Fw. 190 will always be the coolest German plane from WW2
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what's different about the gameplay?
i only like bashing games i've never played or had any desire to play.

(Again, never once played a battlefield game BUT: )

I'm pretty sure BF3, similar to Skyrim, was corrupted by the COD generation.
Never played a Battlefield game, but just since I'm playing devil's advocate with you iirc BC2 is pretty much not generic like BF3 is.
The majority of Fallout is completely incongruous with the majority of TES. Also, further proof you have garbage taste in the form of giant ass images, I see.
If that's the case, why do I send you into a fuming, buttfrustrated rage 9/10 times we talk?
I am legitimately awed that you are capable of admitting you're wrong. Maybe you're getting past the mental age of 7 finally. Good job, buddy!
In other news, worthwhile things Ryn Ryn has said still totaling at 0
"Fallout 1 is so much better than TES 3" is like saying "Minecraft is so much better than Halo 2". They're completely different things. Ah well. Just goes to show you're a simpleton universally, not just in terms of what vidya you like. Idiot.
You've probably only ever played Fallout 3 and New Vegas

Also, no. You're wrong and I feel tremendous pity for you and your horrible taste in vidya.
Skyrim was the dullest Elder Scrolls game, ruined by the COD generation, and Oblivion was a poor impression of Morrowind. Everyone who isn't retarded agrees with this objective and self-evident truth.
I wish you had died in a tornado, you wheat farming fuck
Anyone here play Morrowind? I kinda want to make a House Hlaalu-architecture town.
Don't be a twat, it doesn't make you cool it makes you irritating.
Ask out the girl in 7th grade, and the one in 10th grade as soon as is tasteful.
Get a job.

Also, I love those videos so much.
I think literally everyone has to be embarrassed of the period between ages 13-15. If you aren't you're probably like a sociopath or something.
I'd make a compilation of audio of me shitting, and make them play it at my wake. Also, your user title is "Der Führer" top lel.
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I don't think anyone in power really cares. And sadly. judging by what I've seen the last few months that this stuff has been out there, it looks like most of the general public doesn't care either.

It's sad.
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I think it's important to consider that if you don't hand over your passwords, the US will go bankrupt funding the NSA and FBI to try and crack them.

At this point, with this much bad press surrounding the US, I'm very close to just saying "fuck it, good"
They obviously taxed everyone who was meant to be taxed, it's the IRS. They scrutinized conservative groups more though, which is paramount to targeting them.
If the program was 100% as-stated and was only being used on suspected terrorists, they wouldn't need passwords. Hence everyone (well, everyone sensible) being angry about it. But, I'd bet my life that it isn't being used 100% as stated, or anywhere even close to that number. Look at it within the context of, say, the IRS scandal wherein the revenue service targeted Obama's political opponents. Or Operation Fast and Furious, where the government provided a Mexican drug cartel with weapons which were used to attack a border station. Unfortunately, it's not 1790 anymore.
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I don't understand why the majority of the united states would ever have a problem with universal surveillance.

65% sure you're trolling, but what Jackal said. What good has it done? What good could it do, given the government's track record of not only incompetence and waste, but also of corruption?
Yeah I'm in full agreement with you, the prospect of this sort of thing being barely newsworthy is incredibly depressing. I don't understand how there's a debate going on in the other NSA thread, or how anyone could be for anything even remotely similar to this.

EDIT: @ Jackal, but Fear kinda also lol
The government will never turn tyrannical guys, you gun nuts are insane.

(Slightly sarcastic, because)
according to two industry sources familiar with these orders

The translation of which is "we could be making this whole article up lol"
My last moments are spend thinking why I didn't choose a different hospital with doctors who didn't say "sup"
There are people who don't love anything. There are also people who are mentally incapable of doing non-menial work. There are also handicapped people. What do you do with them?
I wear watches on my right wrist too.
Guys, why does privacy matter on an individual level? You're so unimportant that there should be laws forcing construction companies to build residential areas solely out of glass. It would make sure police could see potential criminals and smash their way through the house towards them. That's a good thing, right?
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Isn't the hysteria regarding these privacy issues a symptom of the Twitter generation's obsession with thinking that anybody and everybody actually gives a shit about what they're up to?

Didn't even read beyond this point yet, but people like you infuriate me. Please commit suicide.
That's why I said "basically". I mean there weren't bottles of maple syrup hanging everywhere and lumberjacks getting in line to walk down the street but it got the basics right.
I was working today and I got to be in an area that was basically Rynnas' POV if he was having a sweet coma dream. For example, google "Eastern Yacht Club, Marblehead, MA" and tell me that isn't quaint af.
Cmon Jon. Look at the conversation. Am I really the one throwing a tantrum? Be honest with yourself, even if you aren't to the thread.
The best thing to do when your child is having a temper tantrum is to let him tire himself out.
"I work part-time, and I have other business ventures"

Translation: I have a job daddy forced me into and I sell pot, the only thing I'm an expert in. I'm going nowhere in life.
He says, while living a life of mooching off his parent(s?) and playing Minecraft as a religion
I'm aware that that's what you said, but you were saying it response to my statement "moar local stuff ppl. . ." which wasn't me indicating that the pictures above were local stuff, but rather a call for the thread residents to post things from their areas. For instance, Fear could post a lawnmower or inst could post a field of wheat. Also, Ontario pictures in general:
"Wow look a tree"
"Hey man look it's another tree"
"Why are all the pictures of Ontario trees?"
"There's a stream too, guys"

At least Boston has buildings. Pleb.
I'm asking them to post, Mr. Reading Comprehension