Just got copies of the Pyramids/Horseback and the new Intronaut album, in yellow and transparent respectively ^_^

Also, ordered the Mahumodo - Waves Reissue from shelsmusic. If you guys like post hardcore, you should check it out too!
Isis, Refused, Bossk
Quote by VishNuRoXoUt

Childish Gambino - Royalty

I really liked this one.
I saw him live....hated the performance, left after two songs. Checked out some of his stuff at home and wound up quite liking it!

Also, Tina

Can someone link me to the Code Orange Kids album? Who are they and why do you'll like them so much?

My list so far:

Latitudes - Individuation
Sigur Ros - Valtari
Burial - Kindred EP
Town Portal - Chronopoly
Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!
swans - The Seer
Evan Caminiti - Night Dust
Om - Advaitic Songs
Nadja - Dagdrøm
I lol'd at the video....good way to wake up
I love these music lists....there's always a bunch of albums I've missed over the year.

I'll post mine later
Animals As Leaders have terrible mixes. The first album sounds like complete and utter shit, sparing a few moments (mostly the cleans).

Again, I like the songs....I HATE the mix.
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deniz help


mfw I get up at 6 am to go to campus and record game trailers...

I've gotta get that...I'd be able to wreak more havoc on my neighbors than I do now!

I've gotta get that.

Gotta get that.

Gotta get. That. That. That.
The Emma Watson test....genius!

Goblet of Fire would probably be my crossover.
The yule ball...
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The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld


I second Deadwing. Great album.

How about swans? I've heard the Seer, Our Father and White Light. So technically, I'm not starting out, but I want to know where to go from here....they've got a LOT of albums!
My rum's too far away...
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Doggystyle then The Doggfather

On it.

The Orb?
Except for the Gilmour thing...I've heard that several times already. I want something more Orb-y.
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White Pony, Around the Fur

Snoop Dogg?
Childish Gambino - Royalty [rap / hiphop]
Down I go - Gods [sort of hardcore / progressive...don't really know]
*shels - Sea of the Dying Dhow [post metal]
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Or Grails. Venetian Snares, Cynic, Culprate, Tipper...

Yum. Not a fan of mono so much anymore but the rest of that, especially Grails and Tipper. <3

I feel you about the cigarettes. Just switched to rolling tobacco myself....hopefully it'll help cut down and then I can transition out.
My bag that I take to college, which currently has three lighters, a can of deodorant, a laptop + charger, pencils and pens and some cards.

I think I'll be okay.
Flamethrower (lighter + deo) makes for a pretty good weapon. I can also use my laptop for all sorts of cool shit like calling for air strikes and backup.[

Who wants to team up with me?
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Errbody: If you were tripping right now, what song would you have to listen to?

Boards of Canada - Music is Math

Found the dollar bill on the internet. It isn't mine by any means!
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There's a terrible band called Glass cloud. Don't do it.

He has West's facial hair... >_>

Quote by ibanezguitars44
What do you guys think of Cloudglass as a band name?

I read that as Codegeass for a second and was like YEAH!
Then I saw Cloudglass and thought....that's good too!

So yeah....go for it.
Any reason why you want to call a /your band that?
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Also, **** YEA *SHELS!!!!!!

Hells yes. *shels is the best.
Sea of the Dying Dhow will forever be one of my favourite albums.

but that link I posted wasn't *shels, it was Down I go.
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I must know what was used to make these beautiful sounds...

Renoise and sleep deprivation...

Oh and some samples I got from somewhere on the internet!

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This is pretty fun, I dig. Soju baby is definitely going on my masturbation playlist.

Glad I could help...

I can't stop listening to this band:
So this awesome dude sent in a video for "cirrus" from the new album!

You guys should go check it out here:
Oh god....I made the most potent brownies I've ever made....

Had one like 20 minutes ago.

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it does. it's just the jack on a pair of cheap sennheisers so i can't really complain. listening to an ipod is the worst though, if it's in my pocket and i move too much, it's just garblegarble and i have to fit it back in

Throw that shit out!
Or get it fixed....

