Im bumping this post because I need heeeeeeeeeelp! someone is offering me 2 guitars:

Jackson COW 7 strings in BLACK
Ltd viper 407 Black

they sell for 400 each one... and I need a ****ing 7 strings now, but I cant choose between those monsters :S

I need feedback from the 7 strings kingdom!
slide blues is a pure win.... Im sorry coz that acoustic stuff is crazy
monkey lord ML 1! IS made to be the perfect customizing guitar so check it out ( I think rob is over here...)
nobody's missing some fender, dean,etc stuff?, its Jan.! come on I want to spend my Xmas cash on gear...
schecter too got new models no? ibanez and Jackson, the main point is a FR equiped 7 strings
Marshall Jcm 900 SL-X, JCM 800 with a TS, Peavey 5150, new peavey 32...., mesa boogie single& dual rec....
they cant make another warlock because they've used all the metal names in the planet ( metal master,dark arts, etc...) jeje
Why not to take here all the 2010 new models instead of opening 323231 millons posts about the same or different brands?!

Bc Rich will reveal their models on 1/11/2010
I'm in love with that black LTD Strat copy with the Floyd and HSS and all that.


do want! specially with a low price tag
I want more new guitars from 2010!!!, the relic'd superstrat is a pure win...
I have emailed them , but Im still waiting for reply, was just my mind and my 1024 usd+ 150 shipping thinking ajjaja
btw, 1024 usd + 375 for shippinh ends up towards 970 Euros.

20% added is ± 1164 euros total.

Thats dirt dirt dirt cheap for an US custom

1164 euros is less atractive than 800 as I thought
the main point is..... to lie my friend, to lie in customs, putting a lower price tag :P
I made a quote, but shipping woudnt be more than...150 USD?
well, then is a good neck for me, cos gibbys and schecter's ones give me the creeps :S
their CS is plain awsome, lacks some colours options and pickups but very satisfying, I would kill for custom Inlays too....... something like a heartbeat or stuff..
How are carvin's neck? cos my hands are not..... big but I dont like paper thin necks.....
as far as I know.... 1998 was a great year for Jap made guitar, better than 00's and so, but a CS guitar is also a temptation..... the cheaper way to go is Agile if I dont get used to 7 strings but I dont wanna have to buy 2 guitars
the uv costs 1200 euros, I can upload some pics if you want jeje
Since my main guitar got stolen I have been checking some stuff on the net.... and I found carvin guitars, but I have some questions for you!

1) How can be possible that my "dream" custom shop 7 strings was only about 1024 usd?
2) Are they reliable?
3) some guy offered me a 1998 Ibanez UV 77 with some scratches ( 7,5/10) for 1200 euros...... please help me!

my other option is to buy an Agile interceptor and save money for pickups and stuff...
stop at this post, The JCM 900 SL-X is a jcm 800 boosted, with more power ad tone, the normal version 900 lacks tone everywhere. My SLX sounds like a Ts in front of a Jcm 800 with more bite, but its a single channel head with 2 volumes, so if you play a lot of cleans....
awesome man. thats the only ESP ive ever liked. looks beautiful yet metal. you got a good deal. specially cause that sucker has coil taps

its a great guitar, specially since I dont Like EMGs
Hetfield fan?

Nice guitar anyway, I'd quite like an Explorer like that myself.

not really but this thing nails my beloved mastodon's tone!
the tuner is a Pwaves true bypass tuner

and the guitar iss........

NGD with some pedals, a pedal case and.....a real nice guitar total : 400 euros

some pedals and the pedalcase ( the new ones are the tuner ( true bypass) EH Holy grail )

and... the spalted maple thing, just a clue!
Overseas, from the USA mainly, but I've tried all of them plus other ones
the amp is perfect for mastodon, its a JCM 900 SL-X single channel, the EL24 european version, but I need a new guitar
I have to get a new guitar, with floyd, but I dont know what, so I've tried tons of guitas And I selected 3 models, but its not definitive

-Schecter V1 Atx in Aged White
-Schecter V7 FR
- Ltd Mh 400
- Any ibanez prestige ( less than 1300 USD)

the main thinf on 7 strings guitar is for that Low A I love to use... but its not needed cos I can tune other guitar in AGDFAD
those pink socks....
with 1300 USD is better to look Agile? really? I think my budget is pretty wide.... but if they¡re that great...
more organic sound, the Blackout counterpart
actually, I like the A sounding on some mastodon tracks... hence de 7th string Idea
uhh... it seems that I need to retry a S Guitar,,,, coz first time I took it it felt like..... a toy
Bc Rich Gunslinger Retro there's nothing more '80!

green charvels are the SEKS
Arent S series known for their lightweight and poorly bass and tone? I like my guitar with a reasonable amount of mids and bass
well mates, my guitar got recently stolen so Im pretty ****ed, but I recived 2000 USD for the damages and stuff and I need a new guitar, but I dont want to spent all... so gonna reduce it at... 1300-1400 USD

I play "mastodon meets slayer" music, so I need relative versatility and Im thinking about 3 guitars:

-A 7 Strings ( help me to choose the model)
- Bc rich JRV deluxe ( neck thru, OFR, ebony fingerboard, 2 EMGS)
- Ltd mh 400 ( I have abalon inlays on mh 1000)

but I'm open to suggestions coz UG is wise

Floyd rose is almost needed but no fundamental
Mastodon's Crack The Skye or Them Crooked Vultures.

Mastodon + 80000
Holy night or Let it snow are the most elf-brutal headbanging X-mas song.... EVER