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@yukonchuck06: a hit for the singer is a hit for the writer, im not a producer but i know a very good one
@Didii: lol thats all good, pretty much just a tab/or just lyrics.. unless you feel it necessary to send the audio too lol then by all means

Only on American Idol homo....Writer's SO often get ignoured, EXAMPLE::: Bernie Taupin-Elton John...HELLO?? Put down the Justin Bieber album your mom just bought you and study "Physical Graffitti" smoke a J and get an opinion of your own....
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I'm playing guitar for quite a while now and i start to be able to write my own stuff on it, i basically take an existing song, jam around with it and 9 out of the 10 times i'll make something new out of it. Now the thing is, there's not a lot of rhythm guitarists that i like...

I love the hendrix' style rhythm ideas, but i cant think of a lot of songs that uses them.. next to hendrix himself ofcourse So well, thats where you guys come into play. Who can give me some songs that are influenced by the rhythm style of hendrix.. (for instance under the bridge by rhcp) with hendrix style i mean the playing like in wind cries mary and many more...

I'm getting a little tired of all the new rock bands who hardly come up with great stuff but make it with riffs that repeat over and over and over and over. So, gimme some tips on nice rhythm stuff please...

While there are MANY gts influenced by the man himself. If you were looking for OTHER gts influence, I would start with
1.Robin Trower's-Bridge of Sighs
2.Paul Gilberts version of-Red House
3.Anthing by John Frusciante i.e (R.H.C.P)
4.Eric Gales
5.AND OF COURSE Stevie Ray Vaughn
These are just some suggestions nothingmore, so, I hope this helps. Rock On
Do you mean a hit for you? or a hit for me? Are you a producer or something?lol
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Whats with all the Noel Redding recently? I think he is a great bassist. - anyone who backs up Hendrix had to be good.

I consider Billy Cox to be the most underrated of the two simply, because he was more melodic, funky and Jimi's old Army jam buddy. They just clicked whereas Noel's bass playing was more scripted, simple, and guided. Noels bass playing skills, and songwriting were gifted but I don't feel Jimi felt he could improvise quite the same way he did with Billy. I site 2 examples, go from Axis: then jump ahead to Band of Gypsy's, they are WORLDS apart. Jimi's excellence was not defined on WHO he played with necessarily but WHEN......