Fap is the only answer

Im more party drunken girl FTW oriented boy.... :P
20 years

Bc rich plat pro warlock
Washburn Slimebolt
Fame the paul
Ibanez rg321mh
Jcm 900 SL-X
Crate Cab
Bad monkey
beringher NR-2

Do I win?
this weekend my mum has traveled some kms away and I will be alone till Tuesday so I need some pit's suggerences:

good movies

Pc games

alcohol games ( friends and girls party)

easy and tasty meals
and 15w blackheart combo????? power enough to practice and 12-13 kg
DBZ Vees? they are cool, but not the venom one, cavallo or something like that
bad monkey and 10 band EQ..... I have the samen prob with ma JCM 900 and with the Bad monkey everything's ok now, pretty heavy and tight and thrasy and cool and. and and....
looks cheap in those colours :S dont know why but its a killer axe
spidervalve? or something like that is versatile enought to have dif. sounds
nice one! but... jcm 900 FTW for 500-600 USD
What's even more weird, I doodled a guitar that looked a lot like that in Honors English the other day... There was more of a scallop in the cutaway though.

Brand? type?
don't bejealous just because you have no taste.

I dont really like it but I said that he have to get it and repare
What inlays are you gettin in there? I know they're green but what shape/pattern?

stripper girl..... awsome and Im not kidding
fugly as hell but its pretty uncommon, so get it, try to repare and enjoy the 50's....
HNPuD! That warlock will look very cool with the green & black scheme

if you think that this is cool.... wait wait for the special Inlays.... wait jajaja
the green really looks awsome for the black finish of the really happy
Never heard of those before, clips when installed?

actually, this guitar is being repared for the winnnnnnnnnn, next week I'll post the New and Hot inlays..... green too, that will made this warlock the ultimate warlock, and Im not kidding, it also need a FR and until november the 1ºs i wont have the money, but the cLipZorz are promised okay?
jaja okey okey guys!,,,,, lets see


guitar head's HExbucker pick ups!, just arrived ( very quickly foh sure, just 7 days to spain ) to replace crap ibanez and crap Bc rich pick ups for this unfinished beauty body that I purchased for just 30 €

Probably should have edited out your address in OP....

fiiiixxxxxed.... andd..... revealing more:

I see green?
Open It!

heeeereee we go!

the paper mess universe inside!
ol@ 420 as an identification number.

Don't even know what you have? this thread sucks!

wait.... what???... they are pick ups...... like its said in the post :S
Hello guys, im going to do a N..D like matrixclaw and those bastards with very high gear and larges amounts of win but, modestly, so... here it goes, they are pickups and pretty uncommon here, I would say that Im the only one here with a NPuD with them, but they are no custom or vintage, they are... For TH3 BRooooTAZllL

1º pic:
I have a Fame LP ( handmade) and I hate it, it weights a lot feels big and ankward and it dont really suits me, but... man it sounds HUGE ( alder body+alnico II Pickups) and I cant deny the sound of a 5kg Alder body
why!! why did you get rid of the KRank?!
try NON dimebags ML, like the Knight and that stuff..... and.... maybe a Washburn ML? faaaaaarrrr superior...

for example
the amp will give you that distinctive sound, metallica were using Mesa's and Tubescreamers to thicken up their sound, try to get any high gain distortion in front of the clean channel or other amp
thats why I said... RIVAL teams, not just 2 team
Moddeling content? BROTALZZZ content? :S
but you know, if you like football imagine if two rivals team get a very very similar t-shirt.... wont be weird???
It may look similar to Hetfields, but Stevie Ray Vaughan had a distressed sunburst strat, Rory Gallagher had a distressed sunburst strat...did one copy the other? No.

SRV fender was pretty customized... rory's one no.... but seriously, this dean is a DEAN EET ****, being created by mustaine or by Anyone, its an EET **** copy just for Th3 LuLz of Mustaine thinkin' about's hetfield's face seeing it
the guy from mercifull fate, and James Hetfield back in the 90's
Personally I think V's and Explorers are about the ugliest guitars on earth. Well, almost...

basically, you kill my fav. guitars
Now, who the hell is Dave Mustaine?

I seriously didn't know who he was before I read this topic, don't kill me!

Megadeth's lead singer and rhythm guitar
THIS is what you use as confirmation about Mustaine being crazy? What about the tons of stupid crap in the press over the years? lol.

Playing a dean that is almost identical to EET **** is plenty provocative... and pointless, at least he want to play more confortable when sitting down
I hope not because im willing to buy a 7 string and ship it to spain....
I was checking the VMNT from dean and thinking.... woah a cool V guitar from a cool man, Dave mustaine, so I continued lookind and I found that he´ll relase a NEW signature and I think.... OMG a FLOYD rosed version o an improved V or a Radically new design..... but I only see Hetfield-esque guitar....Check this out
pretty good deal, does this guitar has normal scale? it looks short....

very happy NGD!!!
Rondos interceptor or agiles plus pickups change, check out this