I think it's quite silly that you get so upset over this.
It's a phase. I've known some kids like this, and nearly all of them stopped acting like a complete idiot after a year or two. But for now, you should indeed get new friends.
I'm not glad, but VVD, PVV, CDA is actually the most likely to happen. Purple and purple+ cabinets were never very strong, and in times like these we'd probably have to have new elections next year if they'd go for VVD PvdA D66 GL or VVD PvdA CDA.
Take a picture of Hitler and shoop your teacher's face on it. Put a textballoon next to it that says; "I hate jews and I have a tiny penis/vagina(cross out what's not applicable)".

It's important that you also shoop sunglasses on his/her face, that will make it look cool.
The stereotype has changed, it's now just:
1. Douchebag.
I don't care about either of them.
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Standing in the cold for 5 minutes when I'd rather be inside isn't fun. It is if I want to be outside.

So the only reason to be outside to you is the cigarette? It sounds like the cig is more important to you than your friends.
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standing in a circle and being the only one without a cigarette is very odd.

No it's not. Seriously, I don't see how that's odd.
If Satan exists, God exists. Therefore, there is an afterlife. I'd probably start living like a good christian for the rest of my life to enjoy divine awesomeness without having to cope my conscience because I work for the devil. So no, I would not.

Having said that, I don't think either exists.
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Nipping outside for a quick cig with a few mates can be fun. Why would I go stand outside in the cold if I wasn't smoking?

Cause friends are fun.
I only looked at the pic, and she was ugly, so I agree, PJs should be illegal.
I look forward to the legends of the future. They will be awesome.

How am I supposed to know this? Major plothole, TS.
Being aware and miserable really seems to be awesome. I'm gonna do that now.
I'm not annoyed by it, I don't think it smells, but I don't see how the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, so I don't smoke. I do smoke pot, but that's just because that's less addictive and has a bigger and better effect.

Quote by Go Square Go!
I liked the social aspect involved.

What social aspect? Can't you be social without cigarettes?
This may sound crazy, but I only know one of those.
Are you/have you met an asexual person?
No, and frankly I'm quite surprised that so many pit-monkeys have.
Do you believe that asexuality is acceptable as an orientation?
Do you think that asexuality is natural?
Oh yes, absolutely. This goes-in my opinion-for every sexual orientation.
Do you think that asexuality is a good/bad trait in human beings?
If we'd all be asexual it'd be quite problematic, but no, I don't have any problems with it.
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I'm not gay therefore I would not have sex with my clone.

Please take into consideration that it's only gay if the balls touch. Castrate your clone, and you're good to go.
Assuming that he is indeed the son of god, and has indeed invented morality, and indeed knows everything, I'd blindly do anything he told me to do, including hate gays and blacks.

It's as simple as that.
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ugh, I hate you. I was just about to post that reference.

Oh well, well done sir

*tucks peen between legs, holds kimono open and poses*

*Goodbye horses playing in background*
Would you fuck me?
I'd fuck me. I'd fuck me hard.

Cookie for reference.
In <where you're from>, born and raised...
Then you proceed to tell them how you spent most of your days.
If something troubling happened in the past(for example a couple of guys that were up to no good making trouble in your neighbourhood leading to you moving to for example your auntie), you'll want to mention that at this point. Also be prepared to tell the story of how you got to your auntie, because people generally want to know. Conclude your answer to the question "where are you from?" with something snappy about what you're doing now.(for example "I was finally there, to live in a trailer as the duke of Dartmouth)

Double reference.
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i hate my boring life,
i had so much more fun before this,
i've met all my goals, what the hell do i have left to do?

You might set a new goal, such as "lrn2english".

Just sayin'.
Exactly the same. Only with me, other people join in.
Gotta love 20 questions.

It guessed Lech Wasela! OMFG!
This makes me love the Netherlands so much more. We can wear whatever we want to school. Atheist nations ftw.
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But the Christians think they are saving them by giving them a bible. It doesn't matter really, does it?

They might think it's gonna help them, but that doesn't mean that it's actually gonna help. Absolute waste of money.
Nobody's come up with a priest and a rabbi joke in like thirty years.

Cookie for reference.
Buckethead - Jump man
Buckethead - Hog Bitch stomp
Buckethead - Pin Bones and poultry
Buckethead - Sow Thistle
Buckethead - For mom
Buckethead - Warweb
Buckethead - Funk Tune
Buckethead - Unrestrained growth

I felt bucketheady today.
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You could cover someones eyes and play two guitars through the same amp; one being a Gibson and another being an Epiphone with a pickup change, and they wouldn't know the difference. Some people would still spend a fortune on the Gibson even after you took off their blindfold and revealed the truth. It's the name, heritage, and the snobbery of being able to say to your friend "hey i'm an awesome guitarist and I rock at life, I have a Gibson!!"

This + BH's new sig guitar is way overpriced. Like 3000$ overpriced.
Blacks tend to have lesser quality wood(that's when it comes to Gibsons, I don't know about epis). And the upper one's just ugly(but I think that of every LP).
The first time he was patted down, at Newark Liberty International Airport, Mikey was 2. He cried.

A two year old who cries? That's unheard of.
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I once saw a show about a dude who wanted to get phone numbers, first he was put onto the streets looking normal and he started talking to girls and no one gave him her phone number.

so (here comes the brilliant part) they put him into a bunny suit, and all the girls gave him her phone numbers because he wasn't a standard man he didn't get a standard reaction.

Try it out man, not the bunny suit (unless you want a good laughs ) but try to be different and girls will respond differently when you're talking to them.
Good Luck!!

You should make guitar that can be worn as a shoe as well.
Lisa Lampanelli and Sarah Silverman. Those are the only too I've ever found to be funny.
Go to soviet russia, where the girls meet you.
Quote by bshizzle911
I am 20 years old and I find myself uninterested in the girls that I do know.
What are some legitimate ways to meet new people (girls)?

Seems to me, most people just go out to clubs and bars, but I am only 20.

Any ideas?

I don't see how that's a problem.
The locals burnt the body of the little goat, and biologists had no chance to study the rare mutation.

I've got a Hofner too. '62, bitch!
I call black people slaves all the time. Nothing wrong with that.
I'm the only one with my name. There are Wessels, and there are Bindts, but there is not another Wessel Bindt in the world. Therefore I love it.