I've tried the SD Pickup booster and seems so clear that I can almost hear it...... only works with low gain settings.
any suggestions outta here for a low wattage head with a good clean? I dont like cristaline cleans, I like clean with a little od and reverb
more than a clean clean channel, I need a overdriven clean plus brutal amp distortion. Does really worth modding it better than gettin' another head for A/B?¿
the main point is that I love Sl-X sound but I need a clean channel, and Sl-x low gain settings sucks IMO.....
I hope everyone here's hating you...!!! enjoy it please
I already use a Bad monkey, but the supposed clean is horrible too, so i have 2 options...

A) let the SL-X unmodded and get a B head ( good clean, you can suggest me one fot under 500 euros)
B) save for a bunch of pedals for cleaning the sound ( reverb,chorus, etc) and a EQ
distortion combo emulator???? explain that!
i think my tubes are groove .... how I change the OT in a head? I dont have a clue about electronics or amp modding...
someone said 800¿ Jcm maybe? 800? Jcm800! is your best bet IMO, classic bite and with an OD can get some serious modern sound
I have a question for ya, fuzzorz! Does mastodon use it for Iron tusk?

that guitar sounds very fuzzy.. and I want that sound
just listened to bugera V 55 head..... it does have good cleans!
Frender Stratoblaster is your main bet IMO ( i dont like fender so I dont even want to name it... lol)
did you ever listened to the SL-X with EL34? our european version? sweet...
jcm 900 SL-X, best overdrive/distortion EVER, imagine a heavently modified 800 with more bite and gain from 1 to 20 without mudding the sound... but only 2100 SL-X 100 watts, because it can run at 50 watts with a selector on the back of the amp

cont: its single channel
Pewaves tuner is bypass too and its only 49 USD... check it out
my cab got celestion's 30.... and the distortion on the SL-X is f..... good, so the head is perfect, just its a single channel head , I dont really want to change it for a 4100.
About pedals.... my budget is somewhere between 0-200 euros and 500 if a clean head is really indispensable
my question is simple, i have that head and I want to get as many ideas as I can for the ultimate sound, I need a cheap and great reverb, a good Eq and some ideas to get a clean sound..... Hope you can help to get it with the 900 but if not....

suggest me a cheap and good head ( 500 EUROS) for an A/B clean and distorted set up
after a month of ban.... I returnnn!
Want a Handmade FAME the paul LES PAUL in elegant black with cream binding and alnico II pickups¿
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you didnt reply me yet

Im looking for a V guitar,so all of you who dont like V anymore or want a traditional shape with great features like Alnico II pickups and incredible sounding alder body on a Les paul shape....
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Fame made that guitars, its a well known guitar brand, but they made their instruments by hand...
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an your ibanez VBlade? im GASING for that guitar...
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Hello, I have an european Handmade lespaul worth over 900 USD, but I live in Spain...
Randall Rc50 with a good cab will be a good bet for you
Im looking for trades so... offer me anything you think is worth for a Handmade LP
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you dont like the tapping harmony? whats your idea?
Ibanez Destroyer? or maybe Ibanez Iceman, they are sexy as hell