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PC, more features, more mods, more servers, customizable skins and textures, generally superior in every single way imaginable.

Oh yeah, duh, how about infinite worlds, the one thing which makes minecraft seem even remotely alive? Dunno how I didn't think of that. Millions upon millions of blocks vs, what, 1000x1000? You'd be a fool to pick Xbox.
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Am I supposed to go Rambo on the white house or some shit? I'm not superman I can't change anything.

hurr hurr its this type of thinking that allows stuff like this to happen etc etc there I saved you guys some typing

If you realize that and still can't motivate yourself to at least anger, I feel tremendous pity for you.
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The argument that a lot of pro-gun people use is that the 2nd amendment entitles them to own firearms in order to discourage and fight back against a tyrannical force, whether that's foreign or domestic. It's so fundamental that they're willing to forego the increased risk of mass murders in order to keep their freedom.

Yet here we have a government that's spying on its citizens (and others) on an unprecedented scale and with very little oversight. Any time anyone tries to hold the relevant people to account, they're met with the 'get out of jail free card' that is the 'state secret' privilege in order to avoid having their actions scrutinised and potentially declared unconstitutional.

And somehow people are fine with that.

If you're going to have the 2nd amendment, use it for its intended purpose.

Critical mistake you're making: the rights listed in the Constitution aren't guaranteed by the Constitution, just affirmed. The right to bear arms is already everyone's inherently, in countries where people aren't able to, the government is taking that liberty away from them.

But I agree with you otherwise, the complacency people are showing towards this makes me incredibly depressed.
In narrow brick winding hallway being chased by some unknown malevolent force.
Able to run.
Run for a while.
Eventually, physically unable to run.
Get caught by malevolent force.
Repeat at beginning, the distance you can run getting shorter each time.

Do this a bunch of times until you wake up.
Do you have any fabric whatsoever in your room? Then you can clean it. Godspeed.
yeah there really needs to be less of those houses lol
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You dont even use ten buttons to play Minecraft.

w a s d q e space bar up arrow down arrow left arrow right arrow 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 shift left click right click

Mental illness or not? You tell me.
(Sorry if that's been posted, I skipped to the last page)

OT: I don't think liking MLP, having dolls/dakimakuras and things like that are mental illnesses in and of themselves. However, those activities are obviously more prevalent among people who do have something wrong with them.
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Minecraft PC vs Minecraft Xbox 360?

Which one and why?

PC, more features, more mods, more servers, customizable skins and textures, generally superior in every single way imaginable.
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^I don't think that should be banned either. Rather, what should be banned is purposeful obfuscation about the use of these ingredients

You know those intro to food science/nutrition classes in university? I think they should be taught in high school instead. It'd tie into whatever biology/chemistry/health classes people have to take in high school.

+1 except the high school thing. As long as what you're eating is explicitly a matter of public record, I encourage companies to make burgers out of arsenic if they think it will make them a profit. If you're stupid enough to eat them, it's your fault.

In response to the person who will inevitably ask me how this relates to the earlier discussion concerning responsibility for your child's health, if you knowingly feed them an arsenic burger (extreme example, obviously) you're the person responsible for their death. Jonestown style.
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should parents be obliged to feed their kids healthy food?

They should be obliged to feed them, and if poor health comes about as a result of it it should be treated as neglect. Immediately fatal car crashes don't equate to very gradually fatal food.
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do you support seat belt laws?

No. I mean, there's the question of "should parents be obliged to buckle up their kids", and I guess I can answer yes to that, but if we're talking a car full of adults capable of making their own decisions, no.
If you believe the government should restrict someone from making a choice which harms them and only them, I fully endorse you eating as many Quadruple Bacon Burgers deep fried in grease as you can until you die.
Heaven's Gate Massacre victim here. The only one who is still loyal to Her cause, as demonstrated by my avatar.
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Yeah, I don't get it

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Alright, great...

0 AM GMT is 1 AM at my place, I have to wake up before 8 so i'd like to get atleast 5 or 6 hours sleep, thats why i asked to move it.

So yeah

1. Toad
2. Fear

How do you figure staying up until 1 AM specifically to play a game with people isn't scheduling your life around a game?

Pointless spammy argument, drop it
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how's that contradict what I did just now?

You're scheduling your life around online things.
"I don't like scheduling my life around online things" -Toad at the first ever HG.
Loling at jealous Europeans and Canadians using "freedom" as a negative buzzword.
Because being pressured into guilt for being born into a certain demographic is wholly sensible.
Because everything leads into everything else! That's why people kill themselves.
After overheating during my third consecutive good discussion on UGMC, I have determined that I need a new laptop before I can play.
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2e used THAC0 I'm pretty sure. A d20 system is way more simple. It's hard going in but the rules are more consistent. Give Pathfinder a try, or the D&D equivalent 3.5.

