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I know who he is, have him in my msn. make sure you try SoloC and 8505 those are the two best at the moment imo. Best impulse would be s-preshigh by catharsis and my fav impulse loader at the moment is voxengo boogex.

XLR out is fine, just make sure that toneport has an XLR in.

Aimed right at the center of the speaker? Might want to move it a little bit so it aims at the edge of the dustcap.

Ok I know what you mean, I've seen a lot of people do that.
New Clip with better mic postion and no pedals. Straight into the head

SM57 pointed straight at the center of the left speaker.

Sorry for the way that last note rung out, I need to raise the action a bit on my floyd, it's too low and sometimes around the 12th fret notes ring out weird. Any tips on mic position would be helpful.
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I was just curious, not implying that you shouldn't be using it or anything.

One of the reasons I'm sick of my Mesa is because it's too muddy without a boost in front of it. But I'm starting to really pick up the effect that damn pedal has on the tone. It's like putting distortion on top of overdrive. I want to hear tube saturation, not some diode clipping the input signal. Which apparently still happens even if you set the gain to 0.

I know what you mean about mic'ing. At this point I don't think I can really capture tone properly without a few mics to phase. One just doesn't cut it.

I know man, I was just questioning if I should or not since it has plenty of gain already.

My XXX isn't muddy without the BM and it still has plenty of gain, I just like that little extra bite in the top end you get with the OD. When I record those Line Out clips today, I'll do them dry with just my Jackson into the Head.

EDIT @ilya-v: I tried recording just now out of the line out and it doesn't work like you think, it is a post POWER-amp signal. From the sounds of it that line out is just a feed for a slave amp, say you want to run a couple of cabs from your XXX and a few more off a dedicated power amp just to be a bit more "rock". When I go to record all I get is fizz.

EDIT: New Clip with better mic postion and no pedals. Straight into the head
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Yeah, i clearly understand you...haha, raising me hands was just for the fun of it...haha

Yeah, i do work hard at playing cleanly....i do have a lot of recordings which i dont do these kind of stuff....thing is, when i plan before playing, and play on the spot, i play differently...

When i'm recording, i do think of the emotion behind it, the groups of notes workin together and my soul put into it...

But these vids i put up are nothin planned at all....i'm playin right there on the spot, what you see is what you get, every mistake and stuff...the thing is whenever i start playin on the spot, i go to this natural mode of note blasting, things i'm comfortable with instead of pulling off some 'dirty' playin....

Yea I feel you man, I did a similar gig not too long ago and I had to fight myself going to into natural shred mode.
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Necro you're not using that BM on the XXX are you?

Yea I am, why wouldn't I? It's better sounding with it on for a High Gain tone IMO. And I need to rerecord some clips, because that mic position I was using was terrible, I don't know what I was thinking, I had it at like a 45 degree angle pointed at the outside of the cone.

Sounds so muffled compared to how it does in person.
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I felt lethargic after a 1:00 .. Understand the need for Variety.. I'm not a shredder, but I would have liked to have seen some more technique Other than just speed picking scales.. IMHO, the true melodic shredders such as Joe Satriani, steve vai, etc... have a Mastery of Legato and sweeping skills.. to my ears at least. (to expand on the speed picking comment) .. I find that unless speed picking is sparingly used to lightly flavor a guitar piece, It makes the whole thing sound Amateur and completely recycled..

credit to you though for your Clean playing and obvious talent !!!

How I feel exactly.

All the best shredders have a very melodic side to them as well. Guys like Andy Timmons are a great example. That guy gives me a tonegasm every time i listen to him.
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another snoozecore band

Band? did you even watch the video, it's one dude
The beginning was cool apart from the rhythm guitarist awful clean tone and out of time playing.

I liked the riffs you came up with for the most part until the shredding started. No offense, but it was very very cliched and pretty much what you see everyone doing. The key to guitar solos and improvising is contour and variety. Not just fastly played scales with no real meaning.

Throw in some legato licks, melodic bluesy stuff, fast sweeping, anything to keep the listener engaged more than just fastly playing basic licks, which no offense are not that hard to play. To me what makes a lick hard is not how fast it is but more complex fingerings and techniques that are harder to play cleanly.

It's not hard to play a pentatonic lick or 16th note scale run fast and clean, but trying playing something really quirky and unusual like a greg howe lick and see how much harder that is.

