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Sounds like a preamp tube is going bad to me, if you have any spares try to swap them out and see if that helps

I dont have any but I can buy at least 2 to check...
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It could very well be dodgy electrical; like MrFlibble said a noise gate could help, but if you suspect electrical because the amp is quiet at home, a power conditioner could help. Even just a $39 (US that is) monster rack conditioner.

IT was from a day to another, It started to make this NSSSSSSS sound when on high gain settings, doesnt sound when playing and we have even recorded and its not present but...Sounds like a ****ing fridge
Can also be the electrical installation of our rehearsal room? The amp sounds as good as always but that noise...
Hello guys, my main head is a JCM 900 SLX and when I push a fairy amount of gain, it sounds with a lot of HMMMMMMMMMMMM. I dont know if the amp got that sound because of the gain or it maybe has any issue....
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Sweet ! When do we get a NAD? Hopefully with some clips?

Next week for sure, we have two holidays and will be difficult to pick up the package. I need to be patient and I can't.
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With the spider, did you get the FBV? If not look atthe FBV express at the least, and get the spidervalve edit app for pc from line 6's site.

This lets you tweak all the presets and you own settings with ease on the pc, as a good starting point set the Master volume on the amp to 3/4, then on the presets change all the channel volumes to 30 and the pedal min vol to 4 and pedal max vol to 40. This is were after hours of tweaking i found the best spot to be, from there you can adjust accordingly.

Yes I do, the FBV express was included, of course
After testing the two final amps, VYPYR and SPIDER VALVE, I've choosen the SPIDER VALVE MK II because it sounds better for my ears and seems better built. Also it has all the effects I'll need in years and sounds good enough for live situations, because my SLX will be always at the studio. Thanks for all the info, you guys rock!!

Don't hate the SV just because the presents, tweak 'em for a while, it worth the time.
Im not an effects player myself, but I also enjoy chaining some of them so 4 is cool for me. Im extremely exceptical about the peavey, just because it looks cheap, but is really more "versatile" and with that I mean more stompboxes and more options.
Im between this 2 amps and I cant decide which one to choose. I was looking for a versatile amp with 2 or more channels and plenty of versatility and after fitting my budget im torn between:
- Peavey VYPYR tube 120
-Spider valve 100hd

I only had experiences with the SP and I loved it, what a beast, but the peavey seems to have more options and sounds....
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You liking it is the most important thing. If you like the SV and it works for you, then go for it.

That said, I'm of the opinion that the SV is a joke. I think it sounds like crap compared to the Vypyr Tube, and it has very limited flexibility. I think the Vypyr is limited, the the Spider is even moreso. Add the fact that it costs 2x as much and I would never consider it. The only redeeming value it has is that it looks really cool.


Why do you think they're limited? Im interested in your opinion, really.
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Vypyr Tube and Vetta II are the best options on there. Vetta is much more flexible. I think the sound quality is arguable. I like both amps a lot, but I haven't spent enough time with a Vetta to say if it sounds better or worse than the Vypyr. FWIW, the Vetta & HD147 (and arguably the DT50) are the only modeling heads out there that I would say contend with the VYpyr.

The vetta now is sold so now I only have in my list the VYPYR and the SPIDER VALVE. Only have experience with the SV and was an amazing amp, sounds great but im curious about the VyPYR, is it that good?
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i am not trying to push anything, but what about mesa tone don't you like? mesa has a very broad spectrum of amps. Mark's sound totally different than Recs, then there are a whole ton of lesser known equally great models.

for example i am pretty sure most of them can swap in different tubes. you can throw a pair of EL34's in a MKIV (only two but you need to throw a switch and you will be pure EL34) just a thought.

so basically if you could describe why you don't like them then maybe we can help you in another direction.

mesa's aren't the amp for everybody.


Splawn Quick Rod?

if you are looking for a lot of flexibility you could look for an Egnater Renegade. i owned one for a year or two and they pretty much did it all. some of the features are what i would consider gimmicky, but there is good tone to be had. not overly high gain.

i know a few people on here who really digging kranks. i don't remember the last time i played a krank, but it was quite a while ago. the + series seem to be the only 'good' ones.... definitely not for everybody.

Fryette? may be able to get a deliverance for that.

I dont really dig the tipe of grain of the Mesa's distortion, it's just personal preference. Also I'm limited by the amount and the price of second hand heads in Madrid, they are expensive and limited in variety.
Right now, my only options are:
- Peavey VYPYR tube 120
- Spider valve 100hd
- Vetta II head (not sure if still available
- Marshall JCM 2000 TSL60
- H&K Dual Statesman
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Is your budget flexible at all? It sounds like a 3ch Mesa Dual Rectifier would suit you well. You can get them used for around $800 fairly easily if you look around for a bit.

EDIT: Not sure what they run for where you live though.

