Morning guys,

I'm off to University in september and I'll have to slim down, so here we have... most of my gear:

NOTE: Pics for all will be available within 24 hours, PM me or email to

I'm open to cash offers or trades for any of the items, be it a guitar/amp/pedal, but in particular looking for a Peavey 5150/6505 (with cash of course) or something Les Paul shaped.

Ibanez RGR420EX
Brand new, bought on a whim when I had some money and barely used since. comes with Hardcase, strap and new strings.

Epiphone G400
My first guitar, a few bumps and nicks but nothing beyond the usual 3 year wear and tear. Comes with soft case, strap and strings.

Boss ME-20
Used but in very good nick, old christmas present now made redundant by buying other pedals, boxed.

Boss DS1
Boxed with manual, barely used. Again bought on a whim and I've now found I really don't need it.

Any questions, feel free to ask!

Cheers, R.M.
I'd be interested in the chorus pedal... Trade for my Boss DS1?
Now I've had a gander through the other Silverburst Les Pauls he's sold, 3 of them use identical pictures etc in the description, and arent the silverburst customs limited edition?

Maybe I'm just paranoid as it's my first ebay buy, but I thought it'd be worth having a dig aroundm see what I can find
Morning guys

I've been after one of these for ages and when I saw i on the 'Bay I managed to win it for £255, but i'm having doubts as to how genuine it is...


epiphone Les paul Custom silverburst

Most of it looks about right, but the serial number is blanked so I can't date it...

More suspicions arose when the seller doesn't accept Paypal, so after mailing him to ask how i could pay him, this was the reply:

hi,thanks for your information.
if you don't mind,you can choice pay into my bank account.or,you can send a cheque to me.but I have waiting for cheque clear,then post item to you.that would be take few working days.
But,nothing to worry about that, somebody paid cash is,just one thing I can promise:I am a seller,The seller must fulfill his responsibility!!!
once thanks again for your messeage!

- jkpp2009


More digging into his feedback profile and I find this:

3 more silverburst LPs... Limited edition ?
3 Zakk Wylde Customs... Commonly Faked?
4 More assorted Epi LPs

How dodgy do we reckon this is?

Cheers all

Happy NAD! and for the awesomeness of your gear... I'm jealous
'mailed, hopefully it'll work this time
If it plays well, I'd go for it, but i really don't dig the finish
mattywebb, you've been PM'd
Cheap Wine & Cheaper Women - Airbourne

Just about sums it up
sorry for double post: I take it they come with screws etc for mounting, and they'll fit in my SG...? sorry, not so good on the technical side of things
I'm very interested...where abouts are you based? also any chance of some sound clips?
I've bought the pod studio GX for £59, everything sounds good to me... both cleans and the distorted amp models.

Definitely worth a whirl if you ask me
That's really really nice. We all expect sound clips.

For less heavy stuff: Shinedown, also some songs by Black Stone Cherry
They do indeed rock, and are in the UK for a tour in october... guess who has a ticket

EDIT: Tour Dates:

Mon 19 Oct O2 Academy, Leeds
Tue 20 Oct Rock City, Nottingham
Wed 21 Oct O2 Academy, Sheffield
Fri 23 Oct Barrowland (1 & 2), Glasgow
Mon 26 Oct Manchester University
Tue 27 Oct O2 Academy, Birmingham
Thu 29 Oct Southampton Guildhall
Fri 30 Oct LCR at University of East Anglia (UEA), Norwich
Sun 1 Nov O2 Brixton Academy, London
"He's not the Messiah, He's a very naughty boy"


"spare a penny for an old ex leper"

"I blow my nose at you, so called Arthur King"

"fetche la vache"
Soo..... I read all of that just for some total jerk-off to use it to have a dig at Motley. So he doesn't like 80's metal, Boo Hoo.
I also have the pleaure of being able to play this... I am a slave to his magic
freidman, all the way
Brand new and very unwanted Boss DS1 - £30 shipped
Sin City (2005)

Indiana Jones and the...
Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)
Temple Of Doom (1984)
Last Crusade (1989)

Monty Python & The Holy Grail (1975)
Life of Brian (1979)

Should all be up there with the best of them guaranteed to turn you into a raving insomniac
very, very nice

HNGD you lucky bast*rd
Quote by skaterforsale
I think that III is probably the best collective album by BT so far. I was impressed by all but one of the songs just by the first listen and havent been able to keep the whole album off repeat since I bought it. The only song that dissapoints me is "Sudden Movements," which is basically the only song on the album I'll hit the next button for. Other than that, this album has a lot more songs I'd rather listen to in a row then I or II had as a whole respectively if that makes any sense.

yeah, I'm the same with 'Sudden Movements'. Something about it makes me reach for the skip button every time.

First introduced to them at Download this year, thought they put on a really tight set. Bought their albums afterwards and am off to see then in Nottingham in October. Good times
I lurk around the Download Fest forums, but mostly UG
wow, awesomeness. Happy NGD!
The model with the JB/59 combo will be more versatile if you want to play stuff other than metal, but the Blackouts will be better for the high high gain stuff.

Personally, I'd take the JB/59 set
Good old fashioned car, Ford Capri maybe? yeah. that or a hot-rodded Ford Focus
Good evening... we are, The Pitmonkeys.

Cue mental display of rockband skills
Another + 1 for Maiden... also The Darkness would do a kickass version
Joe Bonamassa
Angus Young
james Hetfield

Yeah, kind of wah fuelled blues based heavy metal?
I use 'enjoy' and 'rock and roll' far too often. I throw out 'f*ck me sideways' too often as well
all of the above, plus loads more. I like Red Dog Music, they're great

Probably Dani California by the Chilis, then Paranoid
another +1 For Crushing and Overdrive

Ozzy & Dio?

Despite all the sexy quilt top examples here, im a Flamed guy. There's just something about a flame topped Honeyburst LP/PRS that just makes me drool

EDIT: Wow... what kind of LP is that one? ^^^ Gorgeous
That was a serious bargain at $400, good work. Happy Sexy NGD
Guthrie Govan 58
Nuno Bettencourt 13 HEAL
Greg Howe 19 HURT
They really tore the place up at Download, managed to blag my way to the barrier. Went through all the hits, but Mick's not looking too good... He had to lean on stuff at various points through the show. Can't be easy for the guy
i just fell up the steps into work infront of young, attractive secretary types... fail.

EDIT: This is far less lolworthy than everyone else's