Bump for offers?
I have a Pod XT going cheap if you're interested?
7 string EMG's, really wet tone, perfect for metal/shred. Just the pickups, no wires or pots. Never actually installed them, £85 for the pair of them (£99 each rrp!)
Well used but in perfect working order. Great unit for amp and fx modelling, USB recording interface, will include the license key for podfarm plug in too.

A few scratches and marks but just tiny things here and there, one column of pixels burnt out which is hardly noticeable but worth mentioning.

Here is a pic of the display so you can see what I mean:

Asking for £95 + shipping. These are currently retailing for £239 as stock, without any expansions or the pod farm plugin.

Unfortunately my band has fallen to pieces and I can no longer warrant keeping hold of live gear while bills are piling up.

First up is my beloved Peavey 5150. Serviced and revalved 18 months ago, just a few hours play time since then. A few common marks on the tolex but no damage, in perfect working roaring glory!

I'm asking for £600 which is very fair considering the prices of these are going up and up as they're getting rarer and more desirable. People are asking silly prices for them these days (£700+) so strike while I'm desperate!

Buyer collects as I have no transport at the moment (had to sell that too)
Based in St.Ives Cambridgeshire


Anyone care to make an offer even? I don't wanna have to eBay it!
Based in Cambridgeshire, UK, but will ship worldwide.
Some slight damage sustained to the left screw tab on removal, but still perfectly functioning.

£25 obo (£70 rrp)
This guitar has now been traded, Thanks.
Only 7 strings I'm afraid mate. Non-basswood 7s with a trem to be more specific.
I'll ship to the states if you want man, no problem, just add another £65.
This is on hold for the time being though, as I may be in the running for a sweet trade, but let me know if you're interested and I'll let you know as soon as I know what's happening
About 3 weeks old, not a single mark on it, absolute ****ing BEAST of a guitar, but not my thing really. I'm a trem guy, and the lack of one is really limiting to my style.

These retail at £700+, but I'm only asking for £450 (obo) as I got it on sale anyway (may as well pass on the savings!)

Mahogany body,
Mahogany neck,
Ebony fretboard,
Standard 25.5" scale
24 Jumbo frets
String-through tune-o-matic bridge
EMG 81-7 pickup

Comes with a Jackson SKB molded hardcase!
Ah right, thanks. I wonder why I couldn't find that? :lol:
Is there any dedicated forum on here to sell gear? If not, there should be! I don't mean to link to eBay auctions, I mean to post classifieds?

Hi guys,
I often post my band's new songs on here so you may have heard some before! I'm a producer and guitarist and am In the process of recording all music for my band's début album.

This is without vocals at the moment, but it's NOT intended as an instrumental. We are simply on the hunt for a vocalist to fill the slot, and when we do they will record vocals for all the tracks we have.

Anyway, enjoy!
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....Just would have loved a higher tempo part somewhere.

..Did you listen all the way to the end dude? After the solo it goes up to a 200bpm thrash part

I'll check out your song man
Thanks for the kind words guys

Quote by Riffdex
Anyways, this is great stuff, if you know a good vocalist who can add vocals and not ruin the song, then you ought to give it vocals. If you don't know an exceptional vocalist then don't even risk compromising the song as it is.

Yeah man, those of you asking about vocals - this song is not meant to be instrumental, we just don't have a vocalist yet! So whoever can do this song justice is joining the band pretty much :lol:
Thanks for the kind words dudes, I'm very glad to know it's going down well!

ethan_hanus - I've responded to your PM bro, thanks!

FlightofIcarus - Ok, tips...

My number one rule for tracking guitars - You NEVER need as much gain as you do when you're jamming in your room. Turn that sh*t DOWN! Don't forget, you're putting layer upon layer of guitars over one-another. The gain builds up, big time, and can end up sounding mushy and undefined.

Roll back the gain as much as you dare. I mean, obviously you need enough in order for your playing to function properly i.e. for squeals to be prominent and for your tone to have enough "bite", but it doesn't need to be anywhere near as saturated as it does when you're jamming. I track my rhythm parts 4 times, 2 left, 2 right, so if i were to use masses of gain on each one you'd just get fuzz and not much else.

Rule number 2 - You ALWAYS need more mids than you think. Live? No problem, scoop til your hearts content. But when tracking, the second you start adding bass, kick drums, over heads - your guitars are just going to disappear right into the background and nobody's gonna hear a damn thing. I know we all love the scooped mid metal shiznit, but when tracking it's imperative that your tone breathes life and pops out. It will still sound aggressive, because of the nature of the instrument, so in the studio you don't need to scoop to get aggression.

My final tip, for now - When mixing guitars, choose different tones for either side of the stereo spread that compliment one another. If all 4 (or 2, or however many) guitar tracks have the exact same tone you will lose all dynamics, and get a sense of a very small stereo spread. It's odd how the mind works but having veeerry slightly different tones either side causes a very wide feeling to occur for the listener, and you really get the illusion of two guitar performances rather than one big mushy one.

Some examples of the differences you can cause -

Use different amps. e.g. Mesa in the left, 5150 in the right.

Use different mic positions - off axis in the left, on axis in the right (a favourite of mine).

Use different EQ settings - scooped one side, bright and full on the other.

Different Tubescreamer settings - or maybe even dont have a tubescreamer one side, and then put it on another.

I hope that helps for now!
Thanks dudes, glad this is going down well!

Quote by ethan_hanus
That would be wonderful if you could give me some pointers on tone. I've been playing in Drop A# and C standard lately, but I tuned back to standard because my lead was suffering from the low tuning. But my recording gear is kinda crappy, so I have lots of problems with keeping my low end while recording.

