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Better question: When will we have stargates?

Pfft, they've been here for millennia, we just haven't found any yet.

OT, I reckon science will eventually create something which approximates a lightsaber, a long way down the line
Folk probably see me as a 2/3, maybe 4 if they don't have much of a sense of humour. If they knew some of the stuff that goes on inside my head, at least a 7.
I had the two-tier school system, of which secondary was the worst by far (and the worst years of my life overall), though it was the years of secondary which would correspond to middle school.
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I could have sworn he took those off the site

Great nonetheless

He has his proper site that looks almost professional, then hidden within it is a mini site that he blatantly just did for the lols, and as such it's infinitely better than the main one
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Paul Gilbert. Does anyone remember when his site had a bunch of shoops he had done? Great stuff.

Indeed I do.

Mikael Akerfeldt always comes out with some great lines when I've seen Opeth, and Evil Scarecrow cracked me up when I saw them at Bloodstock.
If people do things without caring about how it'll affect others (especially when it's an effect as big as that of suicide), that's pretty much the definition of selfish in my opinion.
Started balding a couple of years ago, started wearing a hat then finally took the plunge and used Dio's death as justification for shaving my head. These days I keep it very short rather than fully bald, so I still tend to wear the hat (I have other reasons anyway).
If it gets any worse, I dunno what I'd do to be honest.
I'm the most asocial ****er out of everyone I've met, and in my first year of uni I still made more than enough friends to never be bored. You'll be fine.
So far: two festivals and a Maiden gig
For the next 2 months: **** all with a side of occasional work
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ok. so its time i upgrade my my old crappy phone and get a new "smart" phone. i have verizon, so wwat are the benefits of iphone vs a driod? im rlly not looking to spend too too much money.... idk, opinions?

Not iPhone, then.

Just get the best HTC you can afford, basically.
Run somewhere, if you can muster up that much energy
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My girlfriend has a mac and has had multiple viruses.
...just saying.

Am I the only person who thought this guy was making a joke?

Anywhom, I use AVG, and between that and general Internet savvy I consider myself pretty well protected.
Usually Firefox, sometimes Chrome.
Opera on my phone, if that counts for anything.

As for the study, it's just a line on a graph used to confuse correlation and causality once again. But it does make sense in as much as people who can't figure out how to get a new browser are likely to be less bright, at least in the technical sense.
Nah, I just go with the flow
Actually being adept at housework (though I don't iron).
Liking having short hair after almost 6 years of various non-short lengths.
Being single and being cool with it... Well, it's only the latter part that I didn't expect.
Life-long meat eater, no intention of changing.
Personally I don't see the point of vegetarianism, but as long as they're not preachy about it I don't really care what anyone else eats.
I like it, but I agree that it doesn't seem as "full", in terms of atmosphere. Stylistically, I don't mind the change but the inclusion of so many prog stereotypes is very unusual for Opeth. Plus, Road Salt One, anyone?

As for albums, Ghost Reveries is my favourite (and first, if that matters) and Watershed isn't their worst.
On the whole, Germany. However, us Brits get an honourable mention for this:
He's already been mentioned a few times, but Mike Akerfeldt can never get enough mentions for being such a dude on stage. Plus he mooned the crowd when I saw Opeth on Sunday.

Devin Townsend, Bruce Dickinson, James Hetfield and Daniel Gildenlow are the main others who come to mind.
I have a friend with a latex phobia, and a girl I knew in school had a genuine phobia of cheesecake - just being in the same room as one made her break into a sweat
My dad quite likes rock/metal, but I don't really remember being introduced to anything by him; if anything, my taste influences his most of the time
Nope, I wouldn't even know where to get a gun around here. I occasionally carry a Swiss Army knife (as a tool, not a weapon) when the situation calls for it, though
My mum's indifferent to the existence of music as a whole, pretty much. My dad, however, likes about half the metal I like, and we've been to quite a few gigs together. In fact, he's seen more symphonic metal bands than I have :/
Nope, but in my hometown I seem to be in the minority; I can only think of about 3 or 4 friends whose parents are still together. Divorced parents seem to be less common among people I've met at uni, though.
I once witnessed Chris Broderick make a mistake. Yeah.

No video footage, sadly
Anything that entails overall happiness. It may be that you do this via earning enough money to buy awesome stuff, travel everywhere etc, or just by having a fun job.
Fingers, no question about it. And I'm another one of the freaks who (sometimes) folds the slice in half

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Oh, like that. Well, I guess they prefer using forks to prevent their hands from getting greasy when outside or at a carnival etc., but I don't know.

Yeah, if I'm eating chips that are covered in sauce or some such, I'll sometimes use a plastic/wooden fork for them. Never "proper" cutlery, though.
The Beatles 46
Soundgarden 36
Rolling Stones 34 HURT
Queens of the Stone Age 37
Primus 40
The Doors 32
Dream Theater 13
Megadeth 8
Opeth 14 HEAL
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The Progressive Nation tour with Opeth & Dream Theater. It was incredible


Also Devin Townsend, Rush and the fourth time I saw Apocalyptica (largely because of Pain of Salvation supporting).
Frost* would've been a bloody strong contender if I hadn't had to leave early, and Opeth's headline set at last year's Bloodstock gets an honourable mention since it wasn't technically a concert.
Too much; if you get overwhelmed you can always find ways to avoid at least some of it, even if you have to go slightly out of your way to avoid certain people.
On the other hand, if you get too little attention it's considerably harder to just get more (without doing something colossally stupid).

Then again, I'm a very independent person so I can cope perfectly well with little/no attention.
I never do statuses, just **** about with all their profile info. Though setting their birthday to the next day is too obvious (if they catch you), I set it for a few days/week in advance.
One that goes surprisingly long without them noticing is changing their name; I once made a Spoonerism of a guy's name that lasted for a couple of days after he'd reset everything else
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Normal things, like salad.

...You're still talking about vinegar, right?
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If you don't like the bands on the big stages then it's worth mooching around the smaller ones instead. You might find a band you've never heard of before but like.

Aye, that's how I discovered Black Spiders so I'll probably be doing that this year... Sneaking beer into the arena isn't that hard
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If Motorhead are playing, there's been a clerical error somewhere.


Already seen each of the Big 4 individually, but it'll still be awesome to see them like this.
Everyone else I pretty much have to see:
Diamond Head
Richard Cheese
Paradise Lost
Black Spiders
Arch Enemy
In Flames

Kinda annoyed that those bands are mainly on Sunday, having an entire day to do nothing but drink only just compensates for running back and forth between stages to try and get a decent spot.
From any given chippy: salt, vinegar and ketchup
From a particular kebab place near my house: cheese and garlic mayo
I'm offended by the existence of reality shows and anything with "celebrity" in the title. Also, by the sheer unfunniness of some things that bill themselves as comedies.

Apart from that, nope.

Well, I'm not learning it anymore, strictly speaking. Just trying to iron out mistakes
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But that would make looking for stuff a pain in the ass.

The idea isn't to get rid of genres entirely, just to find something that gives a reasonable impression of what the artist sounds like and leave it at that.
Really not my thing. Though I suppose I can see why people like it
Been a while since my last post, so I'll update with the ones I've seen since (as many as I can remember, at least)

Iron Maiden
Ozzy Osbourne
Symphony X
Children of Bodom
Paul Gilbert
Stone Sour
Pain of Salvation
Taking Dawn
Rob Zombie

And tomorrow: The Darkness