My work was giving free meals to veterans on Monday. It was nice, and the majority of the guys had their heads screwed on straight. There is definitely a minority, though, who are just dicks. I saw a guy get angry just because he wasn't getting a free lobster for himself.
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Brought to you by the same folks who built an apartment building without elevators.

tbh i could see sweden or norway banning elevators in the name of public health
As if Spaniards had not already been dissuaded by the potential €60 million fines they face for illegally generating their own solar power, they now have to look forward to a knock on the door from the 'solar police'.

As if Spaniards had not already been dissuaded by the potential €60 million fines they face for illegally generating their own solar power,

illegally generating their own solar power

Holy shit the US is bad sometimes but I feel bad for you guys
It sucks now. Leave while you still can.
(I remember you, btw bb)
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I was in the lobby of a hotel when i had that picture taken. One of my handlers had the smart idea of giving me soda, which made me worn out. Rule 1 of fursuiting, only drink water. Never soda/pop, The carbonation will dehydrate you. Had to get bottled water.

So, where is your costume?
Jason Becker isn't classical
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I think beards were more prevalent back in the 19th century and it's just a coincidence

This, prolly. It looks professional nowadays to be clean-shaven, that's why politicians never grow out a beard. I do buy that thing about untrustworthy beards, though.
OT: yes, I would hypothetically
Male nurse

incomplete, hence the blocked face
I'm at 1.1m/sec. I think I'm gonna stop now before I get in over my head.
Are you me?
I'm thinking of wearing a slutty nurse/witch/whatever costume as a guy this year. I really wanna do Breaking Bad costumes, but I have nobody to be Jesse with me.
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Which is why I think most of the blame should fall on their shoulders. If they had just decided to pass a clean continuing resolution (which isn't even a budget bill it just buys congress more time to come up with one) instead of turning this into a battle about healthcare, then we wouldn't be in the middle of this shutdown. What does Obamacare have to do with the budget? It still operates with or without the government.

And regardless of who thinks should get the blame, the Republicans are going to be getting it anyways because even some of their own members think that John Boehner is being ridiculous.

@ bolded

granted, 3 seconds of google research, but healthcare is expensive.
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No, you believe there is a should, which I find to be a waste of time and, to be honest, naive.

There is what is, and we can study that, we can observe that. I never talked about anything being "bloated." I have no idea what the hell you're talking about with that, seems you're starting to interject your own beliefs (probably libertarian), onto what I'm saying. I'm speaking from a strictly objective standpoint. I am not commentating on good or bad, right or wrong, efficient or inefficient. I'm simply talking about the function of governments, things designed by people, and the rational self interest of those who formed and make up governments. There is an observable form that we can extrapolate from our observations and our historical knowledge, both with how governments act, how power in general works, and what interests people to act.

There is a should, we wouldn't all be here discussing it if there wasn't. If I have a fundamental misunderstanding of government, you have a fundamentally flawed moral compass.
All you're commenting on is the objective status of government(s) as they currently exist. Simply because they are bloated (and they are bloated) is not reason enough to say that that is their only form. This isn't about should or should not, it's about factual diversity in possible governance. People tend to try to accumulate power, that is true. They are stopped generally using force, a monopoly of it being preferable. See where I'm going with this? If the monopoly of force can go one way, it follows logically that it can go the other, or point in any of the infinite directions between the two.
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That government's have rights, or things they cannot do. Government can do whatever the hell they want as long as they are capable. They exist for that sole purpose, to do shit. That shit tends to be stuff that benefits those in power in some way or another.

Those that hold a monopoly on violence do as they please.

That isn't what government is, but it does apply to most governments today. It also isn't how it should be. The sad reality being what it is, how does that prove me wrong, as you seem to be insinuating? Because government is bloated and uses a monopoly of force, we should just accept that as the new "right"?
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You have a fundamental misunderstanding of what government is.

What is it, then?
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I fail to see why you think the government should not provide healthcare and yet you clearly think it should provide security and education. I mean I know the US is still suffering from the hangover of mass paranoia regarding anything that can be construed as socialist, but still.

Except I don't think either of those things - again, that's a whole 'nother conversation.
My argument is that private insurance companies should be the authority on, y'know, insurance. The government should not have the right to tell insurance companies that they have to lose money by selling to someone with a preexisting condition. That whole premise undermines the point of having insurance in the first place. Government also should not have the right to tell millions of people they HAVE to buy something or be penalized - especially not in an attempt to patch up their already shitty legisation as is the case in ACA.
(bolded is more smug ad hominem, btw)
What makes government the rightful entity on which healtcare provision should rest?
Almost every single country in the west has universal healthcare, this has nothing to do with Britain being right.

"Everyone else is doing it, it must be right!"
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Just like the government should have no part in preventing and fighting fires and crime, or have anything to do with education. amirite

That's an entirely different conversation, and is in no way relevant to the thread. I know your main argumentative tactic is to act smug, but at least try and stay on point, eh?
The principle in question isn't that everyone should (apparently) receive healthcare as a default. The principle in question is that people should be free to make the (yes, idiotic) decision to go without health insurance. There's this cool thing called accountability you guys might want to explore.

