Can you hear it guys? It's the sound of Rynnas shivering for reasons of freezing to death and the fact that the country the the south of him could roll over his silly hill tribes in three weeks, tops.

Check it out, it's the monument to how America defeated the world's #1 reigning superpower for hundreds of years in honorable combat before they'd even really formed an actual army.

moar pictures of local stuff ppl, I haven't been able to get on but it is kinda making me want to build.
Also can't hear you over the sound of our aircraft carriers which outnumber the next 5 countries' aircraft carriers all combined. Go back to your igloo and smoke a dirty joint, silly plebeian.
Just gonna take this moment to point out that that ship is 200 years old and still commissioned as part of the US Navy. And it's docked at this very moment in Bahsten dood.
Lol, Canadian calling someone from another country a communist

After watching the two episodes on there my verdict is that it's pretty great. It's not as good as the original series, but nobody really expected it to be. I'll keep up with it as best I can.
Is it any good?
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why is colin mochrie saluting hitler?

Because he understands that the building of a National Socialist State is the labor of the coming centuries. Heil Hitler.
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Boring beats offensively hideous like a lot of the recommendations ITT are.

+40. C'mon Bob. Short back and sides. It'll grow back. Be a man.
Both of those guys look dumb tho, that isn't it. You wanna go for slightly less than that on the top with like a 3.5 or so on the back/sides. And you gotta part it somehow, don't just comb it straight back like a tard.
Everyone ITT who's said short hair looks objectively better on men than long hair could not be more correct. I had hair halfway down my back for 5 years, and now that it's gone I have no idea what the hell I was thinking. OP, get the Nazi haircut. It's impossible to go wrong. (srs, it looks good)
They would already know where we were
I think I've actually been down there, lol. At least, I've seen two that intersected one another.
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1. He testified that he changed his opinion on how long trayvon took to die after being shot (one change of opinion) after seeing some results of a similar fatal shooting.

2. If you called Trayvon a hoodlum or a drug-fueled thug as i've seen some do in this thread, then that is straightforward racism and you can't explain that away

3. He was a volunteer coordinator for a neighborhood watch that didn't exist for the community before which means he took it upon himself to go "i shall patrol and protect this place from crime."

I can't comment on the first bit, I'm not versed enough in the trial to comment on it. However, in response to your second point: there are white drug-fueled hoodlums. There are also hispanic, asian, and black drug-fueled hoodlums. The term isn't specifically relegated to any race, and that you're assuming it has to do with being black kind of makes you the racist, tbh. Nobody ITT is like "Trayvon Martin was a stupid nigger. Heil Hitler." like you and that other guy are trying to make it out to be. Even if they were, (which they aren't) you should still stick to the facts of the trial rather than calling them out on it, warranted though it may be.
inb4 im racist

EDIT: Also in response to #3, that's pretty laudable and not on it's own a point against Zimmerman whatsoever.

It's not instigating to do your job as a neighborhood watchman by following someone you think is suspicious. It's not instigating to disobey the recommendation of a 9/11 dispatcher with no legal authority, who isn't in that situation. That's really the end of it. Race, motivations, stupidity or not, these things don't need to come into the equation. Bashing someone's head into the sidewalk is assault and battery, and is potentially life-threatening.

EDIT: Oh, mods, idk if that qualifies as gore but it is thread-relevant. I can take it down, obviously.
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That was insane. Wanted to get the beacon before Rynnas badly enough that I decided not wait until I had good gear, so I tried to fight it with some regen/strength/health pots, full Protection 1 iron armor, and a sharpness 1 diamond sword.

It killed me in like 3 shots. Then I panicked because I made it somewhat close to the surface right under my house and I could hear it blowing shit up and trying to get free on the the surface and roam the server.
Ended up making multiple suicide attempts down there with no armor and almost broken stone swords (thanks wither skelly drops) until it died.

All through that and for about 10 minutes after, I got to experience Minecraft as played by Michael J Fox.

We made a great team.
Haha, Adam and Rynnas! We beat you!
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The old pic was almost as bad as your pic.

At least mine's from when I was 15
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Two of the pictured cities are in Kansas, actually. If anything, that is Fear. Also, I didn't realize how shit Oklahoma was until the 450 mile trip I took to south Texas. Our roads, our buildings, everything is shit and ugly.

