Hey guys would like if you could just take 3 mins of your life and check out my bands myspace profile. We don't have any finished High Quality recordings, we just have some almost decent previews of the two songs we are working on. I'll be glad to get some advice and opinions from you guys.
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They don't have to. It's generally accepted that you do so each player uses the same fingerings/positions/chord voicings, but you don't have to by any means. Bassists especially don't need to.

Thanks for the advice, I just asked because my bands other guitarist always seems to be telling me that I should tune to standard when I'm using Drop D, but he doesn't seem to understand that drop tunning just changes the order of the notes(and obviously it gives it a little more aggressive tone).
Hi guys, one quick question that is bugging me, If I play in Drop C or Drop D does the rest of my band's guitar and bass players have to tune their instruments down or not?
You made a great rock song there man, GREAT GREAT Job!
To me a poser is a person who makes a thread in a guitar site just to find a definition of what is a poser.
Well I can't tell yo which one is better, but I own a Zoom G1 and it's great, and you can turn off the amp modeling too on the zoom pedals and use them as stompbox, that's the way I use it. So far the pedal works really good for me, and I imagine the G2 should be better as the name implies.
It sounds nice, don't worry it not bass heavy at all.
Nice songs, both of them are really great, really love the catchy rhythms in both. Keep up the great work!
Wow, great work man! You did great on the solo.
Well I can only recommend you the Baltimore guitars, you can check my profile and see one of my guitars, It has an Ibanez like body with a really neat pickguard. The overall feel of the guitar is great, and it sounds great too, the cleans sounds are great as well as the distorted ones. The neck a bit phat but its comfortable too. It's a bit heavy on the downside but not so much, still is a really good buy, and I got it for 240 with a 10w amp, gig bag and cable. You should check it out if you can.