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stop living in the 80's bro it will never happen again, sorry but your wasting your time. and stop trying to live like motely crue and how can you call 80's hair metal rock n roll? it was about nothing more than money.

Its all music man, no matter the time, style, or genre, its all music. Some people love music, if this guys is willing to drop his life for something, he obviosly loves it, and I say more power to ya clevine666. I wish I could dedicate my life to music, just have other obligations.

Dont let anyone tell you your wasting your time, if you love it, do it. You'll never regret it.
Now that is a rock n' roll attitude! Wish you the best of luck man.
I would imagine not physically alter your voice it anyway, but it probably does help you with your breathing somewhat I would think. ie. when to take breaths, how to breath through your nose better etc. Just a thought, could be totally wrong.
Thanks Benjami, exactly what im looking for. Thanks for the replies guys, found what im looking for.

*End Thread*
Some influences are Alice In Chains, Nirvana, Tool, RHCP, Foo Fighters, Deftones, 311. The list could go on forever really, but those are some of the top.

Would really love to join something or perhaps even start a band up, so anyone interested please let me know. Thanx
Im also interested in this, great song!

I am a 25 year old singer/guitar player. I am looking for an online band to help with the absolute countless hours of free time I have at the moment. Would love to do vocals and maybe some guitar if needed, but vocals are my forte. Looking for band to do originals and covers are ok too. I am not really a screamer, my vocals are best suited to rock, grunge, alt. rock etc.

I have fairly good recording equipement and audio quality.

Please have a look at some of my mp3's on my profile if you are interested. All playing/singing done by me in my mp3's I have uploaded on profile. Would love to start working with some other musicians and not just myself.

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Personally I don't have any issues with your vocal range since a cover is a cover. It doesn't have to be the exact same.

Thats the exact way I feel about covers too. Im not trying to match anyone or be perfect. Im just trying to be me and get the feel of the song, if I do that then in my mind I succeeded. Sometimes some things bug me though and I just have to fix it lol. But thanks for the crits guys, I really appreciate it.
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(that's right, I jam with my girlfriend)

Im jeaslous dude, thats pretty damn cool.

And as far as the yeti ive never used it or read any reviews on it. Could be your way to go. Hope ya find what ya need man. Anymore questions just ask.
yeah I dont think they line up perfectly in spots but its not really something too big that im gonna do another take or anything, it works good enough for me. But im always working on my stuff so I will keep that in mind next time im working on this song. Thanks for the crit man.
Pretty cool. I really like the piana and you pretty cool voice. I think your vocals need to be more powerful in spots. In a couple places your voice really pours through and it sounds very nice. Also some if the lyrics could prolly use some work to sound better with the vocal melody, in some spots they just dont work well together. Overall pretty cool song, just tweek those vocals a bit more and I can see it being a pretty nice song.

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EDIT: I've looked up some prices for the M-Audio Fast Track in my area, and it's €109. I'd still have to get a mic and accessories, so I'd be way up above €200 which is just no option... Still, thanks for the suggestion

No if you get that you do not need a mic. You can use an amp emulator! such as Eleven Free and Sansamp which is in protools which comes with the fast track. No mic needed you plug your guitar straight into your interface.

Then if you wanted to record you band or something, you can get a decent mic later when you save more up. Just a thought hope it helps
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Your friend is a fool. If you take an obscene amount of a drug, yeah, something horrible is going to happen.

However, you can accidentally take too much cocaine and kill yourself. The LD50 of cocaine is actually relatively close to the recreational dose, unlike LSD.

Now, which one is more powerful again?

I will restate for you; "LSD is the most potent hallucinogen known to man"

That would be entirely correct.

Its entirely true he is a ****ing r-tard, but he thought he knew what he was doing. His life not mine.

Ok im not perfect and im not saying I know everything, I dont, but I know enough. Yes it is true LSD is the most potent hallucinogen known to man. Also most potent drug I thought or powerful, however you wanna say it. What other drug has such effect with such small doses, I cant think of one. And Ive done LSD many times in various doses, i dont know it all but I know enough from personal experiences.
I forget the doses, not looking at anything but I know that drop for drop it very powerful and I swear a lot of this info can be found on erowid.

