Well, try playing not open A. Play E string on 5th fret. Just pick the open A string and then slide quickly from first to second fret. Vice versa just go from second quickly to first and then release the string like you do in tapping.
Slash played a monster solo and girl had eargasam and died because of that...
Please help,
I need to send a competition freestyle by the end of this week. I do not know what should I suppose to play. Some riffs? Some soloing? both? HELP!!!
Not so good sound on solos. A few wrong bends, first rythm was confusing at one point, mic sucks. Except all that, pretty good job if you did it all by yourself.
HEAVY METAL!!! \m/ Just don't you some fag words like "sport fever". It sounds like sheep kicking her in a head with a stone. XDDD
Buy any Fender amp. You can't make a mistake.
Play it in standard for a week or two. You must wait for strings to adapt on your guitar. Then tune again on standard. It happens to me all the time,no worries.
low e, up a...Practice master of puppets.... DDD
F*ck That! Just Kick Open E String A Few Times Loud And Then Play The Other Riff!!! 3:d
Well one thing is sure: You need to sing it fully relaxed,not to take any Coke or something like that for about a month if you are using it and you cannot scream a lot no matter where you are because Jimmy was always calm. And try some simple practices: Holding just one note for about 6 seconds or singing just one song while that same song is in background for about 2 hours. Sorry for bad English and good luck. Send me how did you pass...