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It seems my grinder is being hindered by the presence of anyone else on the map. So if someone is 20k blocks away, it still completely decimates the spawn rates.

The hell.

Edit: I just realized that I have a treasurechest plugin that could very well be conflicting with the HG plugin.

Ye, that happens. Shouldn't be too bad given our present situation though.
I am an extremely Machiavellian person.
It's funny because I predicted (& caricatured) literally everything he's saying.

Adam, go whole-hog or at least, like, 70%-hog. Absolute worst case scenario you have to take it off and we're back here, boo-hoo.
....hence why i was advocating adding the whole modpack and not just autumn forests and thaumcraft or whatever.....

How's that basic English comprehension ed going for you?
If you're gonna try FTB, might as well try it, IMO. It's not really my thing most of the time, but I don't think adding 1-3 things that you personally like will spur much server activity beyond the Canadians, which is obviously the goal here. Your dime, doe.
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d00D u dont even PLAY on da SERVUR nobody cares abt yr opnn bud bud bud bud bud man i want some bud hmu if u agree yeh

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just bring a couple stacks of wheat and a crafting table.

you didnt even play during that time anyways you fkin noob

I did, actually. Just not on the server.
Even unenchanted iron armor makes it extremely difficult to die unless you get utterly swarmed or shot into lava. None, leather, or bust. Good tools are okay I guess but things like fortune which devalue diamonds make minecraft easier indirectly.
Not the food, but, yeah. Closest you can get to challenge nowadays is forgoing armor altogether.
Nonstackable food which healed you, no enchantments which made you effectively invincible.
Ah yes. Truly, the epitome of humor and the cuttingest of wits. Mr. TijuanaToad, everybody.
There needs to be a challenge. If you suck it all out, what's the point?
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I think the Occupy protests illustrated a reason why a mass protest in America is unlikely. The Occupy movement had its heart in the right place, but it got too fractured. Everyone was protesting something different, and their voices drowned each other out. Granted, all protests might get fractured, but there's usually an overarching
Reason and a sort of narrative to the protests, which I'm not sure Occupy had.

That, and that what each voice was saying was mostly window-licking retarded, is the reason Occupy failed. I don't see the same problem occurring with a "dude, don't fucking spy on us, balance the budget, and do your goddamn jobs" protest.
Too easy, not taking the bait. The cat quote stays.
If the lyrics are audible, yes. Don't really get how you could answer no under that condition, but, hey.
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There are lots of Americans who legitimately think we sorted everything out then and there is no reason to revolt ever again. The American Revolution was against dumb Brits; a revolt against the American government is treason and displays a lack of faith in our infallible American democracy.

Really though, an example would be this anti-immigration rhetoric I hear all the time. 'We sorted out our problems when we revolted, so these Mexicans are cowards and should just have their own revolution instead of stealing our jobs [even though they have had several revolts, lol]'.

I only bring this up as an example of America's views on protests. It's seen as something everyone else has to do, not America, which kind of goes along with the Steinbeck example earlier, as Americans feel they are part of an equal system and as individuals they just need to 'work harder'; we are all just embarrassed millionaires.

Although one of the above posts brings up a good point. There are protests in America, just not mass protests.

That's strange, and, if it's that commonly a held view, sad. Protesting and affecting change in your government externally is probably the most American thing you can do. Fuck this gay Earth.
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Turkey, Brazil, Bulgaria this year. Spain, Greece last year. Arab Spring before that. London chav riots.

Meanwhile Americans are being spied on. Everyone complains, but generally don't seem to give off the message that they really care.

Kids are going to university and coming out with debt with little chance of acquiring wealth. Meanwhile, the rich get richer. Middle class is being eroded.

Health care, well, I won't even go there. It's been discussed here to death.

Debt is off the roof.

Wealth distribution is pretty uneven.

Jay-Z's new album is really average.

Unemployment is high.

I somehow get the feeling the Americans always try to push the blame on Obama, or the republicans, or the democrats, or this guy, or Lil Wayne. I also think American patriotism makes it seem Unamerican for them to criticize their own country/government. For example, the media portrays the gun law issue, or the gay marriage issue, which Americans seem to have very polarizing beliefs in, and the bigger and more important picture is missed. Steinbeck was also quoted saying that Americans never see themselves as poor, but rather, as temporary embarrassed millionaires, ergo rejecting any socialist ideas which may actually be beneficial for them. In a nutshell, it's difficult to believe you need to change when everyone tells you you're the best. But regardless, I don't wanna turn this into a gun law or gay marriage thread, but rather their readiness to protest.