Yeah, the rules for THAC0 are carved into the inside of my skull, it'll be hard to shake them off if I try. Thanks n stuff.
I "played" 2e with my dad in the 90s. I still have the original books.

I'm moderately interested in starting a more modern iteration, is it very difficult?
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That's almost always true, but the kinds of dedicated cards that you find in 600 dollar laptops are the ones that are so weak that you're actually better off without them. If you don't have the money right now, another thing to consider is that Intel's Haswell chips will be launching soon, and those will bring huge battery life improvements and further improvements to the HD graphics.

Hm, that's actually interesting. I won't be able to save up for a laptop for a few months after I actually get a base of income, so I'll be on the lookout for that. Thanks again.
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This laptop is really the only thing that came up on Newegg with your requirements. No info on the webcam. However, the dedicated card in that laptop is actually weaker than the Intel HD 4000 graphics.

Really? I know roughly liquid shit about graphics cards, so I just assumed that a dedicated card would be inherently better than something on the motherboard. Anyway, I need a job before I can start thinking about dropping $600 on something. Thanks, though.
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You can still find em online pretty easily. What's your budget and main purpose for buying the laptop? Gaming? School? General use?

I'm going to start college relatively soon, so that would be a large part of it. I do play video games, but not super modern ultra hi-fidelity graphics ones, so I'm not looking for a gaming laptop. Napoleon: Total War, as an example, is the most GPU intensive thing I play. Anyway, I'm looking around $400-$500 but I'm willing to go up to $600 if the laptop has everything I'm looking for, which is:
2.0+ GHz CPU with more than 2 cores
At least 4GB RAM
An actual graphics card, i.e. not intel graphics
At least 1.3MP webcam
Larger screen than I currently have (13 or so inches)
Fans that actually work (idk if you guys remember my question regarding the cooling fan, but it finally broke 100% and it apparently worked so terribly that there's almost no difference in laptop temperature)
And uh, that's about it.
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I'm sort of in the market for a new laptop, and I'm checking out the market just to get a feel for it. However, I'm noticing most of them have Windows 8 installed, which worries me. I'm looking at videos of it for the first time and it seems terrible. Does anyone know of any major retailers that still stock Windows 7 laptops, or alternatively, is Windows 8 really that bad?

unwilling to buy a mac, i play vidya and dont want to waste money on shiny plastic
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New map may give us a chance to implement that idea that we were discussing a couple of months back.

Speaking of "new map"...

If you have long hair like I did just chop off 85% of it and give the barber free reign from then on, pretty much guaranteed to look fabulous.
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Do you live in a heavily populated area?

Retail jobs are highly sought after (for what reason, I have no clue, having worked my fair share of them), and therefore have a high volume of applicants, typically. But they also have the highest employee turnover rate, so the important thing is to apply to many different locations and make sure that they note your interest in the job.

If you're in a smaller community, a good word from a friend or relative who works with the company/knows the boss or something similar can really work wonders.

I live a few towns away from Boston, so yeah. The idea is to keep applying to everywhere and hope for the best, but as for the latter bit my family is comprised mainly of white trash poor people, hardly the best references or opportunities for connections.
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Retail doesn't exactly have a high barrier of entry, though.

On the off chance they're hiring, yeah. But, (at least in my state) that off chance is pretty goddamn off, and whenever it comes around there's about 200 applications, mostly people like me, but some of which are fully qualified and require no training, are educated etc., etc., etc. It's very, very difficult to beat out those people.
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You're looking at the wrongs places. You need degrees for those jobs. Try a restaurant or retail. If you want a more "prominent" job then you get a degree. That's how the world works.

Yeah I'm not just looking for those jobs obviously, I didn't mean to convey that lol. They're just everywhere in the general job postings, there's scarcely anything else.
Not everyone who goes to college is having daddy pay the bills. If you can't get any sort of scholarship or get a loan, then save up money from working at Starbucks or whatever.

Well, therein lies the original problem, I'm having trouble getting that sort of job in the first place.
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It's really not that hard for a teenager to get a job. You just have to accept that you're going to be doing something you probably won't like.

Applying and calling to pretty much everywhere I'm realistically qualified for, but most of the jobs up here (Northeast US) are for either healthcare workers, HR departments, or some kind of technician or engineer. I aspire to become a part of that third group, but having not been born into wealth I can't rely on family support while I go through college. Job must come first.
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A) By being a reputable, sociable young man with an appropriate level of basic skills.

B) By not being an awkward neckbeard outcast recluse.

C) By being able to conduct yourself as a responsible adult for, like, 2-5 minutes.

I'm not surprised it's too much for you.

Did daddy type that for you, or has he given you keyboard privileges for the day? Good boy.
How the hell are you supposed to get a job as a young person with no experience, no degree/certification, and who wasn't born into wealth?
You're moving out too?
18 year old success story bros

(it sucks)
I vote new map, more likely to be used more often.
I actually want to play, but my shitty $5 Walmart mouse from a year and a half ago finally died.