Haha man it's like 3cm of extra wood difference and some different inlays :lol: Other than that it's just an explorer.
Rather amazing condition. I'm tempted to say minty, minus the one mark which is pictured. There's light swirling in the usual places but it's very light. Besides that this guitar is immaculate.

  • EMG-81, EMG-85 Pickups
  • Black Hardware
  • 24.75" Scale
  • 1.68" Nut Width
  • Set-Mahogany Neck (although some specs say hard maple)
  • Speed-Taper Neck Profile
  • Rosewood Fretboard
  • Blade Inlays
  • Mahogany Body
  • Original Floyd Rose bridge
  • Midnight Ebony Finish

This one in particular comes with a gain-boost (pull-up on the third knob)

I hadn't actually heard of this guitar before I bought it! For those who don't know; It's basically an Explorer, just... metalled up a bit :lol:

Anyway, on with the massive pictures!

Obligatory "metal" clip including a totally 'Slayered-out' solo (close eyes, play notes) -

I'm asking £375 shipped obo. If you're outside the UK please PM for shipping quote. comes with the spiffy hard case, and strap locks.

Questions, offers, anythings, let me know.
Amazing condition, comes with hardcase. It's absolutely spotless besides light pick marks on the scratch plate. So light I can't even get them to show up on camera.

Here's some stratty noodling goodness, excuse the shit playing;

On with the pics!

Asking £325 obo, quite flexible on the price so throw me some offers. Free delivery in UK, outside of UK please ask for a quote.
Sorry mate sold it.
Was selling for a friend, he's moving house and just wanted to raise some extra cash. They are generally quite cheap second hand any way tbh mate
Hmm probs a bit more tbh man,
Let me look into that for you and I'll get back to you
A little battered but plays surprisingly nicely for a budget guitar. Selling for a mate who's moving house.

£85 obo, £15 postage,
EU please PM for postage quote.

Will record clips with it at some point too.
Very open to offers, guys.
Dead mint, only a couple of months old, barely played really.

Here are some pics:

Here is a video review by Chappers!

And here's a track I recorded using it:

£300 including shipping, obo.
For those outside the UK please PM first for a shipping quote.
Since I'm not flogging the Kramer I wanna upgrade the stocks, so I'm after 6 string, F-spaced pickups! I'm looking for something hot and focused that goes well with alder. I'm an actives guy, but wouldn't mind giving passives a shot this time around.

Ideally I'd like some coloured DiMarzio pickups to go with my ridiculously yellow guitar. I want it to clash! So pinks, blues, reds, purples, offer'em all up!
"Nuclear Yellow" Kramer Striker FR424, one of the early MusicYo models. Also comes with EVH D-Tuna.

NOTE: I don't know when or how it happened, as there is no other damage to the guitar, but the threaded piece onto which you would normally screw a trem arm is missing. Baffled.

Love this guitar, and may end up keeping it, but I'm just seeing if there's any interest as I've been offered a steal on a guitar I've wanted for a long time, and money from this sale could go towards it.

£200obo plus shipping.

TRADE: Despite only really wanting to sell this to fund a specific purchase, I would still like to see what other people could offer up for trade. This guitar is great, but I do fancy a change regardless. If any of you know me, you should know I don't keep my 6 strings for very long :lol:


This is the only "damage" to the guitar - a hairline crack in the paint on the neck joint, barely noticeable
Last chance to jump on it people! Worked with some awesome people in the last couple of weeks but could do with some more!
thanks for the comments, appreciate it!

PM for mixing by the way guys, don't mean to pimp myself but I'm always looking to work with new people!

Quote by M3lodeath
amazing song, and amazing tone. It has a really heavy feel which stays strong throughout the song. The drums blend beautifully with the guitar, only advise id add would be a better ending rather than so abrubt, unless thats what youre going for.


That's not the end dude! It ends so abruptly because that's as far as we've got with it! There's about another 2 minutes or so that we've written, just haven't recorded it yet. Thanks for the comment!
Hey guys!

I'm a recording/mixing engineer and this is my band Darkadian's newest track we've been working on! No vocals yet but they're coming soon.

Really? That's ****in crazy. It's a service... a service that is "for sale". Every other music related forum I frequent is fine with it, but if this one isn't then that's fine.

I did get this reported in another section but I thought that was because it was in that section and not this one. But if it's against the rules to advertise completely then fine, remove it.
Thanks man!

I hope this is in the right place btw. I didn't know whether to post in the Recordings sub-forum too?
Hello fellow forumites!

As of right now I am in the process of transitioning between name/website/pricing/logo/design/everything for my recording/production/mixing.

Until the new site is up and I’m back up and running again, I’m kind of floating around in no man’s land, so figured I would offer all the people on the forums I frequent the opportunity to get your musical creations mixed for a fraction of my usual rates.

Some of you may know my work, but for those who don’t the is still standing for the time being with some sound samples.

There is also ; full of everything I have produced thus far for our EP.

My current clients include local (to me) band Ruinor, who I am recording/mixing/producing. The first 4 of 7 songs can be heard on . All drums are finished for the remaining 3 tracks, just recording guitars at the moment, then it’s vox, and mastering time!

Also prog/power metallers Midnight Realm’s first track is done (minus vocals) which can be heard .

For the next two weeks only I am offering a flat rate of £25 per track for mixing/mastering, so take full advantage while it’s this low, as that’s nearly what I used to charge for an hourly rate before the transition.

I really mean take FULL advantage! Get an entire album done! Get a track done even if you didn’t intend to! ROB ME OF POTENTIAL EARNINGS!

I hope to be hearing from some (read: a lot!) of you before the deal ends (Tues 15th March).

Deal fell through, on sale again
Brand new, unopened from packaging. Bought two and never needed the second.

£6 delivered UK, +£4 for EU
On hold, pending payment
Yeah, do it, just don't get too suckered into the hype

Sorry man no can do. I've already dropped the price of these quite considerably, they're less than half the rrp and they're unused.

I must add though that these are without the quik-connect cables, they will have to be purchased separately.
whoooaaahh black betty, bump-a-lump!
Never used, brand new,
rrp £85 EACH.
My price: £45 each, £80 for the pair.
UK free shipping, £7 for EU
Hey guys,

I have a Kramer Striker FR424 in desperate need of a pickup upgrade, so I need an F-Spaced (or 'trembucker' if it's Seymour Duncan) bridge pickup, and a nice neck pickup to compliment

I'm based in the UK but international offers are incredibly welcome because they are usually cheaper, as our prices are ludicrous.
I know this is a long shot since it's exactly the opposite to what you're looking for but I have a 5150 I'm trying to shift at the moment for £600, just figured I'd try!
Woooah black betty, bump-a-lump.
So long as you're not raping your CPU with a ton of plug-ins you can get more or less real time AISO buffer rates. What I love about it though is that you can track whilst listening to the tones on the pod, but configure it so it only actually records your dry DI signal for re-amping/re-modelling later on.