Angus Young, even though you don't.
Looks awesome man, gotta try one soon. BTW what's the red pedal?
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And Xotic BB Preamp will do what you want. If you search for "andy timmons bb preamp" on youtube, there's a nice demo on there. Sounds great giving the clean channel a little grit or sending the OD channel over the edge.

Sorry to hijack the thread, but I don't think my boi sg would mind. I'm really interested in one of these for that sick andy timmons type tone, but don't you think it has too much gain to be used as a clean boost?
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nope. its in its own league of pedals. ill get clips up tomorrow.

Yea I'm sure it does. Fulltone makes some great stuff. I just mean does it the Metal boost thing good? It's not like a Fat Sandwich or something that's just meant to be used on the clean channel is it?
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$135 its a great stand alone pedal. wonder why it took me so long to get it. OH yeah cus i could have gotten a VH140 for twice the amount i payed for it but im still happy

Only 135? Wow. Definitely gotta try one of those out. So is it sort of a TS clone?
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Necro do you practice with a metronome ?

Yes but I do need to do it more often. For the last couple weeks ive been pretty much tone hunting and writing, I need to get back into doing some serious practice.

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just got an OCD. wow. just wow. does everything i want it to do. My leads have a bit more grit to it its great!!! and as a stand alone. just epic. a/b'd it with my keelye. that thing didnt stand a chance.

I want clips, I've been thinking of upgrading to a better od pedal. Something that can be a good boost, but can also give a nice fat bluesy tone on the clean channel would be great. How much did you get it for?
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I wasn't referring to the rhythm tone
That guy's lead tone is too gainy, it seems.

Valvekings have tubes. Valve. King. Valve = tube. King = win. Does not compute.

I am going to attempt recording... again.

Yes most peoples tone is thin and overly saturated in most of the entrys. I went for a really fat darker tone. I think it fits well. Although it doesn't cut as well in the sweeping part.
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It might just be my speakers acting up, but I thought the second sounded better

You've been playing a year, you don't fail. This time next year, you'll be playing this song for warm-ups.

That guy has good playing, but his tone is fail... unless that is the song's tone.

Well they just gave us the guitar track from pre production which has a pretty fizzy tone to begin with, so no matter what it's hard to make it sound amazing.

Back to topic, um...............valvekings have t00bz.
You might be able to find an old JCM 800 combo or something similar for around 800.
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^Sounds pretty good now. I still hear some sync things, but eh, it's fine.

I like the second tone better than the first, too.

Yea I hear some things out of sync too, but it's my playing

And I don't know why the tone sounds better, all I did was move the guitar track around a bit and lower the levels some.

But still, it can't compete with this:

I fail at geetarz
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Good stuff, Necro.
Although, I do agree with Bart on the out-of-sync bit. It by no means was bad, though.

Hmmm thanks for alerting me to that. I'll try and get it sorted out in acid. I wrote the solo down in GP and then played along with the midi track so I doubt my playing is way out of time.

EDIT: Yep the guitar track starts a bit early and that throws it off, especially the second half. Fixing it in Acid now.

EDIT AGAIN: Ok I have the timing as good as I can get it, the first part is still not perfect beat for beat but the second half of it is solid. Plus I got rid of a lot of clipping and stuff, sounds a lot better. Here is the link:

I don't know if anyone of you are doing an entry, but I just finished mine for the Absence Solo Contest:


No way I'm gonna win, SOME AMAZING ENTRIES, but it was fun to do. Let me know what you think.
Underoath - To Bright to See Too Loud to Hear

Goat***** - Bloodletting Upon the Cloven Hoof
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This is about as funny as the pear is now. Seriously, I see it everywhere.

Also, Necrophagist777, they are not crappy pedals. This guy probably has the most pedals, and BEST pedals on this forum.

Oh.......................I fail............
Opeth - Burden
Opeth - The Master's Apprentice
Eyes Set to Kill - Heights

Decrepit Birth - The Living Doorway
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I've found you can get a decent sound if you fiddle around with the EQ on Stewart for a while.

You should lower the DB around 150 hz, her rectum is pretty muddy.
Hatebreed - Rise of Brutality

Greg Howe - Sound Proof

What's wrong with the XT? I mean if they weren't amazing pedals or something it's a good deal. I like my XT, good for silent practice and has some cool effects if you get all the packs. I still use it for Reverb, Chorus, etc for Recording until I decide what new Pedals I want to invest in.
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Hey, Necro, not to spam but I ordered Cosmogenesis the other day. How is it as a whole?

Awesome Man! FREAKIN AWESOME. Heavy but the riffs are still catchy, and very tech but still not overwhelmingly so. I would actually call them a Progressive Death Metal band instead of Technical Death Metal. It's one of the best albums I've heard in a long long time. I actually prefer it over any Necrophagist or Decrepit Birth stuff. You will love it.

