we share a birthday! have a good one (:
I go through my boyfriends shit all the time. And he's allowed to do the same. It's the "open door policy" (: give me sh*t for it. I don't really care.
Best educate all noisy spicks.

I dont feel comfortable around you like I used to; I have to watch my words so We dont fight and I just wish you were the same person at the beggining. But i KNow thatll never happen. And I am to weak minded to change anything
/attention seeking thread
I dont know how I feel about this thread....
follow this it will lead you in the right direction..

PS: im not a total dick; feel better man
this eruption is going to kill millions of people.... I like it!
busser at some fancy shmancy restaurant
Be safe

Cyanide & Happiness @
I've made up my mind! ...
I'll e-marry crazdblinker!
im sorry all other Ug husbands!
its time to move on! me and blinker made a deal >.>
IM HERE! to marry myfirstpubes
Broadway calls

actual- I'll warm my throat up in more ways than one

what I thought- I wanna throw up in more ways then one
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Purple Haze

The real lyrics: Scuse me while i kiss the sky.

what i heard: Scuse me while i kiss this guy.

Kurt kobain preaching to me.
i got you this.....
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Fact-The world is overpopulated. Abortion is a good way to cut down on that.

Also, abortion is hilarious.

you are the sh*t of the earth if you're being serious.
I went to warped 08 with him and it was very awkward because he didnt know any of the bands; but he war a neon green shirt so i could spot him from anywere.
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"haters gonna hate"
Its supposed to be two cats fighting over a baby
but the baby looks like a sexy duck. i tried

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Attempt #2 worked out pretty great

looks like a CAT FISH.
too many threads on this already
I've had it taken, and I am afraid to ever do it again, it was the worst physical feeling in the world.
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Go here for your honeymoon >_>

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So what do we do now my lovely e-wife?

E-Honeymoon! Where do you want to go??
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Might as well give up. I can't seem to get someone to marry me either.

We are E-married Now so no troubles!
Does anybody want to e-marry me? My last one didn't work out..
Penguins. Need I say more?
I'm a proud parent of two girls and one guy
Im really afraid of oversized fish. like bluefin tuna and marlins *shudders*