Of course, the 99% movement was useless in the long run.

Then again, they said Brazilians are too interested in football/soccer to do anything about their politics. Then they raised the public transportation prices by 10%, one thing lead to another, and everyone lost their shit over there and they've had enough. So why can't it happen in the US?

@ bolded: wat? How would it be considered "Unamerican" by patriots to protest their government? Do you have the most basic knowledge of what went on in the American revolution?

In reply overall, I hope so. It's seriously time. No matter what side of the aisle you stand on (not that "the aisle" should be a commonly used term, since it's deliberately divisive rhetoric) you should be able to agree that Congress is impotent and the United States' many problems and seemingly inevitable decline cannot be stopped within Washington in it's present state.
We really do need based Carmel back
You have work at noon and you want to party all night? Are you retarded?
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I wish I was there when any of their future kids found this picture

You say that as if anyone in that picture is going to pass on their genes.

I feel so, so bad for the qt3.14 in the middle. That's a "'Nam flashbacks" face if I've ever seen one.
6.5/10 momentary spike of fury
1. institutions (rip in peas)
2. TheChaz
3. OneHappyCamper

EDIT: This is basically a giant "Suck the dick of StewieSwan, Hydra150, Jackal, Rynnas (Thrashtastic), and WCPhillis" fest, can we just make them the winners?
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Alright, everybody listen up, I am stick and tired of seeing so many imbeciles talk about the NSA "violating their rights" by keeping track of metadata from phone calls.

First off, why are any of you surprised? We have more than enough data storage space to keep records of every U.S. Citizens positions on a half hour basis for an entire year and then some. You're shocked to hear that metadata is being collected, but why wasn't anyone this surprised when they released texts (anonymously) from people in the NYC area after 9/11??? Do you really think there isn't a collection out there of your emails, phone calls, and transactions too?

Second of all, what is so bad about a confidential list of information from the past? Ever heard of a bank statement? Is M&T violating my rights too? No, it's a record. I would actually be very concerned for any company that doesn't keep track of their phone lines or digital transfers too. It is there for the sake of displaying a history of phone calls. Whether or not you want to use it to see your calls, or whether the government wants to view it to see where you've been, just like they do with indoor, outdoor, and traffic video cameras EVERY SINGLE DAY, is nobodies business.

Third, the NSA is not being intrusive in your life in any way. They are not oppressing you, they are not targeting you, they are not conspiring against you, they are not inhibiting your ability to use a phone, they are not speaking to you and best of all, they're not even censoring you. So why is everyone losing their shit over the NSA?

Finally, we live in an age where we cannot afford to live without cyber security. If you don't want the government keeping tabs on cyber communications, then you're really saying you're the kind of person who's okay with the Chinese hacking and stealing millions of dollars worth of technical economic details, and sensitive information. You're okay with a world where an anonymous group of juvenile amateur hackers can harass children and force people into hiding, crash bank websites, and distort personal emails.

I'm highly conservative, and I don't like big government, but let's be honest, if the government isn't censoring you, inhibiting your freedom of speech, intruding, violating, or oppressing you, then the least they should be able to do is keep a ****ing record of information and use it to cease serious domestic and international terrorist threats.
Please be trolling.
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long hair usually enhances the fact that the holder of said long hair has unappealing facial features.

I had hair that long, and I cut off 80% of it. I look better. This is not justice!
He would look better with short hair, like literally every other male in the world. Shame he's wasting his good looks like this.
(no homo)
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Greenie_777's stance is the only one I agree with because there's a probability that I actually worked with him doing the same SIGINT missions

It's a lesser of two evils. No one gives a flying **** about your dumb family stories, or the affairs you have in your marriage, or that you text your pot dealer.............unless any of these things directly shows you being in contact with an Enemy of the State.

Privacy and freedom are factors on their own which have inherent value. They should be considered first when drafting a new law. That, and what Lemoninfluence said, do you really trust the government not to change the definition of "Enemy of the State" to suit whatever needs they have at the time? If you do, will you continue to trust every administration from now 'till however long this is a law? (Probably a long time, given how complacent the American people has become.)
This thread reminds me of The Pit circa 2008 when everyone was still school age. Good times.

