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If those are your options, I would go with Wallace. Again, Indy has a terrible secondary and he and Joe have been connecting lately. Can't count on it, but I think you can expect at least two for 40, and the boom potential is there.

I have two spots for three RBs, who should I go with between Collins, Murray, McCaffrey, and Freeman?

I was wondering where you went Thoughts on the switch from Sashi to Dorsey?

Yeah hey weird story one day my phone autocorrected Devotion to Devourke and I'm like wtf is a devou OH HEY UG FORGOT ABOUT THAT PLACE 

Been busy - quit my job, moved back to Cleveland, spending more time with family and friends, posting a lot on Dawgs By Nature, the SBN Browns site instead of here. Also met the love of my life so I guess things are ok.

First, every choice the Browns make is the wrong one. Second, Haslam is an unrepentant idiot. From the beginning of the Sashi Brown #Analytics(tm) Era, Haslam insisted he'd stay the course. Instead he gave up a season and a half into it. Sashi had several notable misses - Carson Wentz, going for WR quantity over quality, CARSON WENTZ, etc. but overall I liked his strategy as it exploited market inefficiencies in the Browns' favor. He believed that no matter how good a scout you are, the draft is a crapshoot and the only way to really come out on top is to have more chances to pick with. By valuing next year's picks on the same level as this year's, we'd basically have 5 picks in the first 2 rounds EVERY SINGLE YEAR and that's a good way to add a lot of blue chip players fast. Of course it counts on your owner buying into that strategy and being patient, which is not the reality we live in.

Dorsey himself? He's fine. He's come in being a loudmouth FOOTBALL GUY and he's gonna awaken the sleeping giant by bringing in some dang football players. If we had started the Hue Jackson era with Dorsey as GM, I'd absolutely LOVE this move, highly sought after guy with a decent track record with winning teams. Now? Instead of trying to do something original and exciting, we're trying to do the exact same thing as 31 other teams but, you know, better.

Ultimately I don't really feel any better or worse about the GM situation. Gotta see how Dorsey runs things, but his mouth is writing us some big checks so 2018 had better be the best, most unbelievable draft Browns fans could ever even conceive of. I DO feel worse about Hue Jackson. He was sold as this QB whisperer, an innovative offensive mind, and a great motivator. Seems like he's still got the team motivated to play for him (maybe not all of them) but he's abysmally failed at the other parts. I was still a fan of bringing back both him and Sashi for year 3. Hue won a power struggle though, and common Browns fan belief is that he did it through his media contacts like Mike Silver, manipulating public opinion and Haslam against Sashi. Kind of backstabby, and his seat should be on fire. Haslam promised he'd be back in 2018, but Haslam's promises are worth less than nothing.

So that's where the Browns are at.
WHOA HOW DID I GET HERE anyway fuck Hue Jackson like so hard
Against my better judgment I got tickets to the Browns' home opener. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOF! Screw tanking, Ratbirds are eating shit today!

Once I sober up maybe I'll share my thoughts on the season so far (short synopsis: *fart noise*).
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If you didn't have dumb shits in that league there's no way you'd have Freeman, Hopkins, Allen.

Yeah lol I knew I was 6 in the order and had no chance at like AB so Freeman and Hopkins were my literal 1st and 2nd choices. Got them both!
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I'm a Browns fan, mark it down fellas. With one shit-show after another in the coaching and front office ranks, it's time for Hue World Order in Cleveland.

Welcome! Roster cut day was amazing, traded Gilbert for a bag of chips and kept all of our rookies draft picks. RG3 quietly had a very good preseason. Bradford going to Minny improves our chances of crushing the Eagles in week 1 which is our most important game. I'm trying to remind myself not to have expectations this season. It's all about developing our young players and it'll be a miracle to win 5 games.

And here's my team in my 10-person PPR league.

