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I use one to tighten up my amp a bit. I leave the high and low at noon, the level at 3 o clock and the gain on 0. It's a great pedal for that use, but for bluesy breakup and smooth leads it's not the best, that's why I've got an Xotic BB Preamp on the way. But for the price it's the best OD I can think of.


Just got the Dyna Comp (thanks to some input from guys here) and Phase 90 today. I will also have an Xotic BB Preamp later this month for my Bday.

BTW, I REALLY need to vacuum my board.
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Yeah, I really like Nothing Left's one. I know there are a lot more technical guitarists like that of Necrophagist, Human Abstract, Protest the Hero, BTBAM, etc. I guess I'm argueing with them for the sake that they're insulting As I Lay Dying. What you think about the vocals?

I like both band's vocals. Underoath's really fit their music in my opinion, no complaining about them. Tim's vocals on Shadows are Security were a little rough but on An Ocean Between Us they are really good, and he is pretty solid live too. All those bands you listed have good vocals, my personal favorite is probably TDWP vocal wise.

TDWP is probably my fav of the bands you listed, mainly because of the new album, really good songwriting and guitar textures.
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I like them both not Underoath's vocals though but reason I'm argueing is because they're making claims and I believe As I Lay Dying's guitarist is better at least technically.

Yea nick and phil are really solid guitarists, not particulary techy but nick's solos are some of the most melodic and tasteful in Metal.
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I don't know if it is allowed either lol. I just wanted to see something because people in this underoath thread are argueing that Underoath is better than As I Lay Dying which is totally like WTF

How could you even compare the two, they are two completely different kinds of music.

Underoath is more like a post-rock band than they are a Metal band. As I Lay Dying is a very very "Metal" metalcore band, with solos and thrashy riffs etc etc.

Where as Underoath (especially the last album) is much more experimental and relies more on interesting fx filled guitar textures as opposed to fast rhythms and more technical playing.

Both do what they do well, to compare each other is insane. That's like comparing russian circles to Testament.
I like them all. For pure "metalness" the last two As I lay Dying albums are the best. The new TDWP is also really really really good. Actually all those bands newest album is really good. But you should have added August Burns Red, they are the best Christian "Metalcore" (I hate that term) around. The Constellations album is probably one of the proggiest "core" albums I've heard in a while.
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no. just makes them smoooooooooooth. (thats the point, right? )

Yep, guess i'm gonna be getting three reddish pedals lulz. I'm getting a dyna comp, phase 90 and xotic bb preamp.
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if it's good enough for eric johnson......

when i had my super comp, the attack knob was nice, but not very necessary.

haha good point. So the stock dyna comp doesn't squash the note too quickly? Sorry for the dumb questions but the only dyna comp demos i can find are of people chickin pickin
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Fixed, because Flextone and Vetta ARE good.

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^ yeah the mxr dyna comp. sounds nicer than the super comp. the older dyna comps sound even nicer

Hmm, I've only ever heard videos, but I thought the dyna comp and super comp sounded very similiar? Is the attack knob really useful or is the dyna comp all I really need?
I'm looking for a lower priced compressor for smooth clean leads, not looking for a country tone, just something to smooth out my clean tone and add a bit of sustain for fusion type leads. I've been thinking of getting the Super Comp, if there is anything better around the 100 dollar price range let me know.
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thank you, i was thinking the exact same thing, so not only did you back up my thought, you posted a good Wall of my fav. band! **** yea!

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Bunch of hxc kids acting all hard but that look like retards, do not imitate that.

IMITATE THIS, this is a real wall of death.
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another thing i hate is when dumb little emo kids think its ok to punch n kick not cool
can i lay them out or wat

Yes it is your God Given duty to lay out hardcore dancers.
Don't hardcore dance.......................EVER....................EVER!

Pick someone up if they fall. Bang your f'in head and have a good time.

Those are the rules my friend.
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Im replacing the Vox lol. The rm100 will never leave me <3 I found it for 350$ too so i might go try it, its only 10 mins away from me.

