I would say definitely do not take the job. Just because this sort of thing isn't illegal and the employment is formal, doesn't mean you shouldn't feel it is an option, just like you haven't considered, for example, directly stealing or scamming people on ebay as an income.

If you were absolutely desperate for income (in the sense that you would otherwise live on the street or be endangered) it would be a harder decision.
you look pretty in the snow and now i have to watch you run around and laugh and be cute.

today will be hard to stay happy.
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Yeah go to your doctor. They really helped my mom few years ago (and I'm told they would help me too but I never asked for help)

Cool I might try it cheers
Can anyone help? I've been cycling between depressed and okay for about 3 or 4 weeks, and the cycles are getting quicker and more frequent now that my troubles with my girlfriend have effectively hit an ultimatum. How silly would it be for me to enquire into antidepressants? Mostly just to keep me concentrating in lectures (i have about 4 and a half hours a day on average) and sleeping easier. I'm a bit embarressed to go to my local doctors in case I just seem like a brat. It's just my mum took them for a while and they really helped.
So my girlfriend doesn't love me anymore, and I'm sleeping in my own room indefinitely in hope she ends up missing me. We moved in to this house 2 or 3 months ago as accommodation for university. For 2 years she wholely depended on me to do the most simple things - a strange and wrong feature of our relationship. But atleast it meant she needed me. Now she doesn't need me 'cause she's got all this confidence and power, and I can be tossed aside.

When you stop having sex, for any reason, and pretend everything will carry on as normal, you are undoubtedly wrong. For specific reasons, her drive is lost, and being inactive makes it weird for her to try, because it has been so long. And now it feels weird for her to kiss me. And now it feels weird for her to show me affection. I am essentially as or less important than anyone else in this house. And every ****ing day this week or two will be torture, and every ****ing day will have me sick to my stomach. And every time I see her giggle or be happy as a result of anyone else will make me want to scream. Its wrong but it's going to happen.

I saw this happening, I told her it would happen, she still didn't fight through her insecurity of going to the doctor or even talking to anyone else apart from me about it, and now we will die.
Feeling really shitty, and I've managed to accelerate and maximise how bad I feel but I don't know how. Would just like a little bit more attention and a little more affection please. I'm your boyfriend. I don't feel like it at all.

EDIT: and now i feel like a little bitch for feeling so low when there are people in this thread who have lost people completely, and I'm moaning for feeling less loved than I want. Gar this life here on the island is so ****ing odd.
Buying used isn't flushing your money out of the economy, it is simply putting it back into the hands of a consumer rather than that of a firm. Because of this, we see a higher amount of consumer spending in the economy - this is the spending that is helping other firms that could be completely irrelevant to the first product's industry, but either way still boosting the economy.

I could theorise that if it weren't for a used market, many people wouldn't be able to buy the goods they want anyway because of the problem of a price which is too high, and so might stop buying the goods they wanted all together. And so we would see firms actually not making that much more money.

As well as this, the used market is a great way for firms to find out what old products they used to make to bring back in to production. For example, Fender reissue amps and vintage designed Gibson Les Paul's. Another great thing the used market is to firms is that it can be used to grow their popularity. If I find a TC electronic pedal going fairly cheap on Ebay I may go ahead and pick it up. If I really like it for reasons I cannot come to through watching a youtube demo, (e.g. build quality or a particularly well working sound in my chain) I may well go and buy other TC pedals that I can't find on Ebay, or perhaps my new likeness to their products will actually compel me to buy their pedals brand new - in the case of the Fanboy/girl.
paranoid me is certain you just lied to me
My god do i feel awful. I'm so ridiculously needy right now its unreal. Now that you've become so confident and making friends and all that, I'm the complete opposite. All I want you to do is cuddle up to me and give me a kiss now and then, tell me you love me now and then, act like I'm more than just your friend.

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pls love me again
Generally you won't ind great distortion sounds in multi-fx boxes. Your needs seem fairly simple, so why buy something aimed at the guitar player that wants lots of everything?

If I were you I would look pedals. You don't need many, so what you do get can be awesome. The mxr eq does the job and is used by many, there are loads of great sounding dirt boxes out there for relatively cheap prices, you could grab yourself an analog chorus off ebay and Wah pedals are every where. I can't recommend actual models because I don't know what music you like to play.
My HTC ONE x is pretty great. Has a few problems sure, but no one is producing a completely full proof smartphone to my knowledge. They've just released the HTC ONE x +. Maybe have a look at that? They've got huge, awesome screens, really nice cameras in daylight, and battery life is not bad at all. Seriously though, the screens are incredible.
Are Russian 6N2P-EV 12ax7s suitable?
Quote by Robbgnarly
I sugest getting some new Pre-amp tubes.
When you say you have had "new" power tubes for a while, how long are we talking? How much use have they seen?I know people who have to change tubes every 6-9 months (they bias them hot and play all the time)

Now if you say that this OD pedal does it with other amps, have you thought about getting a diff OD pedal to try out?

