I like chunky necks, they just feel more comfortable to me. And my Avenger with 18v EMG's has probably the thickest tone of any guitar I have ever played. I have a MIJ Jackson and I actually prefer the feel and tone of my Schecter.
Quote by Cap47
Your poor VK is going to rust!

Yea, I feel sorry for it. I need someone to come over and jam on it.

BTW no more clips until later in the week. Going to two sick shows the next two days.

Summer Slaughter with Necrophagist headlining tomorrow and August Burns Red with iwrestledabearonce on Monday.
Quote by DiSTuRBeD -26-
That new metal clip sounds a lot better. It's really tight. not flubby, I like it!

...still want to try a XXX/3120 with EL34s
<--- it's not even useful. Honestly, when would you use a llama smilie?

Yea, this amp is super tight and that clip is in C Standard Tuning. The Cab handles the low tuning great. You can really hear the tightness in that little riff with the quick rests.

Quote by Raijouta
Wow, sounds quite brutal... I think I could get close to that with my VK, but it's not quite as crunchy. I tend to go after a more smooth sound, myself.

Also, is it just me or does the VK sound better recorded than un-recorded?

Well I'm sure the VK could get that heavy, but my gain is in between 3.5 and 4 on the crunch channel. And I'm not talking o clock, I mean 3.5 out of 10. LULZ The amount of gain on tap is ludicrous. And the Master is on 2. I can't imagine with it fully cranked how loud and brootal it is. At 2 with the channel volume cranked it's almost painful to be standing right in front of it, it's that loud.

And yes my VK always sounded better in recorded than in person, it's the opposite with my XXX, I keep trying to find a mic position that will recreate what I'm hearing in person. Still haven't found it yet but I'm getting closer.
Got a clip of a few riffs up, still figuring out the best mic position but it's sounding good. This XXX really sounds a lot like a mesa IMO.
Quote by Raijouta

The worst part was there was no warm-up or practice or anything, I was totally unprepared. The guy was just all "lol, come up onstage and jam with my band!"

Dude, I hate that, people always ask me to do that at like bars and stuff. I always say no

Got a clip of a few riffs up, still figuring out the best mic position but it's sounding good. This XXX really sounds a lot like a mesa IMO.
Thanks, the previous owner did a great job on the tolex.
It's black chrome. As in BLACK with a CHROME type reflective finish. I've played at least 5 different hellraisers.

C Standard, 2 Steps down.

Arch Enemy, TBDM ftw!
Eminence Man O War is a good option.
Quote by bartdevil_metal
^I liked your clip Necro. Nice playing too, it's really come a long way.

Thanks. I'll put some more interesting clips later tonight when the house is empty.
Quote by Raijouta
Snakeskin's not really my thing (patterns on amps in general isn't my thing unless it's wood) but still it looks very nice! HNAD!

Waiting for clips...

Got a clean clip up now. Gonna do a bunch of clips most likely tonight when the house is empty.

Quote by thedekker

Andy Timmons HIGH FIVE!!!!
Quote by 311ZOSOVHJH
Very nice Necro bro!


So you bought it in Ohio and now driving it back to Cali? I guess that was a truck I saw in your pic so you've got room? Awesomesauce.

Have fun, and I too can't wait for your new clips.

Yep I will be taking it back to Cali but not until October when I leave. And no that is not my truck, that is a picture the previous owner took of it (His camera>my phone). The pics in the basement though I took yesterday with my phone.

But my parents have a big van and I have a Scion TC so we will have enough room for everything, barely.

And I love how everyone is scared of the tolex on my amp, IT IS SOOOO BR00TALZ!!
Quote by Raijouta
Got to play at a show tonight, was nervous as hell (wasn't my setup, guitar or pick) I thought I sucked but everyone thought I was good.

...I would've been even better if I had my VK and Strat though.

That's the way it always is man. Last time someone is like "you sound just like mark knopfler", and I thought I sounded like a dying seal.

Anyway, XXX Clean clip up on my profile.
Quote by Dan shreds
masters apprentce by opeth

This x10
Quote by Weeping_Demon7
I use a OneSpot daisy chain for all my pedals (including my WD) except for my Metal Muff.