QB: Andy Dalton
RB: Devonta Freeman, CJ Anderson, Latavius Murray, Giovani Bernard, Charles Sims
WR: DeAndre Hopkins, Keenan Allen, Eric Decker, Jeremy Maclin, DeSean Jackson, Vincent Jackson
TE: Delanie Walker, Jesse James
K: Mason Crosby
D/ST: Rams (they play 49ers week 1 and I'll be streaming afterwards)

I have literally never played a season of fantasy football without Keenan Allen on my team. It just happens. Highlights from other teams in the draft: Ben Roethlisbuger in round fucking 1. Gostkowski went in 6 - and that guy drafted a fucking backup kicker too, then insisted that he won his league last year by having THREE kickers and "playing the matchups"... it honestly made me uncomfortable. And you may have noticed my ginger Achilles' heel: I landed the 15th QB taken - in a 10-person league. Aside from that I think I crushed it.
I finally get to watch a Browns game and they play like shit. Hurts my optimism quite a bit. I'm not sure I have the right words for just how bad the defense was.
If the offense is visibly inferior to the defense in training camp, I think that's a legit reason to be concerned. Because the offense has license to go basically all out, but even in contact practice I don't think the defense is gonna try to lay out their own receivers. I think this should give offenses an apparent edge, and if they can't look halfway decent that's bad. Pederson definitely seems like a rookie head coach, not many of them impress immediately but I have particularly low faith in him.

This is all great news because the Eagles are our neme... nemesises? nemesi? nemeses! They're our nemeses this year. Nothing personal, we have their first rounder in 2017. But yeah hopefully they crash and burn so hard Philadelphia is swept away in a flash flood of fans' tears.
I might go to Browns-Falcons this week. I know, preseason, but tickets are practically free so why not?
Well they were 25th in total offense when Billy Vegas had meaningful snaps, they refused to play their best running back in the 2nd half, and their top receivers were Travis Benjamin and Brian Hartline.
Chargers are being hilariously incompetent with Bosa. If it were a real possibility that the Browns could trade a first for him, I think I'd pull that trigger in an instant.

The RG3 era has officially begun; Hue named him starter today although we all knew it was coming. Corey Coleman has been lights-out in training camp and Pryor has been inspiring too. The Browns' offense actually has potential to be surprisingly awesome if we actually get Gordon back.
Kasich 2020

His rejection of Trump, and vice versa, will tilt Ohio to Hillary, and after the country gets sick of her nonsense, Kasich's in prime position. As a Bernie supporter, I'd rather have Kasich than any current candidate. Not "have" sexually - obviously I'd prefer one of Trump's daughter-wives for that. Thank god these fuckholes are getting out of my city, not impressed with their fake tributes to Cleveland's hospitality and even less impressed with Trump's campaign manager publicly trying to incite violence. Props to the police from here and elsewhere keeping things cool (even though these stupid helicopters won't let me sleep).

Trump's message is really "be afraid of everything." Brilliant - fear makes people easy to manipulate. And the thing is, when he calls Hillary the most corrupt politician in recent history, I don't think he's wrong. Unless I'm very very impressed in the next 3 months I'm not voting for either. Kasich as independent > whoever runs green > Gary Johnson, ugh > *fart noises* > HillaryTrump. I don't think Trump is so much worse than Hillary that I'm willing to vote for her crooked ass.
Live from the site of the RNC: Packers fan Paul Ryan greets Eagles fans in Browns territory by waving a Terrible Towel.
Hilarious that the delegates inside the convention are causing more trouble than the crowds outside.

Trump kicked off the convention by repeatedly calling Kasich an embarrassment... insulting the very popular governor of the crucial swing state hosting your convention is a rather bold strategy.
RNC is this week here in Cleveland. Lots of helicopters and planes flying around, and tons of police. Last night there were groups of 6+ cops on almost every street corner downtown. I live one block away from a police station; that whole street's closed down and filled with military-looking folks and vehicles. Gonna be an adventure trying to get to and from work with streets and highways closed down, I might have to stay with a friend on the outskirts if it's too bad. The security zone starts right next to one of our favorite drinking areas, so we're considering going down there to protest-watch. If I go downtown I might get some front line stories and photos for y'all. Some of my friends are expecting a shitshow with at least some violence. Clevelanders are gonna be fine - we're generally a peaceful city - it's the crazies from out of state I'm worried about. Hopefully protesters and counter-protesters stay, if not calm, at least controlled and no one dies. I'll be glad when it's all done and they can all get out of my city.
When figuring out what the heck a catch is anyway I find this simple infographic to be helpful.
trebor Who cares? The referendum itself proved that ~13 million Britons don't want Brexit. If that can just be waved off as the will of a broken minority, then some pathetic petition counts for less than nothing. And if Parliament moves to block it, then that just justifies Leavers' concerns about a government that isn't beholden to the people. Any executive block will just push people further away.

Note: I'm American, and would have preferred Remain.
Pro-leave people: What are the downsides to leaving the EU? When someone pretends there are no negatives to a particular decision I know they're lying or deluded. Boris and his cadre seem to think the UK can continue reaping all the same benefits while recapturing "sovereignty" whatever the fuck that's supposed to mean. So what are the downsides to leaving? That I don't already know about, e.g. the immediate and conceivably temporary financial divebomb we've witnessed.