Okay then, if it's Fear, where are all the lawnmowers and beer cans? CHECKMATE.
Also you can see what fear looks like if you go on his profile it's pretty horrific tbh.

EDIT: Upon further investigation it appears he took down the pic. Top lel.
Yeah, you aren't, so it fits.
Also Oklahoma is just one giant wheat field, the cities are like a regional thing. They're more territorial disputes if anything. "Muh wheat" "Muh corn" -Average Oklahoman
Guys. I found inst.

Notice the city.
Enchanting setup at inst's hut courtesy of Nathac and Inst.
Also it turns out he's alive lol.
Still building the monument.
I'm gonna see if I can log on, I'm sitting in a fan which is indirectly cooling my laptop.
Whatever you do just don't record it because in 2-5 years you're going to cringe yourself to death looking back if you do
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This may sound stupid but I want to have the longer hair that makes me look like a musician/ guitarist.

That was my mentality at 14 too. Trust me, you probably look less like a musician and more like that creepy long haired guy with no friends or a small group of friends.

Also, headbanging is just silly. Don't.
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Feeling any tendencies toward voting short Austrians into power?

The flag on high!
Guys, I legitimately got the Nazi haircut the other day

OT: Trust me OP, short hair looks better. I had long hair a month ago, longer than yours. It looks retarded in retrospect.
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+1 trillion unironic
Music shouldn't make you. You should make music.
If I get a new computer/this one starts to be able to play MC again I'm gonna build an inst monument. He's dead. I can feel it. It's gonna be like Trafalgar-Square x10 level of glory. In a 1000x1000x1000 hollowed out space, like he would have wanted.
please tell me there are pics

EDIT: oh god im looking on dynmap
Hipsters are universally terrible people. It'll end, give it 5 years.
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Legalize all drugs man, the government shouldn't tell anyone what to put in their own bodies!

Quote by Also The Pit at large
It's GOOD that the government is telling this guy what to do with his own body! Not harsh enough!

I get that drunk driving, and especially drunk drivers, are a prevalent danger to other people. I also get that people still drive, sans-license. But an ankle bracelet that tracks your movement and checks for alcohol in the air? Doesn't that seem at all faulty and/or overly authoritarian? What if someone spills some beer down his leg or something?
Sealand is awesome, you're the ones who suck.
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Yeah but there has to be a punishment apart from an inconvenience and "you stop that!"

They have to be forced to say "Ohh **** why did I do that shit, **** me that was dumb". See if they at least did the punishment in the OP originally he'd have only done that single DUI and there's much less chance of people getting hurt/killed.

That's true. I should have mentioned that my cousin had had his license revoked previously, and he managed to get it back on the condition of the in-car breathalyzer. Poor wording on my part. So I can concede that a revoked license is basically a prerequisite for other things in DUI accidents. But if they only involve the person drinking, a fucking ankle bracelet? Nah.
My cousin has a few DUIs under his belt (no major accidents, never injured anyone) and he managed to keep his license. However, in his car, there's a breathalyzer test that you have to take whenever you start up the engine. Also, it will beep to indicate you have to take it every 20-30 minutes or so driving. I'd say, if you didn't kill or seriously injure anybody, that's a fair punishment for DUIs. The ankle bracelet which monitors your BAC and your whereabouts, that's pretty fascist and I don't agree with it. Obviously in his situation drinking is retarded, but it should be his choice to be retarded. Driving drunk, not being drunk, is where endangering someone else happens.
Tbh I miss when the mods were more tyrannical. The Pit had discipline back then. Everyone now is too free.
Remember Carmel.
Haven't read most of the thread, so sorry if this has been asked.

How do you guys feel about Disney owning Star Wars? I think it could either be great, revitalizing the franchise, or worse than the prequels. Which is to say, Fucking terrible.

When a major Canadian city goes underwater, the primary concern is the hockey rink's rebuilding, naturally.
I like these threads because everyone in them is apparently an 8th degree blackbelt and Kendo master. I choose the weapon of a well nourished body and well supplied backpack.
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People's rights to free speech end where my feelings begin. How dare someone say something I find offensive in a private conversation in their personal lives? I'm important.

Sigh. Forgive them, brother Rossenrot for they know not what they do.
I was about to post that
But yeah, hopefully none of your shit is damaged or anything.