Nachtmystium - Assassins

Guthrie Govan - Erotic Cakes

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hey, not to jack his question.. but its a great cd.. i saw em live and they pull it off well, poor mix tho.. nice guys!

I didn't really have a problem with the mix although the bass is really prominent in it, but he does some great stuff on the fretless so it's cool nonetheless.
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Except that one isn't metal. Tell the metal forum that those are both metal. I dare you.

EXACTLY! I like A7X (Not as much as I used now that I realize synyster's tone sounds worse than Herman Li doing an impression of William Hung) but by no stretch of the imagination would I call them Metal. I'll take them over most of the generic crap that is Modern Rock though, at least they try and be different and unusual even if they don't always pull it off.

Obscura - Cosmogenesis
Joe Bonamassa - Ballad of John Henry
This happens often. A guy I know got a USA Jackson KE2 by mistake instead of the dinky he ordered, let's just say that he didn't tell anyone.
Get LESS than what you payed for.
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there both metal bands. I would very much so expect to see them on the same ipod.

Not around the people I associate with.

Cannibal Corpse - Evisceration Plague

Jeff Beck - Blow by Blow
2 Dying Fetus Albums

..........and 2 Escape the Fate Albums

The Entire Arch Enemy Discography

...........and The Entire Avenged Sevenfold Discography

Bite Me!!!
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Even the 2009 models of the Hellraiser, Blackjack ATX .etc. are made in S.Korea, not china

That's what I thought. I was worried there for a second.
For any of you recording heavier stuff, this is an amazing video that is helping me learn a lot.
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lol. Well, I just meant tone-wise. Yeah, cone=speaker, in between the top 2 speakers.

I was just asking because I only have a 2x12, I only got two cones brutha
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necro have you tried mic'ing in between the 2 top cones? I think I got some of the best tone from my cab mic'ing in that way.

I think you latest clip's tone sounds very BFMV'ish, which I don't think you'll like to hear.

NOOOOOO Hah that's not a terrible thing, some of their riffs are really catchy, I just am not a big fan of them. What do you mean 2 Top Cones? In between the two speakers?
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Also, Necro.. sounds pretty good. How is your mic positioned? I may be able to help.

The No Pedals clip is positioned directly at the center of the left speaker. The newest clip it's about an inch to the left of center. First clip is Crunch Channel no OD, gain on around 6.5. Newer one is with OD on and Gain at 5 (Noon). Both are with my Jackson using the Evolution in the bridge. EQ is Treble 4.5, Mid 4.5, Bass 5.5 on both.

In person they sounded nearly identical, albeit it being a tad bit tighter with the OD on, but obviously when you listen to the clips there is a huge difference in how they record. I personally like that smoother tone better, the no pedals clip had just a bit too much crunch for my taste, but I can see why it would cut better in a mix.
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It's going to be more, of course, but you'll be more than 10 times happier by spending about twice as much.

If you can save $500, what's another 5 to get something you won't need (want) to replace for many many years.

That's all I'm saying - not bashing VK's or anything.

I can attest to this first hand. If I could do it all over again. I would have just gotten a POD X3 and saved up for something like I have now.

Got a new clip up, I think this is the best recording tone I've gotten yet.

Let me know how I can improve it.

I have such terrible pedal GAS right now. I'm torn between an Xotic BB Preamp or a Way Huge Fat Sandwich.
18 Volt Mod NAO! HNGD
I'm finally getting a good recording tone with this new mic position, gonna do some Vikingish Metal and Rush type riffs tomorrow when I have a chance. I have major pedal GAS now, I want an Xotic BB Preamp for that Greg Howe/Andy Timmons tone.
18V EMG 81/85 in my Schecter. Dimarzio Evolution, Seymour Duncan STK-1 and Sustainiac in my Jackson.
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Just installed my new Veteran 30!! It sounds great.

I'll get clips when I have the time

Also what are some cheap EQ pedals I can use to add more win to my tone?

Fish N Chips is the best cheap EQ I can think of.

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ENGL Savage 120 on its way to meeeeee

What?? NICE!!!!! Epic NAD thread is required.
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He wants a body shape like a les paul/washburn idol series.. not a

Actually a Solo 6 Hellraiser is LP shaped.
Double Trouble? Who doesn't dig some stevie ray?
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Most people will recommend it, yes. It's cheap. You could also try a TubeScreamer. Those are probably the 2 most popular options.

Best Chorus = Ibanez CS9

Does anyone know what chorus pedal Alex Lifeson uses? That my friends would be the best chorus pedal For some reason I am addicted to his tone.