yay for canadians! any vancouverites here?
i hate nickelback because their lyrics are SHIT! they are derogatory against women. they always sing about sex, drugs, money, all that crap. and all their songs sound exactly.the.****ing.same. i actually like his voice though, it is strong and has a natural gruffness to it. they do have good guitar riffs from time to time and the drummer is great. i'm sure they're amazing live. but i heard during an interview they were asked the question: "do you guys prefer sex or rock?" and they answered with "sex." as a musician, you are obliged to respond with a musical answer, whether that be the truth or a lie. but the sense i get from them is that they would rather get wasted with a bunch of hookers with STD's than write shitty, derogatory, **** rock music. wow Nickelback, doesn't get much worse than that
haha, you guys are gonna hate my list :P i can't believe most of you have the same favourites in almost everything!
Band: Taking Back Sunday
Album: Billy Talent II
Song: MakeDamnSure
Vocalist: Juliet Simms (Automatic Loveletter), Amy Lee (Evanescence), Jonny Craig (Emarosa), Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge), Matt Mcdonald (The Classic Crime)
Guitarist: Mark Tremonti
take that! :P
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And yeah, Jonny is a horny dog. According to my friend who saw them on Warped Emarosa told Atlanta they were disappointed in us because no girls would show their boobs, but they resumed playing.

damn, emarosa are a bunch of sickos! i'm not really into their music, a bit too experimental for my taste. but jonny craig is easily one of the best rock singers i've ever heard, the tone of his voice is gold
close your eyes sounds a lot like adtr, you might like them
they don't sound like paramore, that's cuz they're better :P i really dig this band. i think the classical arrangements in their songs suit their music quite nicely and they're a bit experimental, which gives them a nice edge. fixed at zero is a great song but i wonder if they're getting a new drummer?
**** yea! i'm so excited for the new stuff. ocean avenue was my 7th grade jam
tbs used to be a pop-punk and emo band during TAYF, but ever since then they've branched out and become a very successful rock band. so honestly, they shouldn't be here. taking back sunday should be put in the rock section, where they belong.
a day to remember, even though they're a mix of pop-punk/hardcore
woot! they're coming back
closure in moscow is amazing. their technique is mindblowing, the vocalist's falsetto is killer, and their melodies are catchy as hell. not to mention unique and creative, although their influence lies heavily on the mars volta. i was gonna catch them at warped tour, but too bad the tour didn't come to vancouver this year i really hope they stay on the line-up for 2011, because they're a breath of fresh air in a scene filled with screamo/pop-rock shit.
i missed Shinedown and Sick Puppies when they came last month. i cried to bits and i promised myself that i would never miss another concert again. truth be told, by your tickets early!
any of the guys in those post-hardcore bands: michael jagmin, craig owens, vic fuentes, etc. those ****ing-high pitched vocals make me wanna stab out my ears!