Hello buddies.... I have tried a lot of gauges but... and Now Im using 11-52 to tune in D and sometimes down to Drop C but I'm unnable to retain clarity on lower strings... and 11-56 start to seem too much, isnt it?
Although my main tunning is D... i do need to use drop C on the same guitar sometimes so... any advices?
Im between an Ec 400 VF, a M-400 and Mockingbird Special X
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That, Sir, is an absolute win
uhmss C-1's looks preeety cool, have to check 'em out
Hi UG, i have just sold my Riley Raw standard and I have 475 euros to purchase another guitar, and I need a fixed bridge, "classic" ( no bc rich no weird shape) Metal monster for mastodon/thrash tones. I have seen an Ibby, the Ar250 and some Ec-400... but I dont know
I have tried the H&K tube 50 and looks a perfect amp for my needs and everything, great sounding clean, think distortion, great crunch.. perfect! thanks a lot
thanks a lot, I have tried them and they dont appeall me a lot....dont know why but they arent my tone idea, but thanks a lot. Im pretty stuck on 2º hand market to get a better amp at low price, cos 250 euros is nothing to get anything new
bad thing about spain is that we dont have an used market like you, i have only found those two amps and an old Hughes and kettner tube 50combo, but it has been a little punished and cost over 320 euros.... so I only got 3 possibilities.

Fender roc pro 100
Marshall atv100
H&K tube50 combo
no one knows any of these amps? I have tried both of them and they look pretty similar, fender's clean is better but marshall gain is better too... so Im pretty confused
bugera is not that famous here, in Spain, so i think it would be so hard to get one for 200 Euros
hello Ug, after a surgery ( minor, at least) im back here to ask you all a question. I have been asked to join another band, Cover band, from 70' to Muse in order to earn some money and have a great time, and my Jcm 900 Slx is not versatile enought or light so im looking for 2 combos, both of them hybrid ( dont laught at them, I have a short budget)

Marshall Atv100 (combo)
Fender Roc Pro 1000 (combo)

Im looking for a 2-3 channel, good clean and good distortion and a nice crunch, dont mind effects or fancy stuff,, just want a good sounding, more portable amp for live situations

sorry for the wall of text but I was missing you :P
well, maybe a VK 112!
Hello! I need a versatile valve combo coz now im playing in 2 bands so... i need a :
all Valve or Half valve like SPIDER VALVE or the Peavey
2 or more channels
footswitch included
no more than 300-350 euros
keep on searching!
it came with the case.. but Im using A Satriani Strap, with that lock system
its a very beautifull guitar...
i think this guitar, along with JP7, are the best 7 strings avalaible today, ever IM pretty happy
I have some bitches on my warlock fretboard, they last, the vynil is good but.... Im a mad.. are you?
pffffffffffff dean fail xD worst year EVER, James hetfield sig...err... Dave mustaine new sig and new colours....and a practice "dime" amp. This summer we'll se the razorback version of the amp, lightning version and MAYBE slimeburst
I was thinking.... maybe painting the pickups in a sexier colour? :P
GIbraltar's looks cooler and more reliable IMO,
I want to see the new deans...
dont worry about your skills! your guitar heros started as the same way youre doing!, check your secondhand market everyday because you can find some great guitars, but 400 is a pretty good budget for starting, check some hardtail ibbys or LTD
Noice although you may want to include like a review or a clip so your thread doesn't get closed and shit.

Orianthi, as a blonde hot-as-hell- great-guitar player, deserves one, she rocks hard..... if it has a FR on it... :P
Well, after bothering all of you with 7 strings questions, I had an offer I couldn't resist, Vai, I think you looks a little bit homo but, hey, your guitar is the best 7 strings along with the JP7 and I want to look that gay too

Just 800€, holy crisis its from 1998, hence the solid neck, no walnut inside


the guitar is a solid basswood monster with all dimarzios pickups and Ibanez Lo pro trem, very very reliable despite of his 11 years, excelent hardware, if only it got maple neck ....
The sound is also very characteristic, everyone knows how a JEM sounds, and thats why we want them so hard, perfectly balanced sound, great clean ( the single coil heps here) and INCREDIBLE distortion tone, all you can imagine, I usually use it to get that mastodon low A tone and stuff, but this thing is pretty thight, better than a 6 strings tuned to AGCFAD which I was using before purchasing this monster.
If youre looking for the Best FR equiped 7 strings in production...stop looking, get one, play it, you'll never regret
7 strings V's are Awsome an bcrich has 2 of them
you're right, there are some kickass stuff to fight agains CRISIS , I hope they low the pricetags too
the only good thing I've seen on TTK videos' is the new Tubescreamer...... :P:P
Arent you so excited when Namm is comming? **** I'd kill to be here... really.
has to be a 7 mate...
Im opened to suggestions, but i dont like washburn or low end 7 strings
come on boys!
wow that 7 sounds killer..... but ...what about those trems?
Does Agile's 7 strings worth? Im pretty interested in a SOLID and GOOD 7 strings and I was considering the Interceptor pro so tell me
Im looking for a 7 strings, my budget is 600 euros and I live in spain, so shipping is necessary Im waiting for your 7's!
$1400? You can do much better. From Ibanez, you have the RG1527, RGD2127Z. From ESP, you have the HORIZON NT-7 and the VIPER-7.

prices here're different, much higher, any ESP got a 2000 EUROS price tag, for sure, so Im gonna get one of those guitars and get some good hardware
the main issue is that My gas can wait and I need it to play live on february, so Im stuck betweek those 2