They are updating the Zune service in sync with the Zune HD/zune software launch tomorrow. This means a lot of their services will be experiencing difficulties.

Log back on tomorrow

*By 'they', i mean microsoft
PicSeL cant spell paedobear. Shame on him
i was about to say NO FRIGGING FINGER. That thing is actually not funny or amusing.
**** offf
bros b4 hoes man. Hoes come n go. Bros stay by your side

..unless they're banging hoes
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because youre never goign to get any.

tried to get inside my next door neighbour's mums pants...

I did make out with her not long after, but i dont think ill ever get in her pants
lol wut, i thought EVERYBODY had a shower a day!
The simplest way to deal with a floyd rose is to watch a video on youtube on it. I got a floyd rose for my first ever guitar, and i learnt how to deal with it fairly quickly...
Self sufficiency!
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*giant saw thing*

gravitational field of the er, moon flattens the crops when its angry. Watched it on documentary
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if you have firefox it should do it. just go to tools and clear private data

sorry to kinda burst ur bubble here. I think he said he was browsing on his ipod touch..
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i dont find most of sacha baron cohens work funny in the slightest, but i was dragged to most of the films by my gf, whos a massive fan. ali g was ok, i mean just the film, not the interviews and stuff, but borat i didnt like at all and bruno just seems like borat all over again, in a camper austrian format.
maybe i just have an old mans sense of humour, but none of it really appeals to me.

Watch ali g, and you will change your mind.

By the way, ive never even heard of bruno! It wasnt hyped as much as borat i guess. Sacha Baron Cohen is a comedic genius!
Erm lets see, your mum, your sister, your pet spider and obviously... the pit! <3
who ressurected this two year old thread?!
Me and my friend were bunking school and then we saw this girl, couldnt be any older than 10 walking to school on her own. Bear in mind she was the only other person on this road. And out of NOWHERE he says 'why not?', at this point we had both stopped and i shouted 'All i can see is lil blond girl' and he said 'Pussy's pussy...'

Most awkward silence ensued all the way to school, i still look back and laugh so hard lol
all women are infertile and gay. Thats why
Palin is good meat.
i actually looked at that pic like 4 times

that is a hell of a booty

or spunk vitality
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Was I the only one that thought of this?

Whats that?
I'd hit that... with a crowbar
thats quite nice actually
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Uhm, did i hear that right lol?!
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Here's my meager contribution to this monster of a thread.

OMFG too awesome to put in words. At least i know there are actually funny trolls out there :lol:
Well you're not getting my help, you breasts
LOL AWESOME. Someone should make that into a muvee
I was gona get this, but the store i was gna get it from are being breasts
LOL OMG i was gna say Jackson rr3 just for fun. Wasnt too far off!
Is that spunk all over the left side of the guitar?... Oh dear.
does that guitar have bulletholes in it?
someone, somewhere, will buy it because it has gibson on it.

SPEEWWWW all over that guitar, SPPEWW i say
iphone is genuinely a rip off. i lolled at the new iphone 3gs, now all th iphone 3g users dont get full iphone 3.0 functionality and it overheats to the extent of leaving permenant marks on the touchscreen. what a rip off
If it has a floyd rose, tell her that you need a guitar without a floyd rose to be able to play downtuned without breaking the entire guitar. And by investing in a new guitar instead of breaking this one, you'll be saving money in the long run.

Gets 'em every time