I want this pedal, or the Marty Friedman one, I heard they are awesome!

Does marty got a pedal??? please tell me NOW

veryyy good NPD
the reason that top of the line American-made guitars cost what they do is because enough people are able and willing to pay those prices.

that's the main point, If for example, On November, no one buy a 1000+ USD guitar, December will be ( magicly) the -500 Dollars rebate on all the stores
Compare the price of a private stock PRS, and that of a Stratavarius violin. Heck, compare a '59 Gibson LP to that of a Stratavarius.

A stratovarius is over 200 years old, a '59 les paul is only 50, give it time :P

Oh my god...stratovarius?? electric violin??? STRADIVARIUS!! being the plural Stradivari, and they have more than 300-400 years, plus The Famili Stradivari were an are the MOST talented luthiers in the world, Prs is just a very good guitar brand, but not the greatest luthier. so asking 5000 USD for a guitar is a steal
the Mockingbird St is a FTW guitar very playable and versatile.... VERY VERSATILE
no? ****...I think that would be durable but...
this type of inlays? I want some green ones for my Warlock but I dont know if they're reliable:
250-300 USD for the guitar..... 50-75 for the amp
Will you ... her? if not. stop burning your cds
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bugera 1990 and a cheap cab or buguera 6200 or whatever is called, pretty tight amp
I have a bad monkey as a boost for My JCM 900 SL-X, just for the solos, but that head got loads of GOOD gain, with definition and tone, no loads of insane gain.
ask the exact issues, and check the price on your local guitar shop, then go for it or not
its a good cab, get it NOW, retolex it with snakeskin tolex and be the greatest one in your city, please
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It's stereo amp, and I don't think it's tube. However, for a stereo amp, it is very good. Don't plug guitar into it; just use it as hi-fi if it works.


TS maybe the green shades are...... SEMEN! or blood

...just seen CSI on tv
they sell they stuff on Music
Fame, the same boyz as the Famus Cobra and other high ends Amps
the one's I've check doesnt ship to Spain so....... sadness
for a handmade european guitar..... 600 Euros pricetag is very interesting, but the problem is that this guitar doesnt really suits me, i would kill to trade for a rg550 or something like that, but this is better than the "great" prs....
after trading this one for a PRS SE, the PRS started to fail a lot, all the electronics went down so I opened the cavity and I found poor and bad wiring issues and the bridge was sort of broken, the steel was fisuring by an unknown reason.... that can be answered by the asshole that had this guitar before myself, so I get my Fame back, and, Because I dont make a NGD for her, heeeerre you got, the Handmade european les paul, alder body, carved top, alnico II pickups, and ibby`s like neck profile

my other guitarrist got one, the combo 212 version and...... its the WORST combination for my JCM 900... the WORSTTT
Ibanez Prestige and a DAVE MUSTAINE V... those guitars are H-O-T
I really love Ibanez's way to combine Maple with colours, really, oh man I hate you
I LOVE ibanez's NGD, and your's sexy, a lot. Clips?
Seymour Duncan pickup boost is a volume boost.... I tried it last sunday, but its very transparent
burn that epi boy!!!! buy it and buuuuuuuurnnn
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come on boys, translate it :P
if you can go used.... get any jcm combo, better 800 or 900 or a Dsl 40...
what's yout budget? can you go used? you can find a cube 60 or better moddeling amp if you go used...
adjust the springs on the back cavity of your jackson and sould be solved
Spanish, I can e-help you
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