Obviously Remainers have their own thoughts which are both well-documented and irrelevant to my question.
Whatever, OKC can have their chance to lose to the Cavs next year.

Love that Goodell waited til now to investigate the PED thing - now that Peyton's out of the player's union, he can't be investigated.

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Actually fuck YOU

Just kidding I love you. I love everyone. The jersey can enjoy the flames of hell.
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Seek reprieve today Cleveland, the punishment will resume shortly.

Eh we can take it. The Factory of Sadness is still standing, and will be until the Browns turn it around. We'll have to see how much of the new Cleveland paradigm survives the football season, but I'm betting most.

You guys have no idea what Cleveland has been going through the last few days. Everything is different now. Everything. People are like "The Fumble? Eh, no big deal. How about The Block?" and that's including Ernest Byner, who was on a float with Ty Lue in the 1.3 million-person parade that consumed downtown yesterday. That's like four times the actual population of the city, and more than live in the greater metropolitan area including Akron. I saw grown men crying when Kyrie sunk the final dagger, I saw people shimmying up the sides of parking garages to get a better view of the parade, I saw dozens of kids dancing on top of a bus and I personally started a mosh pit in a casino when the buzzer went off. The party is still going on; I had a stranger on the street hug me yesterday morning and say "It's not a dream, it really happened!" It's insane. The curse--the concrete knowledge that no matter how good things look, we will fuck it up--is just gone. After 52 years, we can withstand a few more to begin the Browns' inevitable reign of domination (although the Indians are up next).

Does it sound like we're overreacting to one single championship? GOOD. We've been overreacting to failure for long enough, time to overreact to success.
The combination of your post and your sig:

I can't have sex with your personality
And I can't put my penis in your college degree
So why you sharing all this information with me?
Just show me your gentials... your genitals
Show me your genitals... your genitalia!

Seriously though I'd say networking/sysadmin since it's a less specific field so you could work literally anywhere. A lot of places don't care about cybersecurity, even if they should. Everyone though needs "an IT guy" and that usually boils down to connectivity and user configuration which is really really easy.

I'm not a computer engineer but I do have a minor in computer science and have worked in the tech field for ~6 years now. This is all basically my hunch supported by what I've seen in the workplace.
Come on guys, he was just having fun mixing mind-altering substances with deadly weapons. It's not like he did something really bad like smoke weed.
6. Clinton is a Democrat.

If Clinton becomes president, Republicans will be members of the opposition, meaning they can oppose her agenda openly and even, despite this Trump disaster, with occasional credibility. If Trump becomes president, they’ll be the loyal members of a party led by a dangerously impulsive president. They’ll be chronically torn over whether they should summon the temerity to express their discomfort with whatever Trump decides to do in response to something mean he saw someone say about him on the internet, or to accept the reality that he is their leader, and they are tools he feels free to use to serve his ego. I know which lifestyle I’d prefer.

This strikes me as classic "Party of No" politics where Republicans would rather base their policy around stopping Democrats than actually doing anything. Kind of pathetic they'd root for Hillary just so they'd feel justified in bitching about her for a few years instead of being forced to actually critically examine the party's agenda as it relates to the presidency.
Usually I hate to assume it's the victim's fault, but if you asked me to create a list of NFL players most likely to get shot then Talib would easily be in the top 5.
I didn't read the thread, but I would not fuck a gorilla.
The biggest Bernie fan I met was a girl I dated for a while that didn't shave. I learned that I'm fine with the legs and nethers but hairy armpits gross me right the fuck out.
It doesn't sound bad on paper, but I sprained my ankle badly enough that I passed out.

I get severe migraines occasionally. I had always imagined migraines were just really really bad headaches, but oh was I wrong. The first time was in high school, I was just sitting in class and my vision gets really screwed up like someone cranked up the contrast on a TV. Colors swam and lights increased, and I got really nauseous... then it felt like a battleaxe swung down through my skull. I somehow wound up on the floor, people said later that I was screaming but all I remember was trying to clench my eyes closed because it felt like light was made of rusty nails. My most recent migraine hit during my friend's wedding while I was in the wedding party. Better believe I toughed that one out somehow.