Same, I use my Onespot for all my pedals including my WD.
Because it's the only thing that I love doing with all my heart. Well playing guitar, fapping and trolling.
Quote by imgooley
Lolz, I'd be more jazzed about the cab than the amp

I'm betting the problem with the other XXX you played was the speakers. Swamp Thangs=win.

Yep speakers in that other cab I played on were garbage cheap Celestion 70/80's.

I'm jazzed about it all. It's a sweet rig all around. But yep, that cab is pretty awesome.
Quote by DiSTuRBeD -26-

The only XXX I ever played was fizzy as all hell. I wanna try one with JJ EL34's and see if that fixes it. I'm really GASing for a 3120

I agree that the other XXX's I played were very meh, but this.....well it sure as heck isn't fizzy that's for sure.
Quote by DiSTuRBeD -26-
That's not TOO bad. I'm driving 13 hours a week from today on vacation

I drove across the country straight from California to Ohio to get to where I am now.
Well around is a relative term. I had to drive an hour and a half both ways to get to his place.
Bullet Cables ala Paul Gilbert for my guitar to my board:

The rest are just a mix of Monster and whatever that cheap brand on Musicians friend is.
Wow that's quite lowpriced. No idea, I have only ever heard the Special Edition preamp which needless to say is incredible.
Quote by Don Tonberry
I have $100 to spend, any pedal suggestions? If not, I'm going to get some new electronics for one of my guitars

EQ or Delay like Dudey said. Although it's more likely you will find a good EQ for 100 than a delay pedal.
Quote by dudey5691
Good stuff.

Do you plan on hooking the POD up for effects with the XXX?

Well as far as live goes I probably will get some more effects, the essentials. I already love my DD-7 and my Wah, probably will get a chorus pedal. But for now the PODxt is in the FX loop and I'm using the Reverb from it. And it will be great for some of those Bubble Echos and crazy stuff I love using it for.

And I still need it for those times when I must practice silently, like now.
Quote by WTF!!is a TAB
i want an RM100 w/ a Soldano SLO module and an Uberschall and a Blackface
or just gimme a Baron K88 and i'll call it a day

Quote by dudey5691
Happy New Amp Day, Necro!

That's awesome that you got this amp, it has to be absolutely insane.
I'm looking forward to those clips tomorrow... and no later

So, I must ask... what happens to the VK?

Just keep it around when someone comes over to jam most likely.
Quote by Shinozoku
Could it be the combination of the JJ's (DARK tubes) and the Eminences (which tame high end) that makes this sound unlike any other?

Also, HNAD

I believe that is exactly what it is. All over I hear how good JJ's sound in XXX's. This amp really hits you right in the chest. Love it!
Quote by DiSTuRBeD -26-
That's the guy's XXX from HC

Congrats! Put EL34's in that mother****er and

Really, that dude is on HC? Cool, seemed like a nice guy. What an insane little studio he has in his basement. Peavey Classic, JCM 2000, Mark IV and tons of nice Gibsons, Ibbys and Strats.

EDIT: I just found him on HC and Myspace. Lulz he's in a country rock band. Never would of thought that. We talked about Mastodon and Gojira when we met up today. Funny thing is he gave me a little roadcase for the head, and it has that band name on it.

Quote by boxcarmonument
Nice man!! Where did you get it! I know you live somewhere around me! Did you get it at a store or private owner? I only ask because the stores down in Canton suck!! And I need some more places to shop!!


Private Owner
Quote by lbj273
looks good, I would never get an amp covered in snake skin though, I'm terrified of snakes. congrats on the new amp though.

I'm a fan of snakes considering I am wearing a shirt where snakes with bloody fangs are coming out of some sort of demonic creature.
Lookie what I got myself today:

Ooops, wrong link.


