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all she needs.

yeah just don't let her spill any on the grass.
just tell them that you can pick out the suspects just by looking at them. that easy.
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I can do it, I just get really scared as when I am tuning them, they start creaking and I always think they're gonna snap and hit me in my eye.

never been hit in the eye. i usually just get poped on the hands if anything. hurts like a btch though.
P O R N ! !
i used to love her Guns N' Roses
not sure but...

wallet, cellphone, ipod, some picks, pack of smokes, my zippo, and a knife.
about a 7 cause i like metallica
only god makes decisions.
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I recognize that everywhere for some reason...

4/10 like the christmas spirit though.
purp will show more scratches.
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You get to go to jail if you do something stupid and get caught.

thats what i said!!
smoke weed and then forget about your friend...? or have your friend smoke weed and forget about the girl.
dress up as santa?
C R A S H O V E R ! ! !
wear a dress.
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anything you like you peice of shit

yeah i am. cause i'm the only one who plays guitar in my neighborhood.
girls cant get pregnant now.
don't die.
symphony of destruction - megadeth
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thats like on the My les paul forum, someone didnt get the name gibson until like october 09

one of the things you'd think already be taken and not try.
nah i used my name cause i wasnt thinking so nope dont care for it as a username
thats pretty tight man keep up the good work
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sorry never seen ya
damn tool... but if she drank all your sht than you should ask for some alcohol bfor you give her cash then she couldnt btch if you dont pay her.
"this is madness?? no this is sparta!!!" 300
"what the camel toe??" beerfest
"i love you jeny" forest gump lmfao.
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Jackass. xD I love it too.

Also Napoleon Dynamite, Hot Rod, Nacho Libre and other Jack Black stuff.

haha yeah hot rod kicks ass. also jack black movies for some reason.
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I'm pretty sure the lizards don't suffer from wild caught bugs. I mean how do you think the wild lizards get their food?

ts buys it for em.
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thats not really good advice. lol

what kind of lizards do you have?

wild caught insects are basically carriers for various parasites, mites, and pesticides.

and the reason pet shops are more expensive on food is because bait shops generally are selling wild caught/poorly kept insects.

your lizards unless your extremely lucky, wont thrive without proper food thats not wild caught.

lmfao dude thats how lizards are suspose to live and therefore do live man dont worry bout all that bs parasites man ive kept damn lizards all my life and i know how to keep em.