Price remains on the Torero, but willing to go to £325 obo on the LTD
I have noticed that on this site there are two lots of PM's. You get one in your "My Profile" and one for the forums. They should be joined, really, otherwise it just causes confusion, such as this!

Have you clicked "My Profile" and looked in there for the messages mate?
Oh... what the hell? Let me see what's happened. In the meantime, did you get my details I sent in the very first PM? If you even got that!? I sent you a message before you sent me the first one, giving you my contact details, did you get that?

If not, please get in touch here -
I've been on the fence about selling my Zilla. Would that be something you're interested in? Only had it 2 months max, custom hand made, never left the studio.

Pic -

As I said, I haven't made my mind up yet, but if you express interest then I'd certainly consider it.
PRS Torero - Mint, few months old, EMG 81/60, OFR, 24 XJ frets, neck through, mahogany w/ flame maple top, ebony neck, neck thru, padded gig bag - £500

Pic -

LTD V401DX - comes with hard case. Mahogany body w/ flame maple top, neck thru, rosewood board, 24 XJ frets, EMG 81/81, FR Special - £375

Pic -

Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions or to see more pictures.

Open to offers but no low-balling and STRICTLY NO TRADES PLEASE.

Shipping price dependent on location, just let me know, cheers!
Very open to offers, would take £550, or maybe less.
Sorry I forgot to mention this is a UK ad! Could a mod please change the title to say "UK"? Thanks!
Schecter V-1 Classic for sale, absolutely stunning guitar but unfortunately it's the guitar I use the least at the moment, and I could do with freeing up the cash! These retail at £849 in most places (while stocks last, since it's discontinued), I'm selling this 2 month old one for £600 obo!

It's absolutely mint, the only change I've made to the guitar is a change in pickups. It originally comes with Seymour Duncan Custom Custom in the bridge and '59 in the neck, but I've changed them for a brand new balanced set of Seymour Duncan Distortions. Despite the name, these pickups are extremely articulate and punchy, but can obviously be dirtied up for some raw metal.

Set-in 25.5” scale 3pc Mahogany neck with Ultra Access neck joint, 22-fret Ebony bound fingerboard, V-1 styled Korina body, TonePros TOM w/ ‘V’ patterned thru-body, and Schecter Locking tuners. Also a coil-tap!

If you'd like to see more pics, or make me an offer, then please message me details

Was given it after a friend was having a clear out. This pedal is insanity in a box, but of no use to me, so worth a punt to see if anyone wants it. No power supply.

£18, free P&P. £2 for EU postage.
Minty MIM sunburst Fender Strat w/hardcase?
It's more or less the same guitar give or take a few spec's, but.... how does this tickle ya fancy?
Trade for MIM strat? Just a feeler at the moment but thought I'd ask.
Well what is it then? lol
Musiciansfriend. Check it out. 699USD for one of these suckers brand new. 350EU is more like it but you're still probably gonna have a tough time. Just looking out for you compadre.

Unfortunately it doesn't work like that. Just because it's that much in the US doesn't mean it's the equivalent price in the UK. This is a more expensive country, period. So if something is selling at $699USD in the States, chances are the rrp here will be about £599. It's retarded, I know, but that's the way it is

VAT, import, it all adds up to our retarded economy. Good luck with the sale man, that's a nice axe.
What pickup is that in the bridge? How bad is the dink in the 12th fret?
Great condition with no chips or scratches, just signs of play. Comes with hard shell case. Located in Cambridge, UK

£400 obo, or trade.

Replied to your PM via email
**** me I hate the economy right now, nobody's buying anything unless you give it away.

Any sensible offers before I just eBay the bitch?
Yeah, you were right :lol:
Sorry man but thanks for the offer