And I really am not a fan of how you stop playing every 20 seconds and raise your hand in the air like you are paul gilbert or something. Just play man, you shouldn't have to do some sort of gesture to cause the crowd to cheer, this is not 1985 and you are not in a hair metal band.

Still I got to give you props, you played in front of people and you played cleanly, good luck in the future.
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Necrophagist777: would you be kind to post some preamp tones I've asked for?

I will today man if I have a chance.
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Both incredibly hot, but the top one is Mistress Juliya not Sanaz. I prefer her to sanaz, but this is my fav metal chick:

Gossow is so hot and an incredible vocalist.

I love metal chicks personally.
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pics or GTFO

This, I want to see this fail in all of it's sticky glory.
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Seriously, does anyone use the "regular" sized Jazz III's?


On topic: I'd use the rock licks picks from them, they look like they have better attack.

I use Eric Johnson Jazz 3's and I will never change. Nothing has the combination of grip and playability that those have. AND THEY LAST SOOO LONG!!
Man that is the shiniest guitar I have ever seen. I bet you love the blackouts too. HNGD!!
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It's just that I prefer buying new amps, over searching around the web for a used one and waiting for it too be delivered.

Or searching on craigslist for a used one, going to the dudes house to try it out, paying him and then taking it home.
You my friend do not deserve a Twin Reverb if you would disgrace that wonderful box of clean audiosex by putting a Metalzone in front of it. Sell it to someone who appreciates it's awesomeness and buy yourself a Spider. Or wait to get a nice Hi Gain head and use the Fender for Cleans.
The JJ's in my XXX sound amazing.
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Jam, if you like the Savage, check out the Blackmore... it's like the Savage but better.

I love the blackmore too, but all the extra features of the savage are great. Glad to help you out Jam.
I know a guy that's selling a XXX and Carvin 2x12 for 575.
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I also hear from you guys that Marshall MG's are terribad? Why's this? <-- Not my main question, but I've been meaning to ask, heh.

The same reason you are getting rid of your Spider, they sound bad.
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That's pretty much one of the only complaints I've heard about the Powerball, is that it has a hard time cutting. I haven't heard the Savage yet, but I'll definitely check it out. I'd have to find one used though as $2,500 is getting to the point of ridiculousness.

I am Selling my Mesa though, and sold my LTD, so, that should make things a little easier. The quest for grail tone never ends.

Found a savage for 1600
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Dear Necrophagist777.

Would you be nobel and record your XXX's preamp (FX loop send) to the PC.
I want to emulate the XXX sound on my GT-10.

I have managed to emulate the sound of my VK on my unit almost perfectly.

Here some samples of the Real VK preamp recorded direct:

Here some GT-10 copy of the VK preamp:

You see where I'm going... I want to bring a nice tube sound in my 10 pound metal
box of doom.

If you will, record the Crunc & Ultra channels with Flat settings 5,5,5.


I can do that for you. Never tried using the FX Loop send before.

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Congrats on your amp Necro. You must be having a field day over there.

I'm still trying to decide what my next amp is gonna be, but I think I've pretty much narrowed it down to the Powerball. Nothing else seems to be grabbing my attention. I tried the JCM2000 TSL 100 and it was pretty sick, but, I dunno, everyone plays JCM's.

Good choice. If you really like the Powerball, check out the Savage. I was all "YO THIS AMP IS SICCC" when I listened to the Powerball but then I heard the Savage and I was like "OOOOOOOOOOO SNAPP, HE DIDN'T!"

Last night I saw Necrophagist and Muhammed was using a Savage whilst Sami used a Powerball. IMO the Savage was much smoother and cut through the mix much much much better. I could always hear muhammed's solos clearly but sami's were barely audible.

Here is a great clip of it

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I'm not sure who this is or if he's posted already but what do you make of this?

Is it just my ears ringing from last night or does that guy have WAYYYYYYYY too much reverb on that rhythm tone. Otherwise pretty great tone for a VK Combo.
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lol i have'nt updated that thing in a long long time. i also have a few other guitars i never added that i've gotten.

Ahhh ok, well then fellow XXX'er.
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iam pretty sure the xxx is a decent amp by any standards.

It says you have an AVT and Line 6 on your profile?
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Well if it's not a very good amp, the sound isn't going to be very good now is it?