I also got an ingrown thumbnail that got infected. That was excruciating, especially when it needed to be drained. Luckily I got some great meds out out of that one.
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That might be the worst thing I've ever read 12 lines of then skimmed in disgust. "Some people care about things that I don't care about! AMERICA IS DEAD something something bunch of wussies"

I guess I'm on Hillary's side now that Bernie's all but eliminated. I really really do not like her, but Trump is naive to the point of irresponsibility when it comes to foreign policy (to be honest, Bernie probably was to, but foreign policy isn't my top priority). People like him because he tells it like it is and doesn't play by your stupid rules. Well, those rules exist for a reason, especially when it comes to diplomacy. You can't treat a foreign power like a regular old business rival. At least Hillary knows how the game is played.

I don't think Hillary has actual beliefs of her own and will just say and do what America, usually Democrats specifically, think will get her the most votes or highest approval. That's not... super terrible in a leader that's supposed to represent our interests, but I would prefer voting for someone with actual convictions.

I'll be watching the debates closely, hopefully she can make me more comfortable with voting for her by November.
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Tough one.

This post exactly demonstrates why rape victims frequently don't get justice. You seem to at least be thinking about it, so I'm going to try to civilly point out why everything you believe is thoroughly wrong.

However, and I hate to say it, in this case there's not really enough evidence to say she was actually raped
A used condom that she had to dig out?
At the very least she was taken advantage of, which is wrong,
That's the definition of rape.
if she was as drunk as she claimed she was then honestly, how can she know what she did or didn't say?
Doesn't matter, a drunk person cannot consent. Her saying "yes" while blackout drunk is legally and ethically exactly the same as her saying or doing nothing at all. Which, yes, is also rape. "She didn't say no" isn't a valid excuse.
Also, there doesn't seem to be any inclination as to how drunk the dude was in this scenario?
Doesn't matter because he wasn't the one that was raped. In other words, he went to her and initiated contact.
if she's drunkenly being a bit flirty/touch feely with this guy and he's equally as drunk and thinking 'gsdfgsdg I'm in here sfksdmf', then it's a different story.
1. Textbook victim blaming. She was flirting, and therefore it's not rape for him to force her into sex? 2. Crimes you commit drunk are still crimes. If that bothers you, don't get drunk to the point you think rape is okay. There ARE gray areas in the "drunk consent" discussion, but if we take her at her word it's quite clear cut. Let's save those gray areas for another time.
she's clearly a little bit on the crazy side
Woman reports rape and is immediately labelled as crazy.
he perhaps thought it was consensual?
This is actually really important, and maybe the key to this whole issue. People need to understand when others are and are not capable of giving consent. If someone doesn't understand right from wrong, then we need to educate them. I've heard stories of guys who hooked up with a drunk girl then only later realized that's rape. Not necessarily bad guys otherwise, they just didn't understand that what they did is wrong because we live in a culture that honestly glorifies the drunken hookup. Like I said, there's some gray, but not if we focus on this particular incident as presented.
In any case, we don't know enough information
All we have is her testimony. Can you imagine if this is how the police worked? "Well you were drunk, and we only have your side of the story so there's nothing to go on. He probably didn't intend to rape you, don't be so flirty next time." Oh wait, you don't have to imagine it, because that's exactly what always happens and why the author didn't trust the system in the first place.
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See, people say this a lot, and I wonder what more they figure police could do without the evidence.

That's not a good excuse when they don't bother investigating in the first place. I know the author of this article didn't go to the police, but wen a group of girls all agree that reporting rape is pointless because they all know it won't be taken seriously, it's more than just a perception issue.
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idk, the social contract fails people who've been sexually assaulted most of the time. I'm not interested in this kind of vigilantism so much as reforms in the legal system.

I think this is the best eventual outcome, but like I said we can't really trust the legal system when college campuses and local police dismiss rape claims or cover them up or allow the victims to be harassed.

False rape claims are terrible too, but are far less common than actual rape that goes unresolved. We need to focus on that larger issue first - once we have a process in place that we can trust, then it should be simple to weed out the false claims. When vigilante justice is the only justice possible then there will be abuses.
Yeah, I'd even argue that this is noble in a way. If it were my friend or relative this happened to, I'd do the same. I'm sick of hearing about sexual assault being covered up. Here's a brand new one.

As a society we're nowhere near treating rape with the gravity it deserves. Because it frequently goes unpunished. I know girls that are afraid to meet new guys alone, or afraid to take drinks that they didn't see prepared. Rapists should be the ones that are afraid.

