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Fact of life: the very very very very first Telecaster, which was a test guitar built by Leo Fender for trying out pickups, had a pine body.

Although I also heard that Leo Fender didn't play guitar, but country players liked to borrow it for its bright snappy tone.

Didn't Martin make a guitar with a cherry neck and a partially cherry back?

Listen to this man he knows, yes the very first telecasters were built from pine and were really only used to test pickups.

But before the tele made it's way to country music, some used it in order to play electric bass type rhythms because of the tone you could receive from the neck pickup, but you see the telecaster dominant in country music now because of the "bright snappy tone." However I do believe it is the greatest guitar ever built.
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I'm crying hearing all these ideas about metal! Not a big metal fan, you see. Was. Btw, EMGs or Seymour Duncan Blackouts??? Lol never heard of EMG blackouts.

Ah you are correct sir, a typo on my part. I'm in history class and I'm trying to take notes at the same time.

As far as all the people calling for a floyd, they are cool yes but really why do you need one? I mean cool tremolo work is nice sometimes but it's just not for me I guess, not hating on anyone that has a floyd.
It would go like this:

1) Route body for 2 buckers

2) Completely sand down and respray White.

3) Airbrush on favorite lyrics from favorite artists

4) all new electronics

5) EMG Blackouts

6) Warmoth maple on maple wizard neck

Gentlemen I give you the shreddo'caster
Ok so Maylene and the Sons of Disaster is now one of my favorite bands because they seem to mix some southern riffs in with their chunky metal sound.

So does anybody know of any other modern Southern Rock bands, I would prefer metal bands but just southern rock bands will do. I already know about Alabama Thunder Pussy and they are pretty good too.
I actually chose one of the stew mac vintage over wounds and it does the job beautifuly.
Ha well i completely forgot about the no third party website links ordeal

so if you search on ebay for "Mc100DS" mine should be the only auction there.
So i finally set up the auction on ebay

here's a link:
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just thought i would post that here if anybody was interested.
Well right now i'm thinkin somewhere in the ballpark of 300 for it and i'll sell it for 350 with a case, but the headstock says musician b/c it's a musician series guitar. I called my uncle and the pickups are actually a set of emgs, or so he claims.
So basically my uncle gave me this guitar b/c he has many strats and a tele. I've looked everywhere i could think of (Musiciansfriend, music 123, guitar center, etc.) and nowhere carries this model which means i have no idea what the exact name is. I do know it's completely original because the pots are oxidizing(spelling). It will need four new pots but that's all and i'm thinkin about starting an auction on ebay but i was gonna put the word out here first.

I'll be linking the auction on ebay soon and i'm listing the buyout price on there as well, the shipping will be free so anybody wants anymore details hit me up.





tried to take one of the serial but it wouldn't turn out

Serial: j780355
Ok so me and my friends started on a frankenstrat project which is now nearing completion. However I have hit a bump in my road by not knowing how to mount a pickup directly to the body of the guitar. Basically I know I need some kind of material underneath the pickup to make up for the lack of springs but is that all? Like could it be any kind of foam or sort? Thanks for the input in advance.
Yea definately go with the Schecter it's a nice guitar, but he line 6 is not a good idea when i was gigging back in the summer our lead player used a line 6 and it was crap. Maybe somebody else has had good memories with a line 6 though.
well thankyou that's what i needed to know 35 dollars isn't bad compared to the dimarzio i wanted a seymour duncan but i didn't know how good it would sound
well bc that is nowhere near cheap and i already have the guitar painted i just need a pickup
Ok so i'm finishing up an evh frankenstrat and i need some help deciding which pickup i should use in the bridge. I have one in the neck at the moment but it will not be used it's only for show and it's just some squier single coil, but i have decided to go with a gfs style pickup as i have heard good things bout them. And i have narrowed it down to two either the fat pat boutique or the crunchy pat high output. Which would sound better for an evh style sound from my guitar?

If anybody knows any cheap alternatives to these pickups which would also sound good any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance
Ok so i'm getting a new guitar for christmas either a schecter damien 1 with a floyd rose or a jacksom dxmg and was wondering what distortion pedal is should get i've looked a the boss pedals like the metalcore pedal as well as the digitech pedals i'm either gonna get one of these three

1)Boss ML-2 metal Core

2)Electro Harmonix Micro Metal Muff

3)Digi Tech DDM Death Metal Distortion

which one would you suggest?