And that's not even touching on how government should have no part whatsoever in providing healthcare.
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It's not really "costing less and helping more" at all. It's forcing people to buy health insurance, and then fining them out the ass if they don't play along or get their own insurance. Nobody had a choice, even if they can't afford to pay for it.

Also, the "cheapest" plan starts at $300 and goes up. Nothing affordable about that. Also, depending on where you are, that price can go up too - lots of people are going to get screwed over and lots of companies are laying people off (or reducing them to part-time employees) because they can't afford to give their workers healthcare.

Did you even read the law?

This guy gets it.

tl;dr: government shutdown? good.
Across from it, people come in with those stupid hats all the time lol. Did you work there?
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Oh where specifically??

A restaurant. A well-known one.
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You have it figured. First month last month and typically 1 months for security deposit. So if you go 1200/mo ya you're looking at 3600 to sign the lease.
Moving expenses themselves vary wildly depending on how many friends owe you favors.
If you are going with 1200/month make sure it includes utilities.

I'm busy that weekend.

Ye. That's not too high a mountain to climb.
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When I was in Boston it was mostly first, last, security (half of rent). But yea $3500 for the whole deal sounds about right.

ps MA rulez

I live in Beverly, am moving to Salem, and I work in Faneuil Hall.

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Moving can be a logistics nightmare though, make sure you label your boxes. I'm moving right now too, and it's no small task. Are you moving with your brother?

Yeah. It's mostly just his shit though, and there's not a ton of it. The main thing is gonna be his bed, which is a queen. I sleep on an air mattress and beyond that I basically just have clothes.
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There's renting a truck, paying for gas, buying boxes and tape, paying first, last, and security, renter's insurance, the inevitable strain of relationships if you ask someone to help you move, between you and the person you're moving with, a certain someone claiming they're just going to "stay a few days" and then ending up staying for a few months and putting you in a position where you're violating the lease agreement, having a slumlord who doesn't understand the words "emergency repair needed," cats refusing to eat and meowing constantly, creepy neighbors who bring you shitty flax "brownies" with screaming toddlers, having to change your address and apply for a new license, and not wanting to ever have to go through something so terrible again.

I guess I'll just stay in this half flooded room that gets as cold as outside at night in that case
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Depending on how far / how much you have to move, anywhere from free to a few hundred bucks.

If you don't need to rent a u-haul, you're just paying for some gas and food. If you need to rent u-haul, will be at least 100-200 for a typical move.

One of my family members owns a local/regional transportation business, I'm thinking we'll ask to borrow one of the vans (not a minivan) he uses for runs. That and maybe a few friends/family members' help should cover it (10 minute ride between locations, tops). I'm also figuring first/last month's rent and a security deposit, where does that put me, like, $3500?
So I'm currently living in a studio apartment with my brother, and I'm in the market for a two-bedroom the next town over. Assuming a $1200 rent ceiling, what kind of figure am I looking at to finance the act of moving; what specific expenses are there?
Blue balls? Have you recently had a boner, or many consecutive boners, over a long period of time without doing anything about it?
My opinion is that indian girls are hot
Short back and sides look great, regardless of how Hitleresque you make it. Mine isn't too bad, like a 4-ish around my head and maybe an inch and a half on top.
Just because you can roll something back doesn't invalidate griefing. You didn't unban any of the randoms who logged on, burned some shit, and logged off. The fact of the matter is, you have favorites and you refuse to do anything to them no matter what they do because they're your favorites. I don't want to play on a server that's run like that in the first place. Literally worse than Nodex. Nothing of value was lost. Retard.
Yes, well, we'll see how long that lasts. Choosing to move away from the area (which is what I did) to let someone recover their items is as valid as putting it in a chest or returning it manually. Due mainly to his own incompetence, Rynnas lost some armor, some tools and weapons, and apparently a stack of logs, all of which would take him 10 minutes to recover. I lost a large portion of one of my major projects (including the resource chests, which still had a considerable amount in them) and all of my armor, tools, and weapons which would take me upwards of 6~ hours to get back. Somehow, I ended up banned in that equation. The way you run things is retarded. All of your mods, and most of the people who log on semi-regularly, would make far better admins than you. It's kind of tragic, too, because you're a cool dude. Aaaaanyway.
I have somehow been banned for having a town I built blown up. If you people can't see that this is a bad server to play on, I pity you greatly. No wonder it's dead.
It apparently despawned (after he attacked me and I killed him), but he retaliated by blowing up a third-ish of a town colcal and I were working on.

So can we ban Rynnas yet? No, probably not.
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I'm currently trading diamond picks for 2 diamonds per if anyone is interested.

Do you have any fortune 3s (preferably with UB)?
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Also, inventory carryover wouldn't make playing on the current map completely useless.

It'd turn it into resource gathering period so you could actually build shit on the new map.
Rather than starting on the new map in a wooden plank hut and having to farm for hours to get enough cobble to build on the cool mountain you found, you'd be able to get to the creative part of the game (read: good part of the game) immediately.
Also, anyone who didn't want to carryover wouldn't have to.

The grinding for stone and junk is my least favorite part of the game.

Only have so many inventory spaces, I'd take tools and some suits of good armor.