Weirdly enough I'm in support of #3, as opposed to #2 which would be my normal choice. Now that this talk is beginning, there's not a ton of point in building on the server since a new map will invalidate it surely. A shared-inventory type of deal would still incentivize playing, which is something I've genuinely wanted to do. I miss you guys, just been working my ass off lol.
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Note: If you do this the server will show everyone working there the note and they will laugh at you thenceforth

I work in a restaurant. This is accurate. If you have to hit on girls, hit on ones who are off work, it's much simpler.
Your houses are pretty decent, and they're all the same.
Inst: 1
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all of the buildings were too different from each other in terms of style, size, and materials.
this isn't a problem if you have a large city with tons of houses all in one style and set of materials, with the different special ones in certain areas, but hexacity was too small to do anything like that, so it ended up looking a bit like a mish-mash of ideas.

this happens a lot when large groups of people get together and try to build something big like a town without setting up build guidelines and having discussions and such.

edit: i'm not saying hexacity was bad or the people who worked on it are bad, because they're better than me for sure :p
i'm just saying it was never going to reach that level of "man, epic build" that the sort of cities toad linked to are.

I kinda agree, except UGMC has a tendency to plan plan plan plan plan and then never build anything.
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Edit: Nathac if you can come up with an agreeable set of rules then yeah but good luck. Unless you mean a no BS 1-life hardcore map. I'm always game for one.

Okay what we need is a points system. Diamonds will be 40 points and flowers will be 15 points each. Brewing stands will be 20 points a piece and so will bookshelves. Whoever has the most points at the end of a completely arbitrary period of time wins absolutely nothing for no reason.

Just kidding, that's retarded. One life, PvP on, see who lasts the longest. How it always should have been.

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Hexacity was better:

That's pretty good, but people make their builds look better than they are with shader mods and TPs. Hexacity, complete and bustling, would have been glorious. Dem gutters, man.
Was this on Labor Day?
Birch forest looks like great building terrain

EDIT: Anyone else smelling an amplified generation hardcore map on the server?
Now what we need is the ability to refine the poppy flower into heroin
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Okay I kinda hate you too but tbh

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I have been playing Minecraft for Xbox for a few months now, and would there be any point in getting it for PC now? Is there that much of a difference?

Why did you even get it on xbox in the first place? PC is superior to such a degree it's unbelievable.
Not you too
Holy fuck, please tell me he did that in survival
18, don't live at home, working full time, in school.
I missed this thread until it was too late..
I still remember when you said you liked me more than those two guys. I see your avatar when I close my eyes. You were always the best.

I am seriously sad.

Yeah the Pit's been pretty whiny lately. I miss the good ol' days.
#90skids #nostalgia #hmu #bloodsemen #swag
Because everyone knows criminals all commit crimes with M16s they re-imported from Syria.
Gun mods are silly and meant to provide entertainment to 11 year olds
And then you froze to death horribly because you used your only source of warmth to preserve meaningless (in that context) money.
My time machine worked! It's me when I was 14! What's up, man?
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yeah nathac will build a cobble monstrosity "fort" and then not come on for 3 months 10/10 user

Why are you being so antagonistic?

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Excessive iron farm complete.

So far I've gotten 1.5 stacks in about 6 minutes...

Sweet, where is it?
Don't do it guys he'll build 40x100 log barns and try to pass them off as good
Needs 800 more flowers and 40 more brewing stands
There are going to be a lot of IN__'s ITT claiming to be the best. Calling it now.

intp master race 5ever
Oh cmon I liked flound3r, don't be a griefer
Blame mrs, he thought he could revive the alpha dome or something to that effect. Do it up. Haven't been able to get on, work.
You mean like horses?
EDIT: at adam
Were you trying to see which blocks had redstone torches underneath by placing tnt everywhere?
Ah, to be 14 again.
I wonder if you silk-touch the no-grass dirt block, if it will retain that property when you replace it? This is legitimately cool, I just hope they don't go FTB style and make it just stupid (like horses).

EDIT: Ooo, looks like like the hardened clay in that biome has layers, probably in an attempt to simulate actual geology. Sign of things to come, maybe? Good way to get it en masse anyway.
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This, being seen in person gives you a massive advantage, unless you're a dirty hillbilly who can't line up a few words whitout swearing 50% of the time. Then it's just a matter of applying to a LOT of places, even those you wouldn't really consider at first.

Well, this IS Fear we're talking about here.
Yeah, online apps really are bad. Print out or make your own blank app and don't leave until a manager of some description has it in their hand. They'll say you can't but dude, it doesn't really matter.
Go in to talk with someone. Worst thing that could happen is they'll reject you and you'll have a soul-crushing memory to haunt you for the rest of your life.
Colcal I decided I didn't have enough room for what I wanted to do, so I'm just gonna make it into a generic mine building. Maybe put a basic minecart/hopper dealio to extend ability to stay underground or something.
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yr not good at this, yr too dumb and american to pull it off.

That post reeks of privilege Rynnas.
Well I do have a colored name so I'm Adam's bitch by default according to the accord of 2011 or whatever. So, yes. I am.
But you don't want to, because you anesthetize yourself with marijuana and have no drive. Also, you're older than me and come from wealth. Not saying "muh privilege" but it is automatically easier for you when you have connections inherently. Enjoy wasting your ample opportunities for success.

EDIT: Adam I have a bunch of redstone I'm never gonna use, just so you don't shove tree branches up your anal hole I'll fund your grinder in that fashion. I need all my cobble tho.

EDIT2: I put a chest outside the larger door of spawn. Which sucks, by the way.
Flound3r is an 07er? Dang, son.

Unrelated, got two job interviews tomorrow at the two oldest commissioned restaurants in the United States. Suck on it, everyone (especially part-timer Rynnas).