I dont really like the Boogie type of sound, so Im basically a marshall high gain oriented player, but I also enjoy 5150ish kind of brutality that's why I was looking for the amps I written before, having several kinds of sounds together.
Im looking for something like my sound ( but way more versatile than the amp I own. I need at least a good clean, crunch and distortion.
Now I have a new work and money, I'm planning to invest a little quantity in a new head to compliment my JCM 900 SLX. Im looking for versatility, the opposite from the SL-X but maintaining the great tone.
I have looked Spider valves, VYPYRS tube, H&K Statesman and a peavey XXX but I cant decide and need some advice.
I will spent 600-700 euros for a second hand unit
Interface all the way... maybe Eleven rack or anything like that, because it can be used as an USB interface plus direct recording plus re amping plus...
¡Greetings, guys!
We’re Back to R’lyeh, a metal band from Madrid, Spain.
A few months ago we released some demo versions of our first themes.
This is a preview of the CD we're currently working on. It was recorded,
mixed and mastered by ourselves in our rehearsal place as the result of
some experimentation.
We’re trying to promote our work and, if you enjoy it, we would be thrilled
if you give us a like, a comment, a critic... anything. We would really appreciate a review, a mention or any other way of promotion.
You can stay in touch with us by this e-mail adress, our bandcamp (
our Facebook page ( or Twitter.
Enjoy them and feel free to say anything you'll consider!!
Thanks!! the drums already exist but I dont know how to GP them... also I fixed Nuclear warhead with a new ending.
I really loved it, but maybe being a huge mastodon fan easies it for you...
We are going to start recording these songs by the end of the year but we need some advices and help so feel free to critic and change everything you want on them.
You can check the style and earlier songs here!
needs better production, sure it does plus the vocals needs more force,,, dual tranking it or anything. Maybe just a better mix and master.

Mine :
its a good idea... maybe a little bit of melody and would be perfect!
Hello UGers! seems its time to introduce the PRE-MIX of my band

We need some help to get that ultimate sounds. We recorded it by our own, with a digi 1, pro tools, a Neumman, some shures, etc and bass drum is a sample one, real wasn't good enough since we havent got bass mic at that moment. So... thoughts, tips and help!!!
What a ****ing great composition, can you actually play that?? awsome.... 5/5
I have to apologice for drum and bass issues, but usually I only tab guitar for my bandmates.
first part till arpeggiated riff goes with a sinth, bubbles in the ocean ( it's a song about Chtulu for our lovecraftian EP) and last written part goes along with noises and other guitar, so this version is pretty basic, gonna try to upload all the sounds but IDK to write drums here
Ey man! thanks for all! gonna try explain to you!
This is only 1 guitar plus guitar 2 when it comes so it lacks bass and drums, they enter at bar 6 with a groovy rhytm
and Bar 80 is where I want to introduce the new part, something dark and sludgy, the arpeggio is just a base!
Some great ideas in this tab, I really enjoyed it, but i NEED to listen it recorded!
hey guys, just finish some of my band's songs and I need a final chaos for this tune, Something very groovy and very sludgy, just got the base fot it but I ran out of Ideas, hope you can help us!

Of course c4C as always
Omar rodriguez lopez Signature from ibanez....
im stuck with the king v looks....
the volutone name was given by myself, just to have a words to describe it, but I dont know how's called the thing is that this "feature" is pretty cool if you know how to use it..... It can give you a great crunch on Bridge pU and a jazzy lead on neck or middle PU just turning the volume down
That sounds... Weird. You sure it ain't a push/pull?

no, actually is pretty weird.... as i turn the volume down I started to notice how the tone change.... so it might have some tone shaping or anything... need to upload some video to show that
Maybe it's because I can't find my glasses, but I only see one knob there.
Pretty cool guitar! I'm digging the color with the rosewood neck!

a volutone.... as you turn down volume.. it also turns down tone... pretty weird but cool
Yeah... chrome covers doesnt really fit but look is the last thing im over on this particular guitar.... the sound is awsome for crunchy riffin a la mastodon or stuff like that
its nearly mint... and 91 is not that far you know... vintage is always related with 30years old guitars..
Well after some time without trashing around here, I have a NGD.
Its a red passion St valentines day Fender custom strat from the hostile land of mexico, built circa 1991, Ensenada plant.
Just awsome features, same wood and electronics as an American standard, just made by our mexican buddies.

Its a very interesting guitar...Just like my dream fender, it got 2 Hb Gibson U.S.A. that scream crunchy as you plug the guitar, but in the middle position you have a single coil, heavently wrapped that gives you that classic fender tone, ****ing great cleans and jazzy stuff. The guitar is sparkle red coloured with maple and rosewood fingerboard and same american std body.
My only complain is the gigbag.... the owner didnt have anything better to carry around,,, but.. its fine, it just works.