Do you have any more? That was moderately nostalgic even though I wasn't present.
Can you officially confirm they were griefers?
Nathac confirming that, also I can't zoom in on any of them but Mortar86. Brb, trying to login to check.

EDIT: "End of stream" upon login attempt, can't speak on dynmap in spite of the chat bar still being there.
People from the nordisphere touting the superiority of Europe, top lel. Enjoy your cultural enrichment and gender-neutral kindergarten kids.
Don't you jerk off over the thought of gravel nightly though
"nah man HORSES is what we need LOL!! xdddDDD fuck common sense" -Mojang
I'm calling adbot.
If not an adbot, someone paid to sing the praises of the joke that is the Xbox One on internet forums.
just gonna say it: stained glass would probably look retarded, especially in default
I chopped off about 80% of my hair mass almost a week ago. I look ten times better. You'll look ten times better. Very, very few people don't look ten times better with a nice haircut. It's easier to shower with, and to comb. Going outside on a windy day doesn't make you look and feel retarded. Trust me, do it.

inst confirmed for ded in tornado
rip in peas
no forget all of what he just said you were banned dont try logging on again
Quote by My Last Words

Fuck that. I don't believe it. There's no way I wasted that much of my life when I could have done it so easily.
I'd wish you happy birthday but male birthdays are constructed by the patriarchy to "put women in their place"
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It's nice to talk to someone else who actually knows what they're talking about.

I spend all day reading about Nazis and WW2. Don't get too engrossed in it, you'll catch yourself actually thinking thoughts like "man, I wish Germany won". I've been down that rabbit hole. Not a good place.
Quote by necrosis1193
These are both very true. And given the fact they had the latter in the form of generals like Rommel and a substitute for the former in the form of 1930s jet engines and, without concentrated Allied resistance, atomic bombs, it could've happened. But I just can't see them managing to pull it off even with things like that simply because of the gigantic resources, size, and manpower advantages that the Soviet Union had.

Same. If Hitler would have devoted more resources towards things like the Me262 and replaced the obsolete K98k with the best rifle of WW2, the StG44, by say, 1940, and THEN invaded the USSR with Japanese support in the far East, accomplishing all their goals (Moscow by the end of Summer, essentially) on time and with minimal losses, then, MAYBE it could have been done. Maybe. Instead, he allowed the RAF to cripple the Luftwaffe and wasted lots of time and money on the V2 which did liquid shit militarily. At the same time, he issued pants-on-head retarded "no retreat" orders which resulted in massive casualties, allowing the Soviets to get a 6-1 numerical advantage towards the end. By the time D-Day happened Germany had already lost the war.
Absolutely, war with the Soviets at any point WW2 on was/would have been an exercise in futility. I maintain that the Axis had a slight chance against them, but it would have required divine intervention and tact the likes of which has never been seen.
To all people saying "don't invade Russia until prepped", understand that it was in effect a preemptive attack. The Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, outside of dividing up Poland was basically just for show. If Operation Barbarossa was delayed, The Soviets might have gotten initiative and invaded themselves. Attacking when he did was the right move, it allowed for a ridiculously successful beginning, before the Red Army was organized. To win on the Eastern Front would have necessitated large-scale help from the Japanese. Force the Soviets to fight on two fronts, make their numbers count for less, and strangle them to death. Even then, it would have been ridiculously difficult and, assuming victory, one of the most brilliantly (if I may use that word talking about the Axis) devised military operations in the history of warfare.
Pretty sure this qualifies as advertising, but I'm not gonna report you. I'm not gonna like your page either, but your cause seems to be noble enough.
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Seli's block list:

-cake (2s)
-redstone repeater (on) (1s)
-mrshnuckums' head (4s)
-mushroom block (3s)

I like the subtle mrs-rattata reference
Quote by CaptainRon
Oh come on now it's not like he took the most beautiful mountain I've seen that also happens to be right next to spawn and turn it into a tiny hut filled with heads and a giant floating cow farm.

I've got some bad news for you, friend
You only say that because you used to be the server idiot and you're glad the heat is off you.
Mango's okay. Ban Seli. Nobody likes Seli.
I actually chopped off 70% of my hair yesterday so that's a bit of an issue
I don't get it, do I have to pee in figurative cup for you?
I was spying dynmap while he was on and I saw him say to himself "Who thought it was a good idea to allow tnt in scienceland?" or something similar.
If you think selling drugs has a positive effect on a teenager's life, you're so far gone from reality that nobody can drag you back, including yourself. You're a damn fool, not that that's a surprise to anyone.

This coming from someone who thinks all drugs should be fully legal.
Currently a "happymasksales" with a default steve skin walking around on dynmap unsupervised
right click - quit skype

Kap and I were having a good conversation and then my laptop overheated
Minecraft 1.5 called, it wants it's news back. Also, actually going on reddit LOL
can we actually just ban him like why dont we hold a vote
as if I needed another reason to not play MC
Step one of doing a blues improv: play blues
Speaking of FTB, is Pap's little server still up? I don't really have time to play vidya anymore but I'd consider popping on now and again.
Yeah, I basically have to choose between sitting uncomfortably or getting a scorched dick.
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Well, cheap laptops never last long, just as a general rule of thumb. What make and model is your laptop?

It's an HP G42. I remember there being a longer, more technical name for it but I cannot for the life of me remember.
I got it roughly a year and a half ago, do you know if that's typical for a laptop's fan life? It was pretty cheap, like $300ish if that matters.