I had a friend who took a hundred hits of blotter (A sheet) he barely survived, he now spends the rest of his days in a wheelchair taking meds to help his mind deal with insanity. Hes like on a permanent trip
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That depends entirely on how you use the word 'powerful'.

Powerful as in a 100micrograms can kill you and is enough to have 100 people tripping kinda powerful lol
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Bullshit, look at patterns of use in areas such as Laos when it was commonly used in the same pattern as we use alcohol.

Addiction is not recreational use sir. Those are addicts, just like alcoholics are addicts.
No matter who you are if you get addicted to heroin you on a downward spiral. You can not maintain this downward spiril forever, after that your only two options are rehab or death. Opiate withdrawals alone can kill you, I've seen people go through that and it is the saddest most pathetic thing Ive ever witnessed in my life. Nothings ive seen compares.
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i do it every once in a while. i'm fine.

Also, LSD is way more detrimental to mental health than pot to whoever said that. I would believe anyone who says LSD is completely fine to take has not taken it. I mean, it's not going to kill you, but it can cause mania and psychosis in some people. Some temporary, some permanent. And don't pull the whole "if you're strong minded, it won't happen to you." It can happen to anyone.

Fact: LSD is the most powerful drug known to man, including pharmacuticals

And as for your heroin use, why? for what purpose? What your doing is the equivalent of jumping out an airplane with no parachute, your gonna hit the ground. Few live, if you do survive, your ****ed for life.

There is no such thing as recreational heroin use!
Ive watch some close friends waste their lives to heroin. I seriously will punch anyone in the ****ing face if i see that shit. It destroys lives, nothing else. There is no benefit, there is no good.

Im a regular pot smoker and I have tried everything in the book, including heroin, never shooting up. And nothing is worth your life, or worse, and yes trust me there is worse. I dont touch anything anymore without it being green and skunky. To hell with heroin or anyone using.
My serious advice is to save up a tad bit more and get the Line 6 Studio GX for $99 USD $99 USD

This hardware comes with POD Farm, a piece of amp emulation software that can give you pretty much any effect and tone you desire. This product may be a tad out of your price range but is seriously a great investment if your looking to record guitar. Plus this thing will pump out CD quality recordings. Better quality than those others you listed. If your really looking to post stuff online etc. I really wouldn't skimp lower than this product I have listed or you will eventually regret it. Your getting so much more here for that extra 20 bucks.

Hope that helps.
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what i would do it just take the track and eq out the frequencies between 2k-4k
since thats where the human voice falls under all you have to do is take out the frequency where a voice sits in the recording.
it can be anywhere between 2k-4k remember that
also the track wont really sound too much of the same but it can get the job done

You'll still hear the vocals after doing that. Main vocal frequencies usually sit between 1k and 5k depending on male or female voices. But higher and lower frequencies still make up part of a voice, it will just be less noticable but definitely still there.
Audacity has a feature to do that for, however it usually has impact to that actuall sound of the recording and will usually leave some vocals still on the track. Really only works if the vocals are panned a certain way, I believe dead center in the actually recording.
Use reaper man. Free download and lightyears ahead of audacity. A lot easier to edit, record and mix in reaper. You wont be using audicity anymore once you switch audacity will look like a kiddy toy.
Vocals are a bit flat and need to stand out more like im getting punched in the stomach lol. But everything else was ok. Recording quality just has more to be desired from and you need to tighted up your sound. Guitar tone was very loose like and muddy, need to stand out more. Drums need to come up in the mix and EQ a bit. Overall not too bad, just need some better vocals and recording quality.

Not familiar with the song, but listening as I type I like it so far. Starts of very mellow and sounds pretty good. Recording quality is pretty solid and the layering after the intro is nice and paints a picture. Vocals are nice for the short time they last lol, Interesting voice that I would like to hear more of. Sounds like a familiar vocalist. Overall not bad man. Nice and short but you did a pretty good job. Keep it up!

