If there was a generalized demand I'd be down but I've been busy IRL recently so I wouldn't be able to play much.
(pls play i miss u all)
WTF is this new launcher with xbox live

if i figure this out i'll come on assuming I'm welcome
Your barn sucked and it always will fuk u
exactly, waiting for you to come on baby
Re-upped the subscription to realms, putting out the call for any of the old folks that used to play on UGMC. No pressure obviously but drop your username if you want the invite. If I get a decent amount of response I don't mind re-upping the subscription it's only ten bucks.

edit: lurking the annals of this thread is hilarious, 10/10 would recommend rynnas is a fag 4 life
If servers were paid a higher wage and there was no tipping culture, the cost of that labor would be passed on to the customer via increased food/beverage prices. You would be paying roughly the same amount, regardless. The good thing about tipping culture is that it incentivizes people who really can deliver excellent service to stay in the industry, and to continue to do so. Furthermore, it gives people whose only skills are people skills something they can do that delivers a pretty good living. If there were no tipping culture, any table monkey could do the job for 15 bucks an hour, but the dining experience goes downhill drastically when there's an artificial cap placed on the amount of money a server can make; in other words, when there's nothing to gain from delivering good service. 
If you can't tip or don't tip, go to the supermarket and cook at home.
Source: I work in the industry
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yo nath, i got rid of your shitty creeper hole entrance to the skeleton grinder
it's now a ladder inside the tiny mausoleum in the unfinished graveyard like 10 blocks away from where your old entrance was

thanks fam
I'll be back on in the next few days, I been busy with irl shit
That spawn town was ill. anyone else got old UGMC screenshots?
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apparently MC 1.9.4 is "too outdated" to use realms

also i don't know how to connect to realms
i made a new profile for 1.10.2 or w/e the latest version is, and the realms menu just prompts me to buy a realm or make a trial one

there should be like a book or something iirc that will say you're invited to my realm. it might be in the main menu, I forget.

man I had some great times with you guys.
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i can't promise i'll join

its ok you dont have to but if you want youre more than welcome
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Should I even ask about...

the incident?

when I got banned from the server kek
A load, lol. I haven't played for longer than 15 minutes since.... the incident.
Inv'd instfuck (i miss u man) and horny uncle
Quote by H4T3BR33D3R
I think I still remember my login info?

I might check it out

Probs not til tomorrow tho

what's your mc name? Your UG one is coming up negative, and I think you were a lil after my time on ugmc
Longshot, but if anyone wants to play I'm currently using my realms trial. Felt the itch recently. Don't know if I'll keep it after it expires but at least for the next few days. lmk if you wanna be inv'd (I still remember most of your mc usernames)
I miss MC as well :<

I had a realm with my brothers and some irl friends for a while, but it kinda fell by the wayside. If anyone has a server or realm I'd probably log on and play a bit if welcomed.
It's a reference to the heaven's gate massacre of 2009, where boobs were posted for hours on end before punishment was meted out. Babby's first ban <3
System restore, yo

God exists. I'm finally free.
I dunno anything about the music scene but I can tell you firsthand that Boston is expensive to live in. Although, probably the same with Austin tbh.
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Next you're going to want to hang dogs from trees, I suppose.

Only if I can fuck them first.
Pointing out the relative rarity of trans people and hanging niggers from trees are totally congruent. You're right. Heil Hitler.
I didn't read any of the thread but I think it's an absolutely retarded idea. Boys/men are boys/men, and girls/women are girls/women, with the odd exception. This is coming from someone who's had a trans best friend for 5 years now, before anyone calls me a bigot. Equality is about acceptance, not enforcement.
Kill 6,000,000 Jews.
I went to school pre- and post-NCLB. It sucks.
Dedicating your life towards the pursuit and achievement of a single goal is almost as far from depressing as you can get.
There's no excuse for disciplining/expelling someone for their personal beliefs, even if their beliefs are those of a disgusting, racist piece of shit. Period.
Alright, that's when you should start being a little self conscious.
No, a massive bush is ugly not rock and roll.
So do you yuropoors want us to invade Spain or
That's kind of what cats do when you first get them/move with them
Getting offended by jokes or thinking people should be censored in their joke-making is for children. You can't always be happy with everything you see around you at all times.
Honestly being that faithful is kind of admirable.
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He's 44 and a Lawyer.

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Imagine a capitalist society with 100% employment, and all jobs involve providing goods and services that are reasonably necessary, not plastic novelty crap that breaks right after you buy it, or other junk that you have to sell people on with aggressive marketing because no one really wants or needs it. Now, imagine this society produces 100% of what the population needs, with slight surplus.

Now, imagine a technological advance happens that, overnight, doubles the productivity of every worker in every industry.

That will never happen but okay

There are pretty much two reactions people can have to this.

First, some people might think, "That is awesome! If everyone is twice as productive, and you were already producing everything you needed, than now everyone can just work half as hard... You can go to 20 hour work weeks, or 3 day work weeks, or everyone can have 26 weeks vacation each year, or everyone can retire at 40... What a paradise!!" Yes, this technological advance could, theoretically, lead to this kind of society-wide change and benefit, if the powers that governed were inclined to manage and steer the resulting societal changes in that direction.

