I can paint, in fact... i was thinking on painting the Floyd rose.. or some parts with spray cans or whatever paint used for guitars
hello! Im looking to trade this beautifully handmade in europe Les paul, by Fame (german/polish brand) worth 640 euros when I purchased, It have 2 alnico II pickups, alder body black mate finish, rosewood fingerboard and resembles a lot James hetfield's Gibsons, check her out here:
i Have an European Handmade Les paul Fame worth 600 (900) euros with 4 months, and I want to trade it but I live in spain, are you interested?
I have a handmade european Fame Les paul worth 600 euros = 900 usd for trade.... are you interested?
Liquidfire and and Crunch lab are your best bet to get DT sound...
I also been thinking in Painting the neck writing.... THRASH TILL DEATH in nuclear green, like the pickups check their Hexbucker, great great great great pickups look at my warlock thread to check them
the main point to not dying the dots was because i think that looks cool as a moon for the girl, with some paint maybe, but your nasty pac-man theory is cool too
guessing I got two blown speakers or somethings wrong with my amp (maybe the tubes?). Can someone point me in the right direction.

he speaks about tubes... so....
Wow you actually kept your promise!

Looks really nice and one-of-a-kind!

Im planning to improve the Inlays with some acrilic paint simuling moonshine or something like that...
No, really, green and black work well together. You sure the stickers won't come off when you bend over them?

they are like car's vinyls,,,, so I hope no, coz they're not ordinal stickers but poli-vinyl stuff. and I love black/ green combo for awsome stuff, plus, the bitches looks great with the "almost-tried" moon effect of the dots
ajajaja, sorry but my beautiful legs arent the main stuff here jajaja
ooo man put some pants on before taking large sized pictures! cover up those legs please!

shhhh! nobody has realized before you!
wow, thats pretty damn fast. the 1s one is Insane, but I preffer the number 2
JCM 900 SL-X has an incredible amount of nasty and pure british high gain, but cleans are a problem...
Sorry Cahum, the links are fixed now you can check the body
que¿ in spanish???? jajja you're my hero now!
and NO, its a B.C.RICH platinum pro warlock
Are the picks supposed to be hiding your address, because they are really not doing a good job

they are
easy bitch for you:

say a good name for her she deserves to be named:
New Pups and mud flap lady stickers ?

**** photobucket!!! jajaajajajaja okey WTF, youre the man
As I promised... i think I got something cool for you, UGers!
the first pics:

the rage:

Add some mistery here without showing the real deal
Expensive guitar or not, a bad pot's a bad pot; you'd be surprised at how many manufacturers skimp on pot quality.
Even if a new pot doesn't quite work, it's definitely worth trying and it seems to me that if the volume on your guitar isn't doing much, the pot's the most obvious thing to check.

the prob with volume pot is the amount of clarity thar comes when you turn down it, its cleaner, yes, but clean like a OD'd clean, not a clean, dont know if it's really a bad pot or Just the amount og gain that I use
i wanna say that I dont read propertly your first post, hence my used market suggestion. If you're not going to take pedals I ( like ex-SV user) have to suggest you the Spider valve 112, great amp , and less digital. pretty loud and you can use an external preamp if you desire instead of the SV one
if you dont like any 20th century shit....what are you gonna play¿ pagganini and Bach? Lol.....I think you want to mean 21th century (2000- )

anyways, try Countdown to extinction, Symphony of destruction, any AJFA song...
it just the volume pot that is really bad? its a 1200 USD guitar..... I tough its just the amount of gain on it, preamp cranked at 10 and sensitivity around 18...
sorry i dont read your Used market post :S, but line 6's amps doesnt get pedals very well.. I used to have a SV and pedals sucks on it...
How much does the Used JC-120 Cost there??? it is the ultimate clean amp and get pedals very very well
Hello Guys, ma band is getting better and better but in our new songs, some parts are clean parts and the JCM 900 SL-X is a single channel monster, I really like its gain, plus I use a Bad Monkey as a solo booster, but... how can I archive a clean sound? My main guitar is not very sensitive with volume knob to clean the amp maybe because i set the gain at 18 ( **** that, spinal tap!) so...... theres any way to get a good clean sound? a cheap clean head? a preamp? mods?......... i dont want to spent more than 400 euros unless it'll be vital necessary.

I dont want to admit that but... sometimes I miss my Spider Valve
when???? if you plan it really close, save for the amp, or maybe a EQ, is the best way to get versatility
Used ESP or highest end Prestige, I really trust in Used gear, you can get real deals for 1300 USD
schaller bridges are made in Germany and mine is extremely estable, best floyd rose outta there, really
get the shape you like more, and check the craiglist, but MH-400 have th3 FLoyDz for some abuse, EX,EC and M dont... so..

Is playing in the bathroom really a necessity!?

I always take ma guitar to the bathroom, ALWAYS


I hate you, ****ing great rig, pleae, make a poor boy happy and give me the JSX
all LTD below 260 series in the case of FX 260 and 400 series sucks, really, try to get an used 400 and upgrade that
wowwwww great axe man!!!! enjoy it please!