Sound quality wasn't the greatest but the playing was pretty good and solid. Nothing really that I noticed bad, a mistake or two but barely noticable. I a few timing hiccups but nothing that stuck out bad. Just need to smoothen things out a bit to get some better tone. But overall the tone wasnt bad, just could be better. Good cover dude and keep it up. The harmonics you did hit where pretty good.

Thanks for the crits guys, should have everyone C4C'd now hopefully.

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Your voice is nice, especially when you really push it.

Yes I think my voice sounds it best when I push it hard and to its limits, I never hurt myself or my vocal cords pushing it, but think I have better results that way and I get some great resonance that way too. A soft singer is something I am not and sometimes when I try to sing quite, ie. if neighbors are home etc. I usually dont sound as good.
Thanks for the crit man!

This song was pretty cool, gave me a big trance vibe. I just sat back and melted into my chair. Good use of samples in the intro was pretty cool effect. Not really something I normally listen to but it was an easy listen and really chilled me out. Gonna have to pull a tree out the cookie jar after that, lol. Great job man, keep it up!
Thanks for the crit man!

Very nice mellow song and the guitar percussion is very nice and very Andy Mckee like with that and the slap harmonics. Very nice feel to this man. I think some soft vocals would fit over this very nicely but definitley not need, it is great on its own I think. Recording quality is very good and easy to listen to. Overall it fits together very nicely and takes you quite a little ride, really enjoyed it man. Keep it up!
Thanks for the crit man!

This was pretty good, I think bass definitely need to come up in the mix, its very hard to make out. Drums where pretty good and so was guitar. This type of music isnt really my cup of tea but it was pretty easy to listen too. Guitar solo was pretty cool. Vocals were good too for the most part. Again not a big fan or growling/ screaming but he did a good job too. Overall good little tune. Really would like to hear the bass more in my face tho if ya know what I mean.
THanks for the crit man!

Awesome job dude, it sounds perfect. Spot on, never heard a mistakes the entire song. And the tone was damn good. You really nailed it dude. Not much else to say beside great cover dud and keep up the awesome work! RIP Paul Gray.
Thanks man, that helps a lot. I'll have a read.
I have been interested in building a small booth about 3" x 3" x 6.5". The main purpose of this will be for a home recording application. I want this booth to be as sound proof as possible while still being cheap to build. I have pesky neighbors, always making noise and my singing being way too loud for them to stand.

Does anyone have any idea what I could use both on the inside and outside of the booth? Also this little booth should sound pretty dead and reverb etc. can be added later to brighten and liven the sound.

Anyone have any ideas? will this even work? Is it a good idea if im having trouble with neighbors?

Would like to keep the overall cost very low, so any cheap materials for sound damnpaning/proofing? Thanks a lot guys
My first guitar was an all black, strat style body guitar with only the name on it "The Phantom" lol bought it off a friend for 60 bucks to teach myself to play.
Zoom H2, H4 etc. are good, I have the H2. However, you can get a mic and an interface for the price you pay for one of those. I regret buy mine for that reason alone, but it is a good portable recorder, recording in mono, stereo, and 4 track surround
You need to pump the water outta your basement with a submersable pump. Or its gonna sit there become stagnant and you'll have mold among other problems, such as general property destruction. Have fun
Buy online, and have it shipped, if you want any kind of quality whatsoever you will want a decent interface.
And its unwise to buy any software off ebay. Pay the money for brand new and you wont have to worry about problems with hardware or software validation problems from people stealing keys etc.

Buy from the store man, get your warrenty and customer support.
Ive managed to get some pretty good lead tones outta the sansamp, but yeah its nothing special at all compared to POD farm.

So basicly if you wanna record guitar mainly, just get the pod and mix and edit etc. with REAPER.
Pro Tools will have Eleven Free and Sansamp PSA-1 plugins which are 2 pretty solid amp emulaters. Pro Tools is a much more solid overall recording, mixing, and mastering, software program. POD Farm however, has way more amps, cabs, and guitar effects right out of the box.