Until law enforcement and other authorities can be trusted to do their job, I encourage more retribution against rapists until it's clear to those authorities that it's their responsibility to prevent such violence.
Clearly Justin Blackmon made a blood sacrifice in an attempt to guarantee he would not be their biggest first-round bust.
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Nobody does anything because they can't be bothered and nothing changes.

The weird thing is, if you're anti-trans people in this case, that's the position that requires action. Lazy people can just live their life with no change whatsoever.

Issue: should trans people be allowed to use the bathroom corresponding to their identified gender?

Yes --> No action needed.

No --> You must now find a way to enforce this law. Bathroom police that inspect your genitals? Bathroom clerks that inspect your long-form birth certificate? Vigilant citizens who think a lady looks a bit too burly so accuses her of being a pedophile? Anyway you slice it, this is massively intrusive (how's that "privacy" argument?) and will inevitably lead to false accusations and bad feels all around.

So the pro-discrimination folks want everyone to go out of their way to pass an unenforceable law that does nothing except further stigmatize being able to live in accordance with your identity. If someone REALLY just doesn't care, they should root for maximum acceptance as soon as possible so that we can all stop talking about it.
Yes and yes. If a guy wants to wear a disguise and sneak into the ladies' room to be a sexual predator, that's always been possible and no law will change that. The fact that some people are transgender is just not a factor, and if anyone thinks it is I'd like to understand why. I think like 0.3% of the population is transgender, so just let them live their lives and it literally has zero impact on anyone else.

All that said, can we talk about the nature of gender identity in general? I don't really get it and I don't know any transgender people in real life well enough to ask them. Like what confuses me is when they've transitioned they start wearing dresses and makeup and stuff. That... has nothing to do with your body. A cisgender male should be able to wear dresses and makeup if he wants, and doesn't seem related to how he feels about whether his sex and gender match. On the other hand, I realize that part of transitioning would be to adopt "normal" social habits of your gender so that you feel integrated with that group. I guess the core of my confusion is that I'm a guy, but I don't feel particularly masculine or identify strongly with a lot of male social norms. What do transgender folks feel that makes them different? Is it entirely a physical thing, that they don't have the right body? Or is in mental in the sense that they fit better with the gender norms of the opposite sex?

I consider myself usually empathetic so it just frustrates me when I can't even begin to comprehend someone's mindset. Obviously that shouldn't get in the way of them living their lives and in the end whether or not I "get it" is totally irrelevant.
I'm flat-out thrilled with the Browns' draft. Farmer didn't draft receivers because "they only affect a couple plays a game." Well, Sashi gave Farmer a huge middle finger by drafting FOUR receivers, including the draft's most explosive playmaker in Corey Coleman. Got a ton of promising front-7 talent and some o-line depth. The biggest question is QB Cody Kessler, remains to be seen what his role will be. I won't expect too much, but it'll be exciting if he can develop into a challenger for the starting role. A lot of fans hate the pick since there were better quarterbacks available (what the hell happened with Cook?), but you can't call it a desperation pick as he was obviously their preferred choice. He is notable for having laser accuracy and good decision-making skills, so I'll remain optimistic. Lastly, their draft style is remarkable. So many smart deals made - for example, the fact that we switched 7th round picks with the Dolphins in exchange for a young veteran CB and still got our guy in Scooby Wright. Or the fact that we have two first AND second-rounders next year. Still early, but I can't wait to see this team in action after the front office seems to be getting most everything right.
Not sure how to feel. The "consensus" had Coleman as the 3rd receiver or so, but it's clear that they got the guy they wanted and he fills a clear need. For now, I'll just keep my optimism and see how it turns out.
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Apparently the person who hacked Tunsil's account was allegedly his stepfather, who's currently suing him for assault, which Tunsil claims was protecting his mom from abuse.

Some straight-up bullshit. I'll be rooting for the kid.

Browns can now take the best WR in the draft, or Billings, or whoever. Great, great position.
I feel bad for Tunsil. The only thing wrong with weed is that it's illegal and Goodell is ridiculous about it. If that video had come out a couple months ago, I think his draft stock would have bounced back some by now. Whoever did that to him is scum.

Still wouldn't take him at #15 - Step 1 of the plan executed to perfection by the way. Praise Analytics!
I would love if whoever picks Tunsil doesn't see that until afterwards. Top comedy.
A+. I don't care about 40 times, I don't think they mean much. If this goes down as advertised, I'll be happy.
Love it

Looking forward to rooting against Philly this year.