotic bb preamp. And I completely overlooked the Breed for some reason, checking it out now, sounding like it might be a good option.

"The Breed™ was designed to warm up and smooth out the sound of 25 1/2 scale trem guitars."

That's pretty much exactly what I'm trying to do.
I'm looking to replace the Dimarzio Evolution in the Bridge of my Alder Jackson for something much fatter sounding. Don't get me wrong the evolution is a great pickup and extremely clear and articulate, but it's just a little too thin and trebley sounding for my taste.

I'm going for a really fat Andy Timmons type mid-gain lead tone, but still with enough output to play some Dream Theater/Megadeth type rhythm stuff.

I'm leaning towards the AT-1 right now. Any advice or experience with either pups would be useful. Thanks.
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I came at this when it was unveiled at NAMM

Muhammed Suicmez was using that same guitar when I saw necrophagist live.
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i dont know much about speakers but i dont see why not. as far as i know a cab is a cab, the head and speakers make the difference. i could be wrong though

You would be, quality of construction and type of wood make a difference in tone.
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@ Tanooki - Doesn't know anything about guitars and wants to be Slash, but hasn't read Slash.

Thinks a G9add13/E chord is "tech"
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Knows his gear, or plays A7X all day respectively.

Do one of mine, or you can do my dream guitar, a beat-to-**** black Les Paul Traditional, fretboard dyed black or almost black with locking metal tulip-tuners and Bareknuckle Nailbombs, rigged to coil-split.

Badass pickup owner.

and what at all do my guitars have to do with A7X?
@ itssoeasy

likes to play cliched classic rock riffs

Jackson DK2S (Dimarzio Evolution), Schecter Hellraiser Avenger (18v EMG 81/85)
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Like New Condition Peavey Valveking 112 Combo, including the Footswitch (Channel Select & Solo Boost) and an Eminence Man O War Speaker already installed.

I have no more use for it after buying my XXX. This amp sells for $420 new, the speaker and footswitch cost me $125. Someone will get a great deal on a solid amp.

$275 - Local Pickup Only
This thread is for teh lulz.

I mean all that remains is a good band with good musicians but how are they in anyway grind? When I see Grindcore/Metal in the front of the thread then I expect pig destroyer, napalm death, agoraphobic nosebleed, maybe even some carcass or cannibal corpse.

If you wanna start a deathcore/metalcore online band more power to you, but do advertise it as such so that those of us who don't want to play such music aren't fooled into joining your band.
I'm sure has been stated, but Warrel Dane (Nevermore, Solo)
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My pale skin and $20 samsung phone hardly qualify as preppy. U mad I'm wearing long sleeve Hollister shirt?

He might not be, but I am.
This thread isn't helping me too much, but I am enjoying it
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The other guy has WEAK game. Sending a girl flowers? Lame! Don't worry about him.

Just be funny and flirty and she'll like you more. But if she doesn't, no amount of 'hey wanna hang out" or text messages can save you. She has to chase YOU, not the other way around.

To show you're fat and ugly! And she sounds like a great girl! But no one wants to feel neglected in a relationship, which would probably happen considering her situation. College is A LOT of work, as well as working 2 jobs (40-60 hours a week).

I work 1 job and go to school, my girlfriend works 2 jobs. We barely have time for each other.

I can't imagine 2 jobs and college.

Well let me clarify, She doesnt work two jobs at the same time. She works both part time and she does college online.

And beastlybassist isn't THAT fat. But thanks for advice.

EDIT: And I think she really liked the flowers. I overheard her talking to a friend about getting them and how she couldn't go to sleep and then she started blushing and couldn't stop smiling.
I have a towel exactly like yours crunchy.......................
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You're leaving soon anyways. No use having a long distance relationship right now.

I know, but I would like to leave her knowing how I feel somewhat. Like I said it's a confusing situation. If it wasn't for this other dude, I would just leave it be until next year.
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Well in that case she'd be a terrible girlfriend anyways. No time!

Well I can't help feel the way I feel
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She doesn't like you as much as you like her. Otherwise she would make time for you.

Yea I'm starting to think that. But she does have 2 jobs, college, church responsibilities. and three younger siblings she has to take care of a lot.
Well I must have hit a low if I have come to UG :P

There is this girl I have known for a few weeks and from the moment I met her I really really liked her. She is beautiful and her personality is one of the most honest and fun I have ever encountered. We have become good friends, hanging out, went on a trip to Cedar Point with her. etc. I really enjoy being around her and I think she enjoys hanging with me.

Sounds good huh? Well here is the problem:

I wanna take things further ya know, dating etc. But her parents are strict, I mean really strict. I just turned 19 but shes still 17 and shes not allowed to date for another 4 months when she turns 18.

To exacerbate the problem I am leaving town in a month and I won't be back until around april of next year. I live part of the year here and the other half of the year on the otherside of the country.

To make things even worse, this dude who looks like a hick version of tom brady who she met around the same time as me, SENT HER FLOWERS, and is seriously trying to make a move.

So I feel that unless I do something now shes gonna be taken when I come back
Now most of the time we hang out, it's with me and her and mutual friends. Now she does seem to talk to me and pay more attention to me than anyone else, which is cool, but I'm having trouble telling if shes being really nice or she actually likes me in a boyfriend kind of way.

I told her the other day me and her should hang out some just the two of us before I leave, and she said yea that would be fun, so we made plans. But then she said she would have to reschedule, she had to help her sister get ready for her baby shower. 3 days have gone by and I haven't gotten a call or anything.

Also I did talk to her on AIM mentioning this show I was going to and before I could even ask to her come with me she said:

"If this is a roundabout way of asking me out to the show with you, thanks, but I probably can't make it. My parents don't like me going to places alone that have alcohol"

Now, this seems like a really really strange excuse, so I'm trying to figure out if shes blowing me off or telling the truth. That response is confusing me. In one way it seems that shes interested in that other dude and just letting me down softly and just wants to be friends, but in other ways I think shes telling the truth about her strict parents and likes me.

Right now I'm just leaving her alone and waiting for her to say she wants to go out. Should I just continue down that path or should I make a determined effort to get a date with her and do something romantic to truly show my feelings for her.

In some ways I just wanna keep becoming better friends and then wait till next year when I have more time and she is more free, seeing that she will be 18. But I also have a strong feeling shes gonna be dating someone else then.


Sorry for the huge post, but I need advice. Every time I see her hanging with that douche makes me wanna put five nails through his neck.
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At least it's just really **** nu metal as opposed to completely gay nu metal like brokencyde. Just means your computer is really lame- but straight..well at least for now.

Brokencyde is nu Metal?
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"Jeff, last night was amazing. I can't wait to meet you again. I only hope that we can keep this a secret. I love you"

Then add a comment like "OH MY GOD this is public? Please people, how do I delete this?"
I got me an xotic BB Preamp yesterday. OLLLLLLLMMMYYYYYGOODDDDDD. It is amazing and sooo versatile. Great tone on it's own in the clean channel and for boosting and tightening up a hi gain tone it is wonderful. It absolutely blows away any Bad Monkey or Tubescreamer I've tried. I shall have clips soon.

I'm gas'n now for a rack reverb unit, any ideas on a good affordable one? I was looking at an Alesis Midiverb 4, seems pretty cool.