Also, you guys are still in school, lol.
Usually I disagree with Lemoninfluence, but in this thread anyone who says "oh, it's been going on for so long" or "neccessary evil, who cares" is just patently wrong. Violation, or potential violation of privacy by anyone is wrong inherently. A massive program specifically designed to violate peoples' privacy, "for their own good" is a whole new realm of despotic, statist evil. Who cares if people didn't care about it 12 years ago? They care now. People on this site are generally late teens - early twenties, they probably weren't old enough to care when the Patriot Act was signed. I wasn't. That doesn't make my opinion invalid.
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& its allocation of time man. you have to find all the cows, find the reed, grow it, chop all the wood. It's doing that initial investment and then being able to time when to do runs for all of the things and then making bookcases. they are expensive.

just, less over-thinking more doing. we could do a hxc map friday night to monday night or something. & at the end of the day its pretty much Hanta Yo minecraft so whatever he wants rly.

All of those things are easy to set up and easy to farm. You can get hundreds and hundreds of paper per harvest with a reed field that takes maybe an hour to set up. Cows grow exponentially, see Lefs farms, no challenge. Trees are the only semi-difficult one but there are these things called forests for when your farm isn't ready for harvest.

Anyway, do what you guys want, I'm unable to participate even though I'd actually like to.
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Adam, what you're proposing sounds like little more than a mining competition.

I thought about also awarding points for like, number of cows or pigs or sheep owned, stuff like that, but that's probably just an invitation to lagf*ck the server.

Bookcases would deffo be something to measure wealth.

But as Nathac says if we start getting into this it'll all go complicated as ****.

Dying last is pretty cool, but how are you gonna ensure someone's not gonna sit in their house doing **** all all day...

Because they'll be incentivized by the enabled PVP to get better gear than their competitors. Somehow I doubt the Canadians will like the idea of violence though, it will end up being whoever collects the most flowers wins.

EDIT: Also it really is time for a new (main) map now, lol. Usually when there's a lull in activity we've put one up like Keynesian economics and it's basically worked, but this time we just haven't.

EDIT2: How the hell are bookcases an accurate measure of wealth?
Step 1: set up cow farm
Step 2: set up reed farm
Step 3: set up tree farm
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So the server is close to being completely dead as fuck. What do you guys think would be fun to do? Adventure maps? Maybe even switching over to a lighter form of FTB with a large focus on the really nice things like thaumcraft and whatever provides the twilight forest and autumn forests. We could have power/electricity mods, just not sure which are good. If you don't want to play FTB, you can just play normal MC as I'd keep Svenland up so all the ores would most likely be fine... provided that it would actually still work with mods like that.

We could do another hardcore map. One life only, no revives. Maybe the last man standing after 2 or 3 days and if more than one person is left alive we decide the winner based on riches. So the most diamond, gold, lapis, iron. Assign point values like 10 for diamond 8 for gold since if you're mining properly (at y12) then they're fairly equal in terms of rareness. Iron would maybe be like 6 or 7 points per block. Stone could count, too. Glowstone would also be valuable as it provides incentive for people to do risky stuff.

literally fuck point values and point systems and fucking victory conditions of any description we always spend 40 years arguing about them and then the actual thing ends up sucking, just do whoever dies last wins end of

Also I can't come on due to IRL shit and computer overheat when I play for 30 minutes, in a few months' time I should be able to come on regularly again
1. Ur all $h1t
2. Skynyrd890
3. CaptainRon

First two have really good political opinions and haven't succumbed to the pretension that 80% of The Pit has. Third pays for me to play Minecraft lol.

please vote for me
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He left you a comment on May 10th so lies.

his profile says he's in Jenks which isn't in one of the counties that the storm took a sledgehammer to. was he going to school somewhere else?

Oh, wtf? That's weird, his profile says last online: May 2nd.
I know he was in community college, so probably near his home.
Forum's died down since 09 because everyone started being pretentious for some reason
Guys I seriously think inst died in or was majorly affected by the tornadoes he hasn't logged in since May 2
Haven't seen the movie. But I hear it only talks about the concept of the purge for the first 20 minutes or so, then becomes a lame home invasion flick.

However, if we're to talk about the concept, what does happen to civic service buildings during the purge? What about places like hospitals and prisons? Would they let you go into death row and shoot everyone, if all crime is legal?
I'd offer protection to non-purging people for cash. If they didn't accept my services, I'd rob them anyway.