But, let's look at the second reaction people might have: "Oh, shit!!! Suddenly half the people will be out of work!! 50% unemployment, resulting economic collapse, depression, out of work people cut back on spending, now there is even less demand for goods, so the businesses have to lay off even more people, unemployment rises to 60% or higher... Jobs are so scarce that employers can suddenly get very demanding, insisting workers take pay cuts, give up benefits, work 80 hour work weeks, etc. The quality of life for workers -- even those with jobs -- declines. Misery abounds.

There would probably be little actual change in employment. Why would anybody be laid off if their productivity is somehow doubled? Unless we're talking about machines replacing humans overnight, which is a whole 'nother story.

And, for the insightful pessimists, the fall out does not stop there. The 50+% unemployed are not going to just sit idly by with no income till they starve. They will look for ways to insert themselves into the economy, to generate some form of income. Traditionally, people in these circumstances do a few things; Invent make-work jobs, or boondoggles. Afraid of being fired? Convince your boss there needs to be an additional layer of middle managment or red tape or quality control, maybe that company only lays off 30% of its workers. Popular vote may drive government to set up more bureaucracy to employ more people. Government agencies grow big, more red tape and needless paperwork and checks and balances up the wazoo rather than relying on common sense and decency, maybe a few more people find work that way.
Problem = where? Bureaucracy is annoying, but in what way is it inherently a detractor?

But that's not all, the unemployed can earn incomes by inventing new jobs, perhaps whole new industries, selling goods and services people don't need, relying on aggressive or misleading advertising. Look at the door to door salesmen in the depression? The aluminum siding salesmen? Snake oil salesmen? Telemarketers? A lot of the unemployed may find work, but it'll be worked doing stuff no one really needs or wants. Why is that bad?

Well, just to the extent these people start making plastic crappy doodads and trinkets and novelty items and junk no one really needs, where do they get the resources for those things? From the planet. Even crappy plastic stuff takes petroleum, makes waste products, kills trees for packaging, burns fossil fuels to ship stuff from one place to another.

The society you proposed at the beginning probably couldn't exist while humans still burn fossil fuels as their main source of power. Also, having been unemployed for a long period of time, I can tell you that people don't just make up new industries, whatever that means.

If you and 10 other people lived on a desert island with 20 trees and two fresh water lakes, what you would say if one of those people said, I'm going to cut down half these trees to build wooden nutcrackers that look like Pokémon, and I'll have to pollute one of the lakes with waste from the manufacturing... You -- and the rest of the people on that island -- would say, "WTF???!! Like hell you are!! Are you insane? We have scarce resources!! We should not be wasting our scarce resources on useless crap that will just be garbage in a few months!"

The planet isn't an island with a few lakes and some trees.

See, going back to the original analogy, capitalism does not lead to any kind of "share the benefit of technology" approach. It's not designed for it. Technological advances profit the owners of capital, and the workers suffer as a result. In the early 1900's there was a lot of implied promises that the growth of new technologies would make life easier for everyone, we'd all become men of leisure as machines did more and more necessary labor. But that did not happen. Why? Because when a worker becomes a man of leisure, he becomes unemployed and unpaid and desperate to find another source of income. That's not a good result.

When's the last time you used a washing board to clean your clothes? When's the last time you saw a farmer using a scythe to harvest his crops? When's the last time you had to ride a horse, or in a cart, to work? The idea that people in general don't profit from technological advances is plain ol' retarded. Profit doesn't come solely in the form of money.

The problem with capitalism is that there is no recognition when is "enough enough", as in, "We're producing enough stuff to give everyone food, clothing, and other important stuff to live on...we do not NEED everyone to be working to satisfy the demands of society, and if you FORCE people to work for income, you will get people doing jobs that only have an ILLUSORY BENEFIT, and that are really just make-work. But in a planet of scarce resources, the last think you want are millions of people looking for make-work that uses up scarce resources in order to create plastic crap nobody wants, or other useless products.

If everyone had only what they needed to live, we'd still be in the 11th century. Leisure time comes as a result of peoples' work.

Go to Walmart. Go to Sears. Go to Target. Look around with open eyes. You'll see just how much crap is out there that no one really needs, or would want if not for the power of marketing. And we all pay a price, because it speeds up our destruction of the planet.

You'll also see how many useful goods can be purchased there, if you actually look around with open eyes.

Going back to the initial example, the technological advances actually were implemented in a way that led to everyone having more free time, but still getting their standard wages, it could have been a utopia. But, in a capitalistic society, it would become a nightmare. And where does it stop?

In what way can a society of layabouts twiddling their thumbs and masturbating half the week be considered a utopia?

Does anyone, if asked, "What would the ideal future look like in 500 years? In 5000 years?" Would anyone say, "Well, it would look a lot like today. Poor people & rich people, most people working 50 hours a week, getting maybe a week and a half of vacation per week, most living lives of quiet desperation hoping, despite enormous odds, they might break into a higher income level...that's a great way to live, and I hope it never changes." No, what kind of moron would want that, forever, as some kind of utopian ideal? And if you agree that is NOT the ideal we should be striving for, then you are admitting we need to re-think capitalism, because capitalism will NEVER lead to any future where the general populace has it easy, works less, has more leisure and an overall sweet life.

You're misrepresenting society today to favor your argument. Nobody would answer that question with "People would just sit around and do whatever they wanted for half the week, and then they'd reluctantly go to work the other half" when asked that question either. Labor has inherent value.

tl;dr: you're 14 and you just discovered Marx and/or weed. You're probably the pariah at school and think you're fighting the power by posting on a forum about how bad "the man" is.