To go in a Jackson PS2.
Watcha got?
no mate sorry! could do you a price with no pickups though, if they're not to your liking?
bump. still haven't heard from you mate, not interested any more or what?
Ibanez S7320 7 string, stripped of its paint and oiled. Pickups upgraded to Seymour Duncan distortion and jazz combo.

£399 obo, will also trade for another 7 string

Rare 1993 Washburn SS40 (Steve Stevens signature). Korean made, 22 frets, maple neck and board, poplar body, Dimarzio pickups (not sure which, but by the looks it's a PAF and a Super Distortion).

Only one problem - The neck needs some attention from a tech. It's got too much relief, but the truss rod isn't doing anything. Even after a large shim the action has to be rather high in order to avoid choked frets.

Quite simply put - I can't be arsed. I'd rather it go to someone who can. It plays and sounds fantastic though, really smooth shredability, and would be a real crackin guitar once the neck has been seen to.

£100 + postage
Pic -

Ok mate cool. Best thing to do is send a message to as opposed to a PM on here. I don't have the best of luck with PM's on here it seems. They either don't send or I don't receive them and the like, had issues in the past.
Also - how much cash on top were you thinking? (sorry mods, i would have just added this to my other post but am being retarded and can't find an 'edit post' function)
Already got a 6534+ man. What else you got though? Can't really justify a trade at the moment but I'll entertain it just in case something takes my fancy!

Mesa/Boogie Rev G 2 channel Triple Rectifier. One of the older, and apparently "better" Triple Rectifiers, compared to the new 3 channel version.

Re-valved about a year ago, but with barely any play time since. Cosmetically marked, but in perfect working order, sounds incredible.

Unfortunately It's the amp I use the least and could do with investing the money in other gear.

Need a quick sale so £1099 obo.

on hold pending payment
Sorry mate, £299 is my absolute lowest.
No mate, sorry, that's far too low. It was already taking the piss at £350
As a fellow Everton supported, I'm tempted. But no. Sorry
Torero sold, bumping for the flying V. Anybody interested? Offers perhaps?
PRS sold, pending payment
These really have to go ASAP. Offers?
HUGE price drop, cause this needs to go like yesterday... £350 obo