350 is a good deal man, go check it out.
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I guess hardcore has changed. It was huge around here when I was a teenager and the vocals were a little less silly and slower.

You are from Conn right? Yea they are a lot big hxc bands from around you, Hatebreed probably being the biggest. I actually really like the new hatebreed stuff. I'm no hxc expert but to me it seems like hxc is really different in every region, like NY hxc is vastly different than Cleveland hxc etc.

Anyway sort of back on topic, did you get your Savage yet?
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Those vocals are straight up punk, I'd say.

Which are hardcore vocals lulz. I'm talking about all the underground stuff that all my friends like. Tr00 hardcore punk not what most people think is hardcore these days. I'm not a fan of hardcore at all, but I do see what his band is going for. The vocals fit what hxc fans are looking for and the riffs are much more interesting than most hxc bands i hear.
Well I wouldn't say it's as good as ANY tube amp at high gain. It's as good or better than anything in that price range that's for sure. And the cleans are amazing on it.

It is ultra saturated and very very chunky, so for that kind of unrefined 90's death metal tone or super heavy Sludge type stuff (Crowbar etc.) then it's perfect. But if you want a very clear very articulate amp for stuff like tech death then something like an ENGL would suit you better.

But you can't find any 500 dollar engl's now can you?

I played a VH-140C before I picked up my XXX, i loved how heavy it was and the great cleans but the lead tone I got from it just wasn't for me, and it wasn't as tight and crunchy as the specific XXX i picked up. But a VH-140C is a great great amp, I'm tempted to pick one up someday and use it in stereo with my XXX. I think it's thick low end would mix well with the high end tight crunch of the XXX.

EDIT: Didn't see he had one of those randalls. I wouldn't replace that with a VH-140C but If you do like it I would pick it up and see how you like them together in stereo.
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That's gotta be the 100W head, cause it actually sounds pretty good.

Nice tune man. Dunno about your singer. As soon as he started singing the song lost something. I like the music, though, nice heavy grooves.

That's because it's hardcore, the vocals are supposed to sound like that. Although it has more of a crossover feel than true hardcore. Sounds a lot like Municipal Waste. Good stuff.
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looks like a Sherman, but i could be wrong.

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your cab is just speakers.....nothing fancy

put more money into a head

Well of course you would put more money into the head.........because they are more expensive. But I would definitely invest in a cabinet with really good speakers, and the right construction for what genre you play (Closed back for metal etc.).

For example my XXX sounds godly through my Avatar Cab but I played it through a Carvin and it sounded TERRIBLE and extremely fizzy. Get a good head but don't overlook the cabinet.
That is very high. I saw one with a 4x12 with V30's for only 500.
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through a solid state cab.. vice versa

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I think that the lowest tuning you can get without ruining the sound is drop A, correct me if im wrong

You are wrong...............

If you use this, you can play in F# easily:

But yes on a standard range guitar, Drop A is getting down there. I use large gauge strings in Drop B or C standard, If I wanted to play in B or lower I would probably just get an ERG.
I would try a Fulltone OCD, I'm GAS'ing for one myself.
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Hell yeah. It's a bitchin' boost. I've never tried it at lower gain settings by itself, though.

I'd reccomend trying before you buy though. Peopl are picky with b00stz.

I love the BB's OD tone so much that I would get it even if it wasn't a good boost, but that would be a huge bonus if it was.
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Hmmm so the BB could be used as a boost replacing my Bad Monkey? And it's great for a lower gain Greg Howe/Andy Timmons tone? If so I'm sold.
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I'm gunna have to sy Dave Mustaine

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Freakin Shexy

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wait...are you actually Kris Noris?

Hopefully, that would be SICK!
Wow, I'm a huge fan. I love your new stuff. Sounds great. Really surprised to see you on here, so cool man! Hopefully you find a label that treats you right.

Even though you are one of my favorite guitarists I have to advise that you should probably post in the promote your band thread.