“Imagine that you find an open chest, eaten by dampness in a dusty attic. Inside, a few loose pages of the diary written by an unknown traveler. His story, tainted of despair, violence and grief, ironically sounds you very familiar. You did not know this man, but his words create a mirror of our own existence. This is the feeling that we have decided to share with you.”

 Credits. Sulphur Seas are J. (lyrics, vocals) and A. (music, strings). External helpers on 'Suzanne': drums composed by AGS, bass recorded by P.SM, noise and effects by M. Novoa, and additional vocals on “L’Amer” by J. Virulency. All music and lyrics composed and written by the band during 2015-2016. Album recorded during 2017, mixed and mastered by Victor Saiz Martinez (California Studios – Madrid).  'Suzanne' cover: Notre-Dame de Laval, Caudiès-de-Fenouillèdes (France). 
Another tune has been added, quite different and dark, don't forget to give us a like on FB is you dig our quirky lovecraftian music!

"Secret societies, blackmail , ancient threats and a man determined to make a difference in this cruel world. But beware of the Kadishtu Brotherhood, the threathening and manipulative cult, responsible for all the evil and dangers McMurdo will have to face in his personal journey to the summit..."
The expedition begins…
Back To R’lyeh is back with a brand new EP, “The McMurdo Expedition 1909”. Two new tracks that advance some plot aspects from an upcoming concept album while displaying their usual eclectic take on progressive metal and avant garde.
Meet Ernest McMurdo on “McMurdo’s Statement” as he fights against the rigid bureaucracy of the Royal Geographical Society in order to raise funds for an expedition to the Karakoram Range. Everything is being meticously set to meet the plans of the mysterious Kadishtu Brotherhood, an old cult threatening McMurdo to unveil his most intimate secret…
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Ill do bass if you like, only got a 4 string but can slam some thick gauge strings on and tune it right down?!?

Check my videos here for reference:

Im writting riffs in a 7 strings tuned to A (1 step down). Is it that a problem for ya?
Hi guys,

Im looking forward for some people to do a summer death metal ON LINE project. I need a drum programming guy, singer and bassist for a quick EP to LOL and do something besides my main band,

I can record guitar tracks at home, arranging them all together and re-record it with better quality. I thought about a concept EP regarding a planet destroyer entity, something like a future bad Conan the barbarian, named Krall or I dont know....

I'd love to hear from you!
Reminds me a mix between metroid and Dead Space. Awesome album by the way, keep on working!
SULPHUR SEAS, my bm band is releasing our first EP!!

Composed by four hymns of pure Sulphur plus an intro, Sulphur Seas is a quite different album to what we usually listen to from the Hispanic lands, with a gloomy but still powerful Black Metal of really direct sound, with few retouches and some progressive and schizophrenic elements, definitely a very high quality album as a really original purpose...
Recorded in the Autumn 2014 between Spain and France, voices and guitar lines were registered at Bulletproof Studios under the supervision of Daniel Patiño, who managed to create a really organic and dark sound rich of textures, meanwhile the talented Dim Obolenski registered the bass and programming lines in Sète, as well as the mixing and final mastering... the lyrics, sung in French, are focused into the sinister aspects of existence: death, illness, greed and lust...
Modern black metal with a prog twist.
Liked some pages of here!
"Sulphur Seas"
A modern,more proggy, Black Metal band
More organic and less tree-ish than usual
Colors : antique white or used/old colors
Good morning fellas, after my first L.P. praised by some of the boyz from UG (, now I'm trying what I can do with a closed minded genre like Bm so...

We are so proud to unleash "Charogne", a first glance of the eponimous MCD of Sulphur Seas (BM / Madrid).
In the vein of bands like: French BM(Blut aus Nord, Deathspell Omega, Arkhon Infaustus, etc.), polish (Medico Peste, etc.), nordic (Mayhem, etc.), and some dark and terrifying death metal(Portal, etc.).
We hope you like it... And of course, feel free to critic, like us on FB or whatever.
"Et du sang couvrira ton teint blafard".
I need some help to figure out some chords I recorded and I cant recall anymore. I'm kind of bad at it so if you can help me it would be great. It's really just one black metal chord, the first one so... here it is:
Im recording a "black metal" Ep with some Portal and Deathspell Omega twist and vibe and I want to know how I can archieve this kind of darkness and "muddyness". I'll use a Marshall SL-X head with an oversized 4x12 celestion V30, Sm57 and Ribbon Mic plus a 7 string guitar tuned to A.

Any thoughs, plug ins, eq's or stuff? I can upload some demos recorded with an UX1 if you need some clues.
That Sir, is a hell of an axe. Take care of her!
I couldnt decide between this and Makena blue finish but for practical reasons I ended up with this
So, this is my flaming new PRS Custom 24 guitar, a dream of instrument. Been thinking about purchasing a high end instrument for 3-4 months, looking everything and every brand known to mandkind: Mayones, ESP, Gibson, Ran, etc but PRS has something, something like class.
Aside from the stunning look, the thing plays like a dream. It's a 2011 faded blue Custom 24 with a "pattern thin" neck, which I really love, and standard P.U's and electronics. The 5 positions switch really makes the guitar sounds different and makes it really convenient for my playing style. Also I noticed the great difference between Japan made (my Ibanez Universe) but I cant decide which one is "better" so it's nice to have where to choose!
Well, no more chat chat and have a picture of "her"

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Tito Vilanova

So sad, I didn't realise his cancer was at such a stage.


So sad, he was a good man and former coach of our rival, but we respect him a lot
Two Champion's league matches in my city, Madrid. Couln't be more excited
My experience is quite mixed. There are some AWESOME mid range guitars and awfull "high end" that simply doesn't worth the investment. Also I learned that Japanese-korean manufacture tends to be quite more valuable than american one. So check every guitar you like and compare if paying more money is suitable for your needs.
Im really diggin' the look, killer.
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If you want a cab for metal, stay away from anything marshall related.

I do metal with a Jcm 900 Slx and I couldn't be happier. Can't understand why did you say that.
The drony sound reminds me something like Neptune towers and then some electronics are added to the mix. Pretty cool for a rainy day.
It's been a while since we uploaded some demos and since February we have been working to relase our first studio effort "Awakening/ Last fight of the Primordial" sharing a proggy/avant- garde take on H.P. Lovecraft's work.
11 tracks and a 12 pages booklet with ilustrations as awesome as the cover, designed by 2 different artists.
Links for both a single and our FB page just in case you dig it!

Please feel free to say whatever you want!
IMHO solos are not essential for this kind of music, you can expand your riffage and spice it up with some lead oriented ones to develope your style.
What an awesome take on prog metal. Im sure your next take will be deeper and proggier. Kudos to you, man, I'm really diggin' those begining riffs.
I'm a semi-.good composer and I can play solidly rhythm guitar on most extreme genres, but I also enjoy stoner and other stuff. I can track guitars with Eleven rack and send'em to anyone to mix.
Im going to say that I feel its time to distribute ourselves at least in couples or trios, by instrumentation and possibilities. Lets check how many people can play bass and drums or at least programming them and make the "bands"
If I can choose Im into some stoner or progressive stuff.. if anyone is interested we can start pretty much now.
One of the best sounding tunes I've heard, despite of the horrible midi. Im gonna ask you for recording it RIGHT ****ING NOW.
I like your idea but I feel less groovy without the bars you take, but its cool anyway, just a matter of personal preference. Would you be interested in recording drums for the project? Drums, bass or whatever you can play. Im working on 5 more songs...
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I feel bad that a guy that called one of his riffs 'ANAAAL riffs' still gives his files better placeholder names than I do...

Most of my GP files consist of either 'ASS' or 'TITS' and have a series of random numbers after them, not even a number to specify which 'TITS' it is, just a random series of numbers. Such a nightmare looking for things I want -.-

The name comes from Anaal nathrakh, a black/ death band. Im not that perverted.
Im uploading a few riffs and stuff.. feel free to modify and add drum&bass
I think I could write good music for a collab, you can check out my band ( ) and also have several tabs for projects in my pc..
Is it closed? I'll want to be part of it... got a bag full of riffs and half songs..
Hi folks! Im looking to arrange some kind of black metal project for recording a Cd because I play proggresive metal but I enjoy BM with melodic twist and I wanted to do this for some time ago.
I need some help arranging bass guitar and drums cos I got no experience playing them or composing for BM so I'm lost and stuck. I have a few tunes and I'm searching for people to help me in tabs and if they want to record together will be awsome as long as I have recording options in Pro tools to send guitar parts. If someone is interested Im uploading the first tab to play and compose as you will!

Thanks a lot!!
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Yes - animals love gear too just like we do. Weird huh?

Oh, and you might want to add a bit more of a review just to keep this within the NGD rules. Give us a family pic too once everything is set up. With your dog too of course.

Done man! I'll upload a family pic as soon as I get it to the rehearsal room!!
YAY, looks like the mailman got something for me. After asking you guys I've decided to follow some of your advices and get this awesome head to compliment my JCM SL-X and help me being more versatile in gigs and stuff:

It looks like my dog also digs it:

A head and something more.. what could it be?...

A Spider Valve 100hd with FBV EXPRESS for just 375 euros, big deal for me. It sounds amazing with the live 6 SV cab and does the job pretty well when handling versatility and prog metal tones. Now I can save and take care of my SL-X in the studio and preserve it from live damage.

Once again in my music life I'm enjoying this amp after selling the same unit 3 years ago. Feature-wise you cant compete with it for a musician like me, with a progressive metal band that ranges from country-esque solos to absolutely black metal destruction ( 36 banks of 4 edittable channels, from clean to insane including crunchs, hard rock tones, modern metal reti fryed and stuff with variable eq and differents mid controls plus some well-known effects ( delays, tremolo, reverb, chorus, booster, noise gate..)
This is not a "plug&play" amp and requires some time tweaking and investing time on it, reading how the eq's are made for each amp model and how does them affect to the emulation.
Soundwise, for me, it's like a pod on steroids with valve response, because you can hear the nuances of your playing almost like traditional full valve amps. Of course it's not but you have in exchange an insane amount of possibilities letting out some of the character of vintage or special tube amps, because for me it sounds better than some JCM 2000 or stuff.
I will advice that you'll need the pedalboard to squeeze all this amp or you can't play with it live and of course, don't judge the SV by the presets, they are thin sounding and simply not worthy, use them as inspiration to get to your desired tone, it'll worth the time.