And this:

Put them together and you get this:

Peavey XXX with Custom Grill, Python Tolex and new JJ 6L6's and 12AX7's

Avatar 2x12 with Eminence Governor and Swamp Thang covered in Python Tolex

The original owner also customized the inside back of the Cab with tons of Egg Foam to make it extra tight. The bass response on this head and cab are tighter than Chuck Norris thighs.

I played a different XXX yesterday and it was fizzy and loose with Mediocre cleans. This one is unlike any XXX I have ever heard. Not fizzy at all with great clarity, amazing bass response, and the cleans are very capable.

For 800 bucks I am EXTREMELY happy with this purchase. I get great tones from Rush to the highest gain stuff you can think of. I mean this amp with the gain on 5 on the crunch channel can do freakin death metal EASY. And the ultra channel sustains for days for leads.

I cannot express how happy of a person I am right now.

It's late now so no new clips until tomorrow. Sorry
Quote by rexatar
hey guys as you can tell i have tons of time on my hands.... wrote a T-pain auto correct spoof. Check my page, hope you like it

I listened to it, lulz. I should use autotune on my bends
Quote by ticklemeemo
Well, you didn't have to insult my EQing...
But you are wrong, the EQ on the clean channel is passive, the EQs on the Crunch and Ultra channels are active. Same as the 3120.

How did I insult your EQ'ing, I have never even seen how you EQ'ed. And I wasn't referencing the EQ on the Clean Channel I was referencing the people who say the Crunch and Ultra are really fizzy. I know the EQ on the Clean channel is passive. I downloaded the Manual PDF

Sorry if I perturbed you, I didn't phrase my statement correctly. I should have put a paragraph between the Clean tone statement and the statement about EQ.
Hmm I found the cleans to be suitable on it. Much better than 6505+ cleans IMO. You have to remember that the EQ on it is active so you have to start at Noon and kind of work your way from there.

Something like Treble 9, Mid 3, Bass 8 is a recipe for disaster with this amp.

Treble 4, Mid 5, Bass 6 seemed to work good for a Metal tone for me today.

Thanks for the advice though.

Quote by dudey5691
You should stop in Dayton on the way back west, and we should jam dude... I may only have a computer and monitors to jam with though!

How do you know where i'm going? STALKER!!!
Quote by ticklemeemo
You might want to check out the 3120 first, it is essentially a renamed XXX, since the XXX wasn't selling very well they put it out in a new package.
It has a waaaaaaay better clean channel, and I think it's a bit smoother as well.
If you buy it at Guitar Center they give you a free cab, but I don't know how good the stock cab is (Peavey speakers are ****), I used a Marshall cab when I played one.

I am aware of that but I actually didn't like the 3120 that much, I've played it 3 or 4 times. Seemed much fizzier than the XXX I tried. And that peavey cab is garbage.

This avatar is 10 times better IMO and the Eminence Governor and Swamp Thing are a good fit I think. I really need a 2x12 for now since there is no way I can transport a 4x12 back to California, just don't have enough room. Also this XXX just had a full retube with JJ's, which I hear fit the XXX really well.

Going to the guy with the Python Tolex one tomorrow to try and make a deal.
Quote by 311ZOSOVHJH
Bartdevil - I LMFAO on that one.

Necro - that looks pretty sweet. You can always flip it later as they are in demand. That is, if you want to get a Nitro or Engl.

Yep. Although I think for a while this should suit me well. Definitely a good versatile gigging amp at a very low price. I don't have mad skills yet so I don't really need something as awesome as an ENGL Savage

This way I have more money to spend on a bunch of sick pedals

MXR 10 Band FTW.
1. Gibson Les Paul Goldtop w/ Bareknuckles
2. Caparison Tat II w/ Dimarzios
3. Music Man John Petrucci 7 w/ Dimarzios
Tried the XXX today. I really liked it, prob my fav amp I have tried so far. Really thick lead tone and an absolutely ludicrous amount of gain. I never went past 5 on the CRUNCH channel.

But the carvin cab he is selling with it is garbage so I may just buy the head from him. Actually I am trying to buy this one on ebay right now. Hopefully I get it:

It's just been retubed with JJ's and has an avatar 2x12 with an Eminence Governor and Swamp Thang.