I was being nice and wasn't gonna mention that but now that you have broken the ice ................................
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you do know how actives work right? they literally make the same consistent sound because of the preamp that's on the pickup. alot of guitarist use them because they can have a really light weight guitar and still have that heavy sound. if you put a emg on a plywood body it will sound the same as a mahogany body.

Yes I do know how they work bro. I have 18v EMG's.

But your statement is garbage. I don't care what the popular opinion is apparently you have no ears.

I've played the same EMG's in a Mahogany LTD, 2 different Mahogany Schecters (Avenger and C-1) and an Alder Jackson one right after another all with the same settings on the same 6505 and they all had very different tones.

Even the two Mahogany schecters sounded different. The avenger had a much thicker and chunkier tone than the C-1 because of the increased body mass.
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in my comment i never said metalcore used no skill i said those kids dont know a damn thing about guitar. there are some good metalcore guitarist iam sure there is because there is such a huge amount of metalcore bands. all actives in my opinion are a waste of good wood because a active cancels out the sound of the body wood blackout or emg or w/e.

So you really think EMG's in a mahogany body and EMG's in an Alder body have the same tone? Pfftt
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most of the things i say are true though 90% of the people who get a schecter are little fanboys saying omg emgs omg OFR omg mahogany. most of them dont know anything about what some of those things even do. everything is schecter is made to market to the fanboys of "core" music which is basically everyone where i live. none of them know how to play guitar worth of ****, they all own schecters, and at least half of them own a hellraiser. and if you really do look at it schecter does use cheaper wood then most guitar companies that's not bull****. so iam basing this off logic. cheap wood + emg hell i could have done that with a high end squire and buy a set of emgs. the squire and emg would cost less then what a schecter would have cost and i would still have enough money to pay for new hardware and a setup.

Have this:

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well no, it's not that, its just that there are certain problems that can't really be diagnosed unless you actually have the amp sitting there in front of you that you can look at. The problem he has is very peculiar, which is why the other guy probably suggested that no one here could really give that much advice.

Very true. But I don't think that's what the guy who got banned and couldn't forge a complete sentence was talking about.
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Point it straight at the speaker (no angle) right where the circle meets the cone

Hmm, I shall try that.
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That's why you bring it an amp tech, not a guitar shop.

I understand, he is an amp tech I was just responding to that guy's statement that no one on UG knows what they are talking about.
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Don't touch anything. The people on this forum may be able to tell you what amps and pedals and guitar are good and bad, but i wouldn't trust anyone to diagnose a problem like that for you. Take it to a tech and have it looked at by a professional.

I would trust guys on here like IbanezPsycho more than I would 90% of people who say they work on amps at guitar shops.
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hmmm ohk then. i am currently using 9 - 42's in drop A, so thats why i needed thincker gauges. i'll probably go with the seven string idea. thanx


.09s in drop A? HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? .09's are bordering on too loose in standard let alone freakin drop a.

Oh yea, I almost forgot

I use .12-60 in C# and C Standard. You are gonna need a way bigger 6th string for Drop A. 70 at least. If it was me I would just buy a 7 String and Drop the 7th string to A.
Correct way to voice an opinion:

"I'm not a huge fan of schecter guitars, would anyone care to express why they are so loved on UG because I don't really like them."

Wrong way = TS

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That's all fine and dandy... but I'm still waiting on those pics of a hot blonde cheerleader who plays a schecter...

... I'm sure he's beautiful

Try and find old pics of LadyHellraiser then
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I really want an ENGL. They sound so sexy! With the odd midrange they have to it, I'd imagine it would NAIL Killswitch Engage's tone. Ironically, the 2 ENGLs I'm GASing for, are the two you have (they're the only ones I have experience with though) (Blackmore + Savage)

A Splawn Nitro would nail their current tone, it's their main live amp along with a Fuchs Viper now.

Some critique on the recorded tone and tips on mic'ing my new XXX and Avatar 2x12 would be nice.

Couple clips:



I'm loving the tone I'm getting from the amp in person, but the recording for the rhythm tone seems like it's a little, hmmmm.... how do I describe it, boring sounding. It lacks the meanness (only way I can think of describing it) of what the amp sounds like in person.

I'm using an SM57 pointed at about a 45 degree angle to the center of the left speaker. Some tips on getting a better mic'ed tone would be appreciated.