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Yo bros. Just wondering if there's any tech death like Crytopsy's None So Vile album that I might have missed. And any black metal with really technical guitar like Peste Noire? Thanks.

Lykathea Aflame 's "Elvenefris" is like proggy None So Vile on crack.
It's basswood, but low quality basswood. For future buys, don't be put off if it says basswood instead of mahogany or alder. A high quality basswood guitar is just as good as a high quality mahogany one. See: Ibanez RG's

I've still got my Viper-50 hanging around and to be honest I wouldn't consider doing anything major to it. In the long run it's a much better investment to save for a better guitar rather than 'pimp' a cheap one. You can change tuners,pups, hardware, etc forever but the wood will always be the same.
Ah, yea I think after awhile I got the inhale technique down eventually with some help. It's cliche and retorical, I know, but how the hell is this stuff illegal. First time with alcohol can mess people up pretty damn bad...
Question, even though I'm pretty sure I know the answer.
Yesterday I smoked weed for the first time, apparently it was dank stuff but I didn't really get incredibly high, I just felt really calm and kinda out of it. First time you usually don't get crazy right? Coming times should be more intense?
...You're kidding right?

1. Save for a house? Try saving for mortgage payments or making sure that you'll be able to make each months payment or whatever your plan is with enough safety headroom first. Unless you're seriously considering saving to buy a house on a single payment. In which case, good luck. You'll need it.

2. Wedding? Surely you won't be the only one paying for that thing. Talk to some other people (hm lets see...who else could possibly have interest in your marriage?) and find out how exactly this bill is being split.

3. The Guitar? By now you must have understood that asking random people on the internet to make financial decisions without any knowledge of your monetary standing is ridiculous. Please, tell me that you realize that. You NEED to realize that before you're in charge of your very own house with your very own stove. A big, gas burning stove. Yep. Something to think about.
For that first one it appears that when playing in the classical position your leg is resting up against the FR. Making rediculous shapes and being shitty all around is one thing....but such a major flaw is beyond belief.
Nice! Some people have all the luck...
I've considered doing a lot of things, doesn't mean any of them come close to actually happening.
My friend purchased a Cherry Sunburst LP knowing it was fake for about $250 or something w/ case. As much as I'd like to say it was terrible, it really wasn't. The pickups were Epi's, the body was mint and not too bad looking either, the frets weren't terrible and it stayed in tune quite well. Plus the case was a nice bonus, as it was padded and all furry inside. Worst part I noticed was the fretboard, it looked like a piece of darkened cardboard to me. It was solid, but just hideous. Now, in all honesty, it played like an Epiphone of sorts. It sure as hell was better than the $250 LTD Viper-50 that was my first guitar.

But, it's an illegal practice and it'll never be the same as a Gibson. All Fakes are not created equal as well, so you're just as likely to get a POS then a decent model. So basically, the one I played I would suggest to any beginner over other things I've played in the price range. Take a marker and change the G to a F if you want. But I'd never suggest making a habit of buying Chinese Fibsons.
It may be worth picking up a beat up Squire or other low end guitar and using it to practice mods and stuff on. But as a guitar for daily use, usually not worth it.
^ What he said. I mean Open C Major.
Please tell me Devin isn't the only man with an established band to use open C tuning. Anyone know of others?
So I go down to a local store today for strings and I end up playing guitars as usual. I take a look to see if they had any new Schecters and something caught my eye.

Black body
Duncan Design pickups
bolt on neck

Overall, pretty boring. Labeled as a Schecter C-1. I pick it up, play it, decent, not bad, not great. So what was so suprising about this guitar? The price tag. $700.


So I talk to a sales guy about it. He tells me that it's a Schecter C-1 and that it's price right. He then starts talking about how they have some Hellraisers over there and a couple Omen extremes, etc,etc. I was kinda shocked, because this was obviously not a $700 Schecter. They wanted nearly the amount of a Hellraiser or a Custom for this thing. I kept my mouth shut though, they obviously didn't like me questioning the terrible pricing and I figured I wouldn't get anywhere with it anyways. They'll never sell it, so they get what they get.
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Wouldn't it be the 20th century?
I want to hear you sing and play this, ha.