Quote by Don_Humpador

yeah i'm doing the video tutorial step by step here and i'm really surprised by how easy it looks once you get used to the basics.

i've been wanting to do my own stuff for a while now and because i'm on osx i've never really found something that suited me. was really surprised when you mentioned it and i found out it worked on 10.6. thanks again

No worries dude!
Good luck making music...I wish I had more time so I could make more!
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nahh, my headphones are kinda busted, when i plug the jack in, if i don't do it right then i get a really weird swishy swirly sound and i have to jiggle it around.

That's odd. Must make listening to stuff a lot more...interesting though.

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cheers! downloaded the demo version, my head practically exploded.

Wait till you start figuring it takes a while, but holy shit, it is worth it!
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what the **** are you on about you lemon

Why was this necessary?
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spent 5 minutes wondering why there was this warpy sound before i realised my headphones weren't plugged in properly. ._.

I thought for sure you were going to say "....and then i realized it was the song"

Quote by Don_Humpador

love the beat on the last one. love it. what do you create in?


It's all Renoise. Except for a little adjustment I did in Audacity.
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And Indie Game: The Movie is pretty cool. Might actually chuck it on in the background of my studying, not watched it in a while. If you want a good (but kinda bias) video game documentary, go for King of Kong. I remember this documentary on "WoW addicts" that was pretty interesting. Can't remember the name of it though.

I'll check it out...

I only happened across Indie Game since it was on netflix!
Have you guys seen Indie Game : The Movie?
As a part time game programmer, I found it REALLY fascinating!

Also, if anyone's into 8 bit / chiptune music, I made an album...
So in a fit of boredom, I made some chiptune / videogame music
So I'm making a bit o chiptune...

I'd like to know what you guys think!
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So last night was one of the weirdest, trippiest nights of my life.
Oh, and this movie, "Enter the Void" is weird as ****. There's a part that flashes black and white for like ten minutes and I could swear I saw a ton of shit in it.

Sounds like fun dude!
Glad you enjoyed it

We're probably doing some shrooms (or tabs...if no shrooms make their way to us) when we go to Sequoia next week...should be fun! Large group, but only two of us are tripping.

Enter the void is trippy as shit! Although rather disturbing at parts...
I love the opening music

Also, if i haven't spammed in this thread yet...I just released a new album!
Check it out fools!
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Rajma Chawal

Good man!

Here's a recipe for south indian tomato rice.

It's easy and delicious. This isn't an official recipe, it's the one I use.

(tbsp means tablespoon)

Ingredients (for one person) :
2 -3 tomatoes, chopped small but chunky
1 onion - as finely chopped as possible
1 cup of rice, boiled
1 tbsp cumin seeds (you can substitute with fenugreek or coriander seeds)
1 tbsp turmeric powder
a small cup's worth of finely chopped cilantro / coriander
2-3 cloves of garlic
1 tbsp chopped ginger
a spoonful of soy sauce (secret ingredient)
red chilly powder to taste (I use like 2 tbsp)
[if you're daring and like it spicy, add a chopped green chilly as well]
salt to taste (I use 1.5 tbsp)

Preparation :
Get a wok / pan/ whatever and pour some oil.
Let the oil heat up and then add the garlic and cumin seeds and cook for maybe half a minute.
Add the onions and mix, cook till they're starting to turn brown.

Add the turmeric powder, chilly powder+chilly, ginger. Mix well.

Add the tomatoes and salt. Mix and cook until the tomatoes are really well done.
Add the cilantro and cook for a minute or two more.

Add the rice and mix it in really well. Turn off the heat and let it sit for a few minutes.

Garnish with a little cilantro and serve with some yoghurt and papads .
I don't understand this thread...
meditate, make music, travel, go for gigs, spend time with your friends, take psychedelics, do things you love doing.

Life isn't boring, you are.
Once it's cooked, it is literally one of the tastiest things ever.

You can get the slab variety at Indian stores. Ask for Paneer (pronounced puh-neer)

In India, you pretty much ONLY get the slab version.