I'll check out your old stuff, but when you come out with a finished album let me know, I'll buy it for sure.

What gear do you have man? To record, I mean.

Low tunings can be very clear, you just have to know your mix and use the other instruments around it to compensate. I'll be able to help more if I know what you've got!
Wow thanks for the awesome feedback guys!

ethan_hanus - thanks bro! I'm a metal producer so I get to tweak a lot hehe, I can certainly help you out with your tone if you're struggling.

I mean, technically you don't NEED a 7 string to get that growl, I just happen to use one because I like the extended range. I always use all 7 strings in all my songs so i'd be lost without it!

You could always get a big gauge set of strings and just tune real low. Drop B is a nice comfortable zone for 6 strings I find. I'm usually in Bb standard with my 7s, but this is in drop Ab, so it's got that extra extra low end whomp!

In terms of an 'album', that's a long way off yet, but definitely within the next year I would say. If you want to hear my old stuff from before I had a band, you can get it by going to
Hey guys, moved house so I haven't posted a song in a while.
Here's my band's latest song I produced, please take a listen and enjoy!

It has groove, some melody, and thrashy parts, so enough to appease most metal tastes!

We are currently searching for a vocalist, so at the moment it's just instrumental, but please listen with vocals in mind!

- Matt
Thanks dude. It's not really his style to shout/growl a lot, he's just a ****in amazing singer. He does/can scream on his own music sometimes but just chose not to on this one I guess!
Thanks for the feedback guys!

Matthias - I will have a 3 track EP for free download soon of my older stuff, but THIS song will be on my next one which will be full album length! I'll keep you posted on its completion!
I recorded this about a year ago, and a friend of mine (Greg Pope, amazing singer/guitarist/producer) did some vocals for it!

I hope you enjoy!

It's also on my myspace -
To check out more of Greg's stuff go here -
Thanks man, I use a 7 string btw, hence why it goes downtuned in places I was sort of going for the Dream Theater vibe, but this isn't like my other stuff, I'm usually straight-up groove metal, but fancied doing something with a bit more of a steady feel to it, if that makes any sense!
Kickass dude, I like the subtle background ambience, reminds me a lot of Isis. Your tone is a bit low-gain for my tastes but it suits the song very well so there's no real complaints there. Good one mate, keep it up.
This is a bit softer and more chilled than my usual thang, but it has some heavier parts. Endure the long intro! It kicks in eventually
Thanks my man!

There are just two rhythm guitars running the whole time, panned 100% left/right. I sometimes double them up each side if I want something to sound stupidly crushing, but I don't think I needed to on this song or it would have got too muddy.

What drum sound are you talking about specifically? Do you mean the mix on the whole? It's just EQ'd and compressed, and it's taken me many months of experimenting to get to this place, and after a while you just sort of "know" what to do. You feel it, in your waters!

Good panning, compression, and the right touch of EQ generally does it though.

Checked out your stuff. Good **** man. How do you have everything panned/mixed? It sounds quite central, i think you could do with using a wider variety of the stereo spectrum. Drums could do with some soft reverb to, to create a nice drum-room feel, but not too much. Besides that, it's right up my street! Sweet pinches too duder, love it
Thanks guys! Glad you enjoyed it!

None of my tracks are meant to be instrumental by the way, I thought I'd just point that out. I have planned for vocals, so please listen with vocals in mind. I just haven't found the right guy for the job yet!
So I figured my work to date was all similar in tempo and feel. And while that's cool and everything, I wanted to do something a bit thrashier for a change (still can't let the groove go in some places though! )

Anyway, ignore the peaking, as it was a rough master, but enjoy!
Good stuff my man. I think the guitar sound is a little dry but that can be easily remedied.

Yeah the ending's odd, but it's supposed to be. It's an odd cycle of time signatures so it's meant to be all hypnotic and trippy, and dark and atmospheric etc. I'm not entirely sure what would happen with vocals on that part but I'm sure whoever I find can conjure something up!
Hi guys, thanks for checking it out!

Bloodwire2004 - I use Logic 5.1 (that's right, old school! back when it was available on PC!) as my DAW. For guitars I use a line6 Podxt Pro as a pre-amp, and use impulse responses for the power amp/cab section of the signal chain. In this instance it's a Diamondplate (based on the Mesa triple rec) on the right, and a Criminal (based on Peavey 5150) on the left, both going through a Mesa 4x12 with V30 speakers.

Bass is DI, with IK Multimedia Ampeg VST plug-in (best bass-amp sim EVAR!).

tracerbeast - Drums are made using a step sequencer called Acoustica Beatcraft. The samples are ones I've collected from the net and from friends etc, all real hits, which I've then processed and sequenced.

I know what you mean about the studio thing. When I was 18 I went into the studio with my first ever band. It cost us a fortune, and what I can create now at home sounds 10 times better than that piece of arse! It was really poorly captured, poorly mixed, poorly produced all around, and this guy had thousands and thousands of ££££'s worth of equipment too.

As they say - "don't blame the tools"... Home recording is getting better and better. It's amazing what you can do these days with a few hundred £!
Hi guys. I figured I'd post my **** here as I haven't yet. This got to (and still is at the time of writing this post) number 1 in the metal charts, which I'm really pleased about!

I've been working on this EP for a little while now, just getting better at mixing/production before deciding on any definitive tracks, but this one will definitely make it I think.

I'm still searching for a permanent vocalist though, so please listen with vocals in mind, as it's not meant to be an instrumental!

Thanks for looking!

- Matt
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Hey welcome to UG, sweet guitar how does it sound?

Like this -
Hey ppl, i'm new to but i've been on for a over a year now (you may know me from there).

Here's my RG7620GN with bareknuckle painkillers for you to enjoy!