Hm, 19th century subject played in a 20th century style I guess haha.
I'm actually in the process of writing it right now. It's a slow process (I know some blues, but nothing substantial) but it's alot of fun at the same time. I'm also not a best singer but oh well haha.
Sorry if I'm doing this wrong, I've never posted here before.

I had to write a poem/song for my english class about the African Americans struggles after the Civil War era so I thought that I'd give a try at some bluesy styled stuff. Basic B.B. King slolw paced stuff, try to imagine him singing it in his signature style . Basically from the point of view of a former slave who just got released, with plenty of cheesy blues bits thrown in for my own personal enjoyment.

Massah came here this morning’
Told me I ha’ to go home
My baby done left me too
So now I’m all alone

An’ I been workin’ the cotton
An’ I been workin’ the fields
An’ I just gotta say:
Why don’ nobody care how the black man feels?

Cuz it ain’t fair if you’re Black in the cold, cold South
The sun is hot but you ain’ got nothing to put in your mouth


Now I been down to ‘Bama
An’ I heard the Devil’s Blues
An’ if there’s something’ I’ve learned
It’s that somebody’s always gonna lose

So now I’m gonna sit here
And play this ole guitar
I’m outta luck and outta love
Sittin’ in the negro section of a bar

Don’t mind me, jus’ keep walkin’ by
I’ve come to peace with myself
Imma ready to die


From the skin on my head
To the dirt between my toes
Imma sing the Mississippi blues -
The only song the Black man knows

Comments would be nice. Also, I had someone tell me it sounded racist to isn't supposed to be written in 'modern' language, it's supposed to sound like a poor man who doesn't know what to do with his life in the 19th century...just making that clear.
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I love my Schecter.. I have Hellraiser Deluxe .. with EMG 81/85 set and tonepro bridge... and grover tuner pegs... Handle lots of stuff... from blues to metal ... I was thinking of changing my cap ..

any recommendations?

If ya really wanna go anywhere in life, the only kind of cap to have is one of these

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^ So true. But hey, some attention *****s love the gaudiness.

^ Credit goes to Ippon, if you hadn't noticed.
Seriously, if you guitar looks like it's over-accessorized for a 1975 junior prom then something is wrong. Unless you like that. There's nothing wrong with that. Nope. Not a thing.
You should take a look at the custom shop 7-string V models.

Oh, I've spent plenty of time looking at their Custom Shop... One day I'll have one, hopefully, it's either that or buy a decent car. And cars just don't play music as well. Especially The Allman Brothers. As seen here:

Kinda like Schecter's HellRaiser - so attention whorish/gaudy. If their C7 FR didn't play so well and sound so massive (and cost me less than half of retail), I would've dumped it.

I wish they'd offer the LTD SC607B in White!

Agreed, on both points. I don't think those SC models are going to be leaving us soon though, they're all ESP has got for an affordable 7 string at the moment. So hopefully we'll be seeing some more varied models eventually...
The Schecter thread likes them.

And discontinued, wasn't really much of a fan of the shape myself.
Was just reminded in another thread of another reason that Classic> Hellraiser. Less Abalone.
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I, too, could go for a 7-string right now, in particular: a 7-string ESP V! I was really hoping for one this year that was not part of the signature series. Man I am really bummed. I do like Nergal's V a lot but there are several things I dislike about it.

Yea that Hex-7 is a sick guitar. It's a completely straight forward death metal machine. It is a good point though that ESP don't do lower end 7-string V's, especially since them and Schecter have been going neck and neck with the similarities between their lines lately.

Forgot to mention before but that new Gus model actually looks pretty cool. A 25.5" scale EC model with a set of Blackouts thrown in. Do like.
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Ummm mdma, oxycodone... what kinda stuff are you looking for? Uppers, downers?

Definitely up.
I like the idea of the EC Traditional but my god...why all that abalone on a 'traditional' black model?
Quote by benx3000 Any drug you wanna know about just go there. Beware that sometimes, when youre handed x, they could possibly be meth bombs. It's never happened to me, but i had a few friends that had that happen to them and they are fine. And that doesnt happen super often. Oxycontin/oxycodone i've never done but i've heard its cool. Morphine i've never done but its pretty cheap (1$ a pill here) and i've heard its totally awesome. Random uppers and downers could be pretty sketchy, depends on the vibe you get from the guy and what you've heard about him.

Yea I was looking around there before but there's just so much stuff listed there I have no idea where to start...
It's JB + '59 in mine.

I play alot of thrash/black/death metal just fine. It's more your amp than anything else really with a pair of decent humbuckers. I had the same choice and I went for the Classic.

an dose bandz aint bro0talz enuf (My smilies aren't working...imagine a cheeky one poking his tongue out right about this area.)
Hey, i hear alot about pills but never really thought of trying them. Could someone point me in the right direction with either links or advice about some intro stuff? Or if they're all pretty much bad ideas let me know that too. Like I said, I know nothin' about this, Thanks.
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Metal-heads with Suicide Silence.

I don't think Metal-heads would run from corecrap, I think they'd smash.
Jeez, really nice price man. And you even included the obligitory UG foot-shot!

HNGD! Looking forward to see this upcoming Carvin...
1. 5kg =/= $5,000 USD. You made me laugh though. Hard.
2. Necrobumping a rant thread? Really?
Finally! Been waiting for more news about this album for awhile. They haven't really disappointed yet and Loomis is never running out of riffs. Hopefully. Ever.
It's an entry level guitar from the Jackson line, add in the fact that it's damaged and I definitely wouldn't play $200 for it. That discount better be pretty big, they usually are for body damage. As for buying it and putting in EMG's, why bother? You'll be paying more for the pickups than the guitar.
Wow, I thought you were talking about something else before, I wasn't trying to correct you, I just misunderstood what the TS had posted. I guess I'll spend the rest of my time making sure to do that favor for you. It's obviously very serious.
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yeah it'll be the nut on the outside, but you REALLY DONT want to hand tighten it.

or it'll spin and you'll rip the wires off on the inside.

which is exactly what a few of us are saying in here.

You can hand tighten it, you just have to hold it as described by the picture you posted above to be careful.

Or I'm wrong and i've been using my hands against my guitar without even knowing it.
I would just go back to the GC and take a look at some more guitars (if they got them in stock of course, call and ask?). Spec-wise, ESP and Schecter are nearly the same on alot of their models nowadays: Mahogany bodies, quilted/flamed maple tops, either active EMGS or passive Seymour Duncans, OFR's or FR 1000's, they even look nearly the same in shape. The ones that you listed are all quality instruments, there really isn't much that someone can tell you on the internet at this point that will make the decision easier. Good luck though.
Haha, I found this whole thing hilarious. In all seriousness, why did not just buy a regular strat if you didn't want to have it reversed in the first place?
I'm probably wrong, but if it's just the nut on the outside that's loose you just tighten it, either with your fingers or a wrench. If it isn't that, look to the above.
Ah, alright. 10 more days... and once you get the tickets the wait becomes even more painful.
Where's everyone getting these tickets/news about tickets from? I thoguht the US didn't get them until the 20th
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I just haven't listened to any Behemoth for a while. Everything they do, other bands do better. Having said that, I do want to see them live one day, looks like it would be awesome.

I'd be curious to hear some bands that sound like Behemoth (or sound better than Behemoth at sounding like Behemoth). Examples?
Yea I think they're from Espoo, they hung around alot with the guys of that brutal DM band Children of Bodom