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^First time, they played an open air show, at 4:30 in the arvo, to a crowd of Megadeth fans.
They did the best they could, but it was still pretty average.
Second time was amazing. They pumped up the energy, I ended up on stage, standing next to the guitarist
Third time was just as good, even though the crowd is now completely made up of 12 year olds.
Actually, on the topic of BMTH.
Anyone else see that Jona from IKTPQ/Bleeding Through is now their permanent guitarist?
That kid has an amazing resumé.
Forming IKTPQ, helping pioneer the Aussie metalcore scene, then releases one of the most critically acclaimed metalcore albums ever, joins Bleeding Through at their peak, does a huge world tour, records an amazing album with THEM, then quits and joins BMTH...

I thought he was only temporary guitarist?
knights of the abyss
suicide silence
through the eyes of the dead
well behaved women
as blood runs black
atreyu(old stuff)
a7x(old stuff)
bullet for my valentine(hand of blood:album)
the devil wears prada
killswitch engaged
norma jean
12 tribes
walls of Jericho
the acacia strane
the red chord
all that remains
dr. acula
arsonists get all the girls

Thats all the deathcore,metalcore,"BR00T@L metal" I have any recommendations?
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Well, I believe it could be some kind of weird ring that appeared to operate some kind of electronic whammy bar..

..but that's just me

Or... it could just be ****ing with the pickups?!?!?!?