Literally about 2 months, I don't get to play the amp very often and the bias isn't extreme.

In regards to pedals, I use an mxr 6 band eq for mid boost, ft-of and big muff and they all do it. all of these are fairly aggressive effects on the preamp though, which suggests that I need an above average preamp stability to keep using them. are there any preamp valves that are renowned for their headroom? I'm in the UK.
Sorry I meant so say my power tubes are basically new, but my preamp valves are probably quite old as I haven't changed them since I bought the amp and the previous owner had them in for an indefinite amount of time. What are some good, stable preamp valves then? JJs?
Basically my clean sound sounds thinner and crunchier and generally kinda weak after I've used one of my dirt pedals for a while. I have had new power tubes (not preamp tubes though) for a while now, and I experience this with other amplifiers too.

will I just need to buy one amp to handle my OD and one for my clean? I really don't want that hassle. I often ride my preamp volume quite high cause I find it makes the clean sound more lively and kind of warmer in a way. Is that a problem?

I own a silverface bassman 70, keep it almost completely clean and love the sound of it. However, after I use my big muff or gt-od for example, about halfway through a set my clean sound starts to sound awful.

is this the poor backline speakers I've been using at shows or should I simply not expect and amp to take overdrive pedals and then go back to the same clean sound I had prior to it?
What headphones/speakers are you using for it?
Devi, I think idea is awesome. The only thing that is putting me off is that I love having loads of different little boxes with artwork on, and cartridges don't seem quite as cool. However, of course, I'm willing to overlook that, as it is ultimately superficial.

But what stops people from building consoles themselves? Is it the connections between the cartridges and the input for the cartridges that aren't easily bought? Or is the economies of scale that you benefit from that makes it more sense for people to simply buy your console?
I love my Bassman. Its perfect for me. Bass, Treble, Preamp Volume, Master volume. Then the bass channel to patch it to. Enough for me to adjust my sound, but nothing that feels like its overcomplicating things when my pedals come in to play.

The preamp volume is like how lively I want it to be. I can hit it at 7 or 8 and the amp still sounds pretty much clean, but it sounds like I've fed it a few energy drinks. Hit it at 10 and a boost and its ready to do some classic rock (not that I really play classic rock, but its nice that I can get to that level of crunch). Then I just have to adjust the master volume to what the techy wants for the gig.
I wanted to start getting in on this thread, but I recently got the awful "no guns glitch" I think I'm going to have to sell the game
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I'd be more worried about the layer of sweat next to it or the scratches/dents in the lower part of the body

The sweat is a shadow from the case
A humbucker is a humbucker, just put it in. Tom Delonge had a dirty fingers in a jazzmaster style fender guitar he used in an AOL session to play obvious.

edit: I'm retarded. Yeah, order an F spaced one. They probably do them.
I'm looking for a step phaser/flanger pedal. Not really looking for much above £150, and I don't care about the normal flange swoop, I only need the step mode. What are my options, UG?
A White Stripes song? Or a Black Keys song?
I'm not entirely sure, but that looks promising! Thanks
It was dropped and the chassis cracked as well as the connections breaking. When a new ebow costs around £80, and solder is so very inexpensive, it really wouldn't make sense to do that.
But thanks for the thought anyway.
The other guitarist in my band uses an ebow+ in our songs, however three of the wires have lost connection. These wires are coming from the switch, and can be seen by sliding off the compartment that sits closest to the strings of the guitar when in use (I'm pretty sure it is easy to slide this compartment off, but the chassis of the bow is broken so it could be that it is not possible to slide an unbroken unit off - although it does look like it). There are blue, red, and black cables. Each of these cables has to be soldered to each of the three points (like lugs but are very small) that can be found on the inside of said compartment. I don't know which goes where; I could guess from the length of the wires but I'm scared if I simply guess I could cause damage to the ebow.

Can anyone provide me with the information needed? (i.e. which coloured cable goes to which lug?)

To save confusion, lets label the middle lug number 2, the lug closest to the LED number 3 and the remaining lug number 1. Sorry if my sentences aren't very coherent - I'm in the UK and I have been up all night, atm its 5:26 AM.


EDIT: I have just noticed that you can see these connections via taking the battery lid off and looking down near the switch!
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Yeah, that's true. Sorry, I'm all about excess. haha.

Haha no worries

EDIT: Found a US site selling the Cioks DC10 for £135 that will ship to the UK. Just need to email to find out how much their international shipping is, the site design is awful =.=
Quote by VishNuRoXoUt
MC-403 then?

That MC looks huge with lots of outs I wouldn't use, if they were all 9v and 12v with high amperage it would be awesome though. I'm researching place in europe that ship cioks to the UK now though
I like the idea of the cioks but I believe they are only sold in the US? I'm looking at the PP2+ and it seems cool but it hasn't really bowled me over. It's cool but a bit tacky to look at.
H3y u guize i need help l0l

I need to buy a solid power supply that will run 7+ pedals including atleast one 12V No AC needed. Is a voodoo lab fairly solid?
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But if Mesa is big on patents, wouldn't they be all over this?

Thats like saying "Why aren't Mesa attacking Line 6 for using Mesa styled amps in there modellers?"

But that doesn't mean I know why they aren't.
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I'm sorry, but if you don't have enough gain to run an SM57 through your UX1/UX2, then you're doing something wrong. Either you need to turn up the amp, or you need to check whether you have a genuine Shure mic.

The UX1 has plenty of gain to utilize an SM57 with an amp turned up to a decent level; if you're recording at speaking volume, you might as well not even be micing an amp. FWIW, since you're using a 5150 - I assume you're playing heavier music, at which point, I would strongly advise against using a condenser mic (as the main mic).

FWIW though, WtrPlyr is correct, the Line 6 interfaces have fairly poor mic preamps, and I'd suggest you go with something different, like a Focusrite.

I should be able to comfortably record reasonably quiet instruments and sounds easily, for example, a shakey egg or other quiet percussive sounds etc. But I simply can't get a good sound for those. However, at the studio I can easily get a good sound out of a 57 without having to crank the gain high at all. My SM57 came from GAK, a reputable music business to say the least.

Also, why should I not be micing an amp if it is not particularly loud? I generally don't like the sound of a line out from an amp, and I'm not particularly talented at working with amp sims.
Quote by Krauser
I actually just spoke to my friend who is also our bassist and he informed me that he's got quite a range of microphones and interfaces. That said, I didn't know that a UX1, let alone a UX2, couldn't utilize the best from an SM57. What's it not providing that some other interface would?

I don't know how much you know about interfaces so I will assume you have basic knowledge, so please don't feel patronized if I explain something that you already know.

The signal flows through the microphone with a certain amount of power, and this enters the input of the interface. The "gain" knob on the interface will then take that signal, and amplify to as much as you need it to. This amplification can be done with different degrees of efficiency and quality, and the UX2 I have tried simply hasn't been able to amplify that signal particularly nicely. I I may be wrong, but that mic needs a nice healthy amount of gain to really get it sounding nice, and the UX2 doesn't have that sort of gain on tap. IF you try and turn it up loud enough to get a good signal, then it starts getting noisy and doesn't sound nice at all. However, with more sensitive microphones like condenser microphones, less gain is needed and so it really does work quite nicely. Like I said, these condenser mics need phantom power and UX1s don't have that.
I have an sm57 and a Pod UX2 and there isn't enough useable gain to make the mic sound good. If you are happy getting a large diaphragm condenser then its really fine, but then the UX1 doesn't have phatom power so thats a no go. If you are interested though, here is something I recorded for my girlfriend with just a Rode NT-1a and a UX2:

However, I can't get a nice sound, let alone a quiet sound out of my SM57/UX2 combo.

I would recommend looking at a different interface if you want to use a SM57, and a different mic if you want to use a UX1.
I'd like to buy a nice, solid, power supply that will last me a long time. I need to be able power these pedals:

- EHX micro POG
- EHX big muff pi w/ tone wicker
- TC nova repeater (12v)
- TC PolyTune
- Dr. Scientist reverberator

...and probably a couple more pedals in the future.

All of these are 9v apart from the Nova Repeater, which is 12v. I've been looking at the T-Rex Fuel Tank Classic. Would anyone recommend this pedal for my use? The pedals I'll most likely be expanding to are a new delay pedal (I'd love an el capistan), and perhaps a few other 9v style pedals.

I've also looked at Ciok and they seem great but a bit awkward as they are only sold in the US I do believe. I could really do with your help as I have a few gigs coming up next month I need this sorted for, and I don't want to spring £100+ and have it fail on me at gigs or something. Thank you, men and women of UG
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I did a sleep dep thread a few years ago, shit was not cash. Me and a few mates aimed for about 4 days, I think we had all crashed by around 80 hours. After a few days your peripheral vision goes and shadows start to move and look like spiders and shit.

You also start talking gibberish and not finishing thoughts.

I do not want to go back to that hell.

That sounds incredible :O
I would buy a MicroPOG, put it at the start of your chain, and have your dry output jack going into a dirt pedal, verb, and delay, then your wet output jack going into a bass fuzz/regular fuzz pedal. Give yourself a full suboctave on the pog, and play the wet output into a bass amp and your dry output into a guitar amp. I do this sometimes when its just me and a drummer, and its super fun. It just begs you to riff.