Pic -

Absolutely stunning neck, complete and utter unadulterated shreddable win sauce.
Original black hardware swapped with cosmo, looks badass.

Guitar is in very good condition with only minor signs of play.

£400 but very open to offers (NO TRADES, PLEASE)
£150 obo + shipping


Some slight damage to the neck near the joint, just a couple of chips -

Fantastic playing/sounding bass, a real workhorse.
Up for sale is my Epiphone Flying V that unfortunately I don't play much anymore.

As far as I can tell it dates from the early to mid 90's. It's a 1967 model in vintage white which hasn't been produced by Epiphone for a number of years and would appear to be quite rare these days. The paint only has a few minor scuffs and a couple of small dings, nothing major at all. It has been fitted with a truss rod cover from it's bigger brother by it's previous owner. The Pickups have been replaced with Tonerider Generators, which are High output and very punchy. It was also rewired at this time and had new pots fitted. Anyone who knows these guitars will know the pickups and electronics can be a little hit and miss, but not this one, as everything is now flawless. Guitar sounds great has a wonderful neck with nice jumbo frets in great condition with minimal fret wear.

It also sports Grover machineheads and the paint is developing a great vintage tint. Minimal buckle rash. Comes complete with Spider full lockable hard case which is also in great condition and has both keys with it.


£350 shipped obo, please let me know if you need more pics,

Anybody got a spare one kickin about? Or even a cheap Ibanez with one on would be fine, if you didn't want to part it out!
Fantastic cab, unbelievably tight, I'm just after something a little different.

4x12 w/V30's, angled cab. In spotless condition, only been used for studio use. Here is a clip of it in action -


Looking for £450 ovno.
Bump for a great guitar
£250 obo + shipping

Mahogany body, flamed maple top, rosewood board, 3 piece maple neck, set-neck construction, 'True-Duo' humbucker in the bridge (splits to a single coil) and two single coils in the middle and neck position. Very stratty tones, but a little warmer, a great blues or rock guitar in general. Awesome trem, very stable despite not being a locking type. Comes with Ibanez gig bag.

Recently restrung and professionally set up.
No problem man! This has now been ebay'd
Pole piece spacing, that's it. If you've got a guitar with a tune-o-matic bridge, you need an SH-4. For a trem of any kind, including most fixed bridges, you need a TB-4

Sorry mate didn't realise this got a response. Still interested?
Unsold! The guy simply stopped getting back to me, so it's back up for sale.
Got a JB for sale that I bought to upgrade a guitar, but I then sold the guitar before bothering to swap out the pickups haha.

£40 obo

No they have dedicated bridge and neck models. SHR-1n and SHR-1b. Doesn't matter now anyway since I missed the auction :|
Is it the bridge or the neck/middle model?
Jackson sold. Blimey that was quick lol
This Jackson was meant to be a project guitar, a bit of a fixer-upper, but it's been one step forward, two steps back. I'm now sick of the sight of it :lol:

Jackson Performer PS2 (Made in Japan)

£150 + shipping


nice condition all over besides this ding

and this tiny one here

Original tremolo bar became de-threaded so I've attached a different type. Still functions perfectly though so no issue there.

Smooth low action, RIDICULOUSLY thin neck too. Bridge humbucker was installed from an Epiphone of some description by the previous owner. It's actually a really nice, hot pickup, whatever it is.

Ibanez BTB405QM

Just don't play it any more

£200 including Gator hardcase, + shipping

ding by the controls

OK mate cheers, sent you a PM with a few questions.
Might be interested in the Xiphos man. I've just had an order for a guitar go tits up so now I'm on the hunt for something else. I'm undecided as of yet but will keep this as a possibility for sure. How much for shipping? I'm in Cambridgeshire (not that that matters!)
I know they're just an old budget valvestate, but they're badass, and I want one! I'm in the Cambridgeshire area but would be willing to travel a bit.

Definitely wouldn't spend more than say £120 for one, as they tend to go for £80-100 most of the time on eBay (there just haven't been any for a while).

There is one on eBay right now but I'd rather not travel into central London for it.
Thanks man! Yeah I know, the only reason this guitar isn't being kept is because I just don't need it. It plays and sounds absolutely ridiculous, and if I could afford to keep it, I would.
Is the 1527 sold now then? If not, I'd be interested
Sorted for a bridge humbucker, now looking for single coils, prefer hot rail types
I'm gonna drop this down to £850, as it simply isn't selling despite it's already retarded price.