You know how much I hate them but I've also remarked on how they're one of the only true challenges most people face caving nowadays.
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yr mem told me mc needed horses last nite while she wuz aneurismin all ova ma dick

oh now you've crossed the line

Increase depth of underground, reduce instances of ravines and abandoned mineshafts. Add slabs (vertical too) stairs and fences if possible of all common building materials, make them all attach to one another. Make mobs more difficult in general, especially in light of how everyone has sharpness 10 million swords on SMP nowadays.
edit: other things I can't think of right now but not goddamn horses, that's the most retarded idea for a mob I've ever heard
Yeah, I still don't really like the look of the Wither, and beacons are sort of mod-esque. But nothing's ever aggravated me more than horses. Every time I've heard someone say "man we really need horses" I've had an aneurism.
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Might as well get rid of booster tracks as well, since they make furnace minecarts useless.

Don't turn into mrs.

I've just really always despised the idea of horses in MC and hated the way they've looked in mods. There ain't nuttin that's gonna change that.
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I'd rather they just stop with all this bullshit and make maps combine when placed in item frames on a wall...

And vertical slabs
ya it was. It was crap though, too hard to control. They should have improved it and it would have been great.
At least squids fit in with the blocky MC aesthetic. They add to the game in a very minor way by providing dye for black wool. These look like they should be a mod, and if anything they detract by making pig riding and old saddles useless.

EDIT: This heralds my migration to the "muh old MC" camp, probably.
Not literally but these have the Mo' Creatures vibe. Which is an incredibly stupid vibe meant to be enjoyed by 11 year olds.
Not that it matters that normal saddles are rare, since they now have no purpose and vanilla MC is basically Mo' Creatures now (the most retarded mod in existence)
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I heard him say carpets...

So can I finally put carpet upstairs w/o ugly color ceilings or double layers?

Am actually excited for that.
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I'm playing the snapshot right now. It's real.

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please be a belated april fools joke

Man Toad you look like a fag. Also, Croatia has the red/brown roof syndrome. What is it with Europe and every house having a red roof?
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oh god

nathan, this may be your only chance
let's play it multiplayer! MC can do hamachi right?

lel @ your lack of gf ever
If this game has good PvP it will likely end up being one of my all time favorite games.
Holy fuck I need to move to a street named that right now
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I was actually PVPing with a new build I started a few days ago, faith/dex. I got a lightning shotel +5 (first time ever using it, used this build to try new weapons) and I never knew the R2 attack ignores shields. What an OP PVP weapon that is. I was running around with no pants and a sack on my head in the forest cov arena getting invaded and very few managed to kill me (SL50). Sucks that the Sunlight Blade doesn't work on the Shotel (or maybe it works on the normal shotel, not lightning?).

I tried a +10 uchi and can't get into it. I've tried uchi before, and same thing. What's the proper way to use this thing?

Also where the eff do I get miracles? My first faith build and I don't know at all where to get any.

Darkmoon Blades suck, couldn't invade anyone. I joined for the darkmoon blade, but gave up when I couldn't invade, so I killed Gwyndolin to get sunlight blade.

Shotel's OP R2's are somewhat balanced by it's horrible range and pretty poor damage. Normal Shotels (mine is +14 am) are buffable, I use sunlight blade on it occasionally. Never tried uchi. You can get a lot of miracles from saving Rhea after you find her in Tomb of the Giants. Other than that, Petrus sells some and you get them from covenants. Mostly.

EDIT: Meant to add, the Shotel is only really a hard counter to greatshield turtles, it's easy to work around it's advantage by 2-handing your weapon.
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Yeah I already got the Uchigatana.
Killing the vendor sounds like a lot less of a pain then trudging my way to Blighttown to get that thing. I don't want to visit Blighttown any more than I absolutely have to.

Don't remember where I left off when I played last...
I think I had just killed the Moonlight Butterfly + the Black Knight in the Darkroot Basin.

Iaito's got a slightly different moveset, doe. It's worth running for and then homeward bone-ing out. Idk.
Karma for my dog.
Nvr 4get
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Just got invaded for the first time. It was very confusing. She came up to me and didn't really do anything, and we just did stupid gestures to each other. Then she casted a spell that put me at like 10% health. I healed up and tried to fight back but my axe just went through her like she was a ghost. Then she burnt me to ashes with spells.

Wtf happened. And can I be invaded at any time while in human form?

Sounds like typical Dark Souls PvP lag, which can cripple the whole experience and drain it of it's fun. General rule: assume your opponent is a few steps closer than they appear, and assume they are trying to backstab you.

EDIT: Oh, Inst. You can get the Iaito in Blighttown as soon as you reach Firelink if you get the Master Key. It's ezpz, I recommend trying it before you kill the vendor. Unless you already have.
Earth: Toad and Calliss are working teamsies, I know that much.
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So i'm starting a second playthrough, dex/vit/end/(probably faith)

Should I get Quelaag's Furysword, or Chaos Blade katana?
Chaos Blade seems like a fun choice because katanas are badass and it looks good, but Quelaag's Furysword just looks very fun.

Chaos blade hurts you every time you inflict damage on an enemy but it's otherwise viable. Dunno much bout dat furysword but you should also consider the other katanas available (Uchi, Iaito, Washing Pole)

stupid weeb
I don't think anyone's gonna make you start over as long as you don't use super OP diamond tools the whole way through. It's not like you're trying to get another team member or something stupid like that.
Oh, I wanted to post this for you guys
I like pretty much everything I've heard from then but then again I was enjoying Miley Cyrus unironically yesterday. And I probably will later.
"I'm pretending that I'm too good for you, so you can't see the worthless pathetic person I am." and "If home is where the heart is, then mine is a cigarette." are better tho. And ok.
Huh. Unrelated I started exploring and it turns out this guy is one of those guys who reads my nonexistent journal
Good find.
Contract flx to make another sand generator
I already used the gunpowder in tnt which is now exploded. I'm not acting like a faggot, I'm calmly trying to explain that the contest can still go on fully and normally with you and Adam working together. If you want out that's fine, but just know that you're the one having a fit, not me or anyone else.

[/my replies to this argument]

We're trying to accommodate you, and you're latching on to how we collectively said no before. You shouldn't do that. We are pretty much in agreement with you. Christ.

Also, Toad, did you /ignore Rynnas on the server for me or something? I can't see any of his messages and I feel out of the loop.
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Lady, Toad, and Nathac please stop the bickering.


I vote yes to optional teams, but not req. Dbld resources for people going solo to make it fair. When can we start Earth?
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full of typical UG lets act like massive fags instead of actually doing anything interesting build-wise on the server.

O the irony

I got a beacon for Libertas.

i need so much iron tho
inb4 rynnas bans you lol

Maybe we should double the amount people doing solo get, to make it fair for them?

Yay? Nay? Ey? Hay?