im gonna say.... a booster :P
My JCM 900 SL-X with almost cranked sensitivity(18) and preamp volume around 10 with bass on 7, treble 8 and mids at 4, and if necesary, the Bad monkey as a clean boost
The formula 65 set is amazing. Great freatboard cleaners and it comes with a fret polisher. On top of that, it has body wax for prevent smudges and other things. It doesn't work very well on an ML shape, but since your guitar is a bit smaller, maybe it would work better.

I dont understand you, does the shape makes any difference?? I´ll use it to restore a LP fretboard and a warlock one, both rosewood
thanks a lot Ugers this weekend or next week Ill be able to post the ultimate warlock :P
do not try to recreate lemon oil, it doesn`t even come from lemons

a small bottle of lemon oil is very cheap approximatly 5 euro (£3) and will last you a couple of years.
My mother'll help me but I have found it on the bay and I wonder if it'll be a good investment
the fretboard is made of Rosewood, but I ask... are there any formula/ recipe to do a home Lemon oil? i Run out of money :S
hello UG, before posting the ultimate custom Warlock, I need some help to restore it properly. Well, the fretboard seems dry and aged, but its only 3 years old so I need a CHEAP way to restore it thanks a lot
a clean booster???? great!.. eh! wait a minute... 2 Eq?? jajaja versatility man
wait for the 112 combo..... the marshall is far superior if the peavey was "non-proffesional" modded...
that pickguard is crazy! I really like it with the white body enjoy your NGD!
like the other posts, the song is catchy and this is about the half of a good tune, now you have to get that riffs to 11! cos they are a good start to make an awsome song 7/10

the bad thing about this is that it reminds me Californication too much, IMO you should use other bass notes or structure, just my 2 cents but its a good tune
PEavey classic for you! I think its a good clean amp
AWSOME piece.... really! The harmony parts are great and very prog 9/10
sir, thats a great tune for sure, i really like you have it recorded¿??
also, if you can help me, check out this:
Wow, that clean part was awsome, very megadethish, which I like a lot, the drums are great too, but we're thinking in something more "Mastodon meets double bass" thing, but your's are a great way to start, thanks a lot, really
I was thinking in some acoustic/ clean guit part before the solo kicks in, but im not a very theory-friend player, so writin' for me is a loong and hard process ( I've been playing for 2 years and 6 months)
this contains a couple of pretty cool riffs I must say

It just needs the drums to work at the moment, and to give it more structure, and as for the ending, I don't have a real idea for it at the moment..

willing to help with drums and bass though if you like

you will be my hero, coz im pretty newby about Druming on GP and I am the main composer in ma band, so... your help will be so gently. Tell me, what riffs do you like ?
great tune really, you got some great riffs but need to fix the chorus, do it BIG
I have a new group and this is our first son, very thrasy sounding but I need an ending for this cos i run out of ideas for this........ so check it out and youre free to complete it if desired Thanks mates! hope you like it
nobody has the EVH... and they reviewed it, I dont really understand you, Americans.
My JCM 900 doesnt need to be boosted for mastodon stuff, so check it out plus any splawn you like
it sound very close to JCM 900 but with les roar..... little less, but GREAT bang for the buck, i was considering that or the JCM 900 SL-X and.. the Sl-X win... but just becouse its a more thrash souding amp
I play thrash with the JCM 900 Sl-X and I have recently bought a pair of Guitar Head's HExbucker Pick ups for 45 USD set, they sound really really thrashy, maybe you should check them
bugera V22 is a great amp for clasic rock , and if you go used, some V55 are sold for 250-350
Ampeg has one solid state pretty suitable for your tastes. or Hughes and kettner warp and vortex
exact model? Jackson KV, i Love this guitar, shape the superstrat or Vee
BFG and some special editions LP doesnt have binding
quit that line six and get a decent used tube amp with and OD for the BrOoOTaLlZ
Eric Clapton Shows Some Guitar Skills is the tittle
a warlock platinum pro body and neck with shitty pickups and No bridgefor 30 euros, Im fixing and reparing it with some Pickups, new inlays and a Fr, total : 350 USD
I second the douglas WITH some Dimarzio distortion
G&L uses fender esque necks
come on! go and play some mastodon!!! I would do im unhappy now... I want your guitar
Jackson Kv2 is one of the best along with ESP-LTD ones....
4) The Jay Leno Show drinking game. Every time Jay sucks, take a shot.

I´ll be drunk in less than 10 mins!
uhh reservoir, kick ass movie, im gonna cough****cought right now :P
I have a bottle of Singer's herb purchased at the pharmacy, very good.
ah! for the pc games, my pc is not an ultimate machine just a C2D E7400, 4gb ram and nvidia 8500gt :S