I was INTP when I first took it a few years ago but I'm ENFP now. I'm some sort of mix of E and I and I'm only on E by 1%
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I find it difficult to believe, having eaten my fair share of pot brownies in my time at CU, that you could ingest one of these things without realizing what it was. They do not taste like regular brownies at all, and if you're someone who has ever smoked marijuana (which, if you go to CU, is more than likely) you know right from the first bite what it is that you're eating. And even if you don't smoke or have never smoked, you would know immediately that they are not regular brownies. That being said, it was still a monumentally stupid (if rather hilarious) thing to do, and the asses who carried out the prank are pretty screwed.

Even with all that, though, I don't think it's really as big a deal as some people in this thread are making it out to be.

They probably just thought they were really bad brownies, but they were too nice to say anything.
I usually don't, but when there's marshmallows around they best get used to swimming.
I'm not too big on Dream Theater knock-off Progressive Metal bands. I don't actually hate the sound, but it's too boring for me.
Sports would be a lot more entertaining if 'roids were mandatory for all participants.
I'd consider myself a 5, the rest of my band are 1s and 2s.
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You should watch Parks and Recreation instead.

Parks and Rec is infinitely betterer than Nerds are Almost Funny on Accident: The TV Series

The only people I know who like The Big Bang Theory are obnoxious and fond of making jokes no one laughs at.
I saw this thread's title on the front page and I thought it was Romney trying out a new, more aggressive ad strategy.
A lot of people are forgetting the part where TS said EVERYBODY except the RD is okay with it. He even said the police thinks it's a good idea.
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A pen is generally superior. Worried about making mistakes? Just don't make them.

The key is in getting a good quality pen. Cheap ballpoints are barely superior to a pencil. In some cases they are worse. Spend a few dollars on a pen, and you usually get a really nice writing instrument.

Yeah, I'm assuming weight has something to do with it too. Pencils are light, and if you're writing fast you're just going to get lines everywhere. With a decent pen you don't really get that same problem.
That's exactly what I was thinking.
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people with terrible taste in music

I really don't know.
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Why are they awful?

They are better than both pens and pencils.

Possible to erase what you've written and easier for the hand when writing.

When you lose one, the entire thing is useless until you get replacements. As an elementary school kid, I never found replacements. I also never bothered to look though.
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Pencil pen, you know those pens that have the 'lead' sticks inside so that when it breaks or runs out you buy the sticks instead of new pens.

At first I thought you were talking about those god awful pencils with the little lead heads you stack inside it, but I'm not sure whatchu talkin about.
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I suppose your indy band Music You Can Think About Deep Subjects To is doing well then? No? Weird.

Indy or Indie? If I wrote an Indiana Jones concept album I'd be rolling in recognition, but my obscure Indie band's success is measured in how much recognition we don't get. So yes, we're doing very well.
It's all preference. The thing with pens is at first you're like "oh my god I'm gliding everywhere" but then you're like "aw ye I'm gliding everywhere".

EDIT: Ah shit those italics explain everything, metaphysicalcarpathian.
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D. Blood
*Man with skin disease finger paints*
The future of your fingers rests in your fingers, folks.

I've preferred pencils since forever, but a few weeks ago I realized pens solve every problem I had with handwriting things(Smearing, legibility, pencils killed my family). I want to know you guys' opinions on the matter so I can put off this paper some more.
Yeah, but it's not stopping me from Rosetta Stone'ing the shit out of my brain.
Shadow Cell.

Seriously, just that font. People are going to pick up your demo and think "Oh my god what profound thinkers!"
Galileo's trial should really be more well known.
I thought the video was just a front to call for action. I'm sure dem terrorizers were planning on doing the whole riot thing anyways.
Imagine moths the size of horses. The dust on your ass would be worth riding a giant horse-sized moth.
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I'm a Gypsophilia fan now.

Grant Green has that melancholy sound down.

I know you're supposed to guess but eh.
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Mitä? Kukaan ei kertonut minulle!

My duh, kraken ay coconut miniscule?

I've been taking lessons, but I don't even know if the teacher just gibberishes at me.
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You clearly haven't been to a Finnish forum.

This isn't a Finnish forum?
The Pit is the only forum where I ever see threads like this.
If every stoner is stupid then every gay man is flamboyant.
Someone is not ready to shred.

If their fingers are guns mine are slingshots.
"Amp up your warm up"
"Build finger firepower"

What the **** am I reading?
What wouldn't he steal?
Don't forget to wake up when you're done.
A narrative about you trying to think about writing a song that would be about you trying to write a song.
As an American citizen, I believe we need more immigrants.
I gave a girl a rose today, then I felt like a dumb ass when I noticed she had a billion ****ing balloons and flowers. I thought I had a chance with her too
I remember when I was awful at guitar while high, now I'm better when I am. Shit's weird man, but I guess it was just all of the practice.