wow I have player Super mario world all night long........ Great game and Megaman X is pretty difficult for me :S
OH! I have just played a GREAT game, POWER RANGERS THE MOVIE.... fight game with megazords...... dont call me freak, im back in 1998 jajaja
I have an spanish link to download... if you can figure it out I'll post it..
eh! Is crono trigger main character TAPION? from dragon ball Z?
this threat smells like FLAMING spirit....
Thread could've ended there and would've been fine. But all suggestions thus far have been good. Go ahead and play every SNES Mega Man game

at first I couldnt suspected that there're so many Snes lovers outta here... but its an awsome machine...
average looking girl(6,5-7/10)+ naughty attitude+ great personality= win
I have an USB controller and have played:

Supermario World
Mario Kart
AXELAY ( best spaceships game... EVER)
super soccer
KIller instinct
I have recently downloaded more than 3000 Snes games and I dont know where to start!!! suggest me some games of that great console
I once ate some cereal...

... without milk!!!!

wow! im pretty surprised.... but I ONCE ate cereals..... without CEREALS
when girls think that they're gonna marry him .... but no

Dont flame me just a bad joke
Adrift, from madrid. or tinnitia, prog metal gods
YOu gave your presents to them already?

But it's not christmas yet!

was more a way to win points than a really 25 of december present , a holiday present
Well... better Nickelback than Britney no? at least they use guitar& bass and drums...
5 months with only a tom an a cymbal?... lol
Iguana burts.... let me LOL.
OT : if dimebag played any les paul, I swear it looked like that
Also, a box of chocolates won't kill someone with diabetes, provided they aren't already brain-dead.

I dont really know what'll happen but.... imagine the situation: er... that's four you and your family!
- oh... great, we'll leave this here for visitors thanks...ejem....
After starting to listen every song of some Cds... i have discovered some interesting songs, I usually get tired after 6 songs but Blood Mountain deserved to be listened from A to Z

As in, e-hug, e-marriage, e-dopting? e-special?

Was looking for E-special E-Christmas..... no, just I used the Spanish form of Special, mistaken
Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get... except a diabetic coma.

Lol! good one mate

That's a complete waste of money.

somewhere between 50- 60 USD....
Come on pit, I wanna know your biggest present fail at christmas, I have just given to my GF parents a Godiva golden chocolates ( very expensive) and..... Her father is a diabetic! great fail....
get an SL-X ( pretty cheap, usually go for 500-600 USD) or JCM 800 I play thrash and Mastodon Stuff and I nail those tones with the JCM 900 SL-X with EL34
the other guitar that boy will sell to me is a DK2M white... but im not sure about a FR guitar because I use at least 3 tunings.....but I dont know if it's far better than FX 260
im looking for mastodon tone, and I dont want EMGs.... thats why I choose the 260, cos I can replace cheaper parts and still be more afordable than FX 400 ( I get it for just 150 EUROS)
I dont notice other dif. between 260 and 400 than Pickups and colour, and tuners, of course, plus the 260 is coil tappable
Hello UG, im going to purchase this beautifully crafted guitar for mainly rhythm work, but I have some doubts about the hardware and pickups, does anyone here got this guitar? can you help me to improve the guitar if necessary?
Thanks a lot

Possible budget (150-200Euros) only if needed
Im setting my mids somewhere between 4,5 and 5,5 and I started at 3.... so mids are pretty necessary in band situations, maybe because my bands tends to sound like mastodon... but we started as a thrash- prog band..
uber metal + Jc? ......

anyways, I do like the Krank, but XXX its a better amp overall, but If you like dime, get the krank, but dont spects loads of versatility or differents metal and rock sounds, so grab some pedals too
this guitar is particulary heavy.... more than my back can bear, but the tone is AWSOME, not light at all, and full lp thickness, so.... if you want a pic to see it
I have a Fame the Paul gothic, cost me about 600 euros and its handmade in Poland, alder body, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, AlnicoII pickups and a solid black matte finish with cream binding, that machine is Awsome,and the feel is.....godly. Really, a Standard LP doesnt sound or feels the same, Alder boldy is really surprising for 4,5 kg of les paul
marshall HAZE

SL-X is 2100 I think...
nooo! but overdriving the V55 is hearing a can of bees so I dont want to sound like shit if I need some kind of crunch from the clean amp, you know?
I have tested some heads, the City jet Amp and Bugera V55 Hd.
CJA has a good "clean" but lacks reverb
Bugera clean is very good but distortion sucks a lot...
the fender frontman is one of the worst most god forsaken shit sounding amps to ever annoy eardrums on the face of the earth.

the cube is an ok amp, and lightyears beyond the best the frontman is capable of, but $700 can get you a much better amp than either. keep looking.

Amen brother..... FM is one of the worst sounding SS amps that I ever played...and listened, please, get the cube or keep on looking
if you trade it.. I think you will improve my " I take your Jcm 900 SL-X and you take my Spider valve head, no money" trade
Im trying to get the best way to archieve that, with pedals or other head, and I think that other head will be the best bet for me...
wow! that's an interesting list! thanks a lot. Im gonna write down some names to try this week ( In spain this monday an tuesday were banks holidays)
Musik produktiv... but hey, I have 500 Euros so Im open to other suggestions not only 300 euros heads ( if they cleans are good I dont need to spend more but Im kinda exceptical)
1960 is already cheaper